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Find the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream, and more in France by connecting with local Chowhounds and travelers alike.

Menu translation help

by concordcourtney 8 days ago

One way that I get ready for an international trip is to look at online menus and try to learn all my food words, usi...


Ptipois commented 3 days ago

Paris December 28 - January 3, 2019

by ParisKat 2 months ago

I will be in Paris right after Christmas and over New Years. I am having serious concerns about restaurants that wil...


ParisKat commented 5 days ago

L’écrin Paris?

by fanoffrance 7 days ago

I tried searching for this resto on Chowhound but turned up nothing. Any opinions? I thought I might try it in Febr...


fanoffrance commented 6 days ago

On Raucous Neighbors

by mangeur 7 days ago

We recently dined in a small room with one other table of four. Unfortunately, our meals coincided which meant that...


mangeur commented 6 days ago

Spring says goodbye

by mangeur 1 year ago A bittersweet announcement for many of us who have followed Daniel throughout his an...

John Talbott

John Talbott commented 7 days ago

Paris Trip Report

by owlwoman 17 days ago

Just got back from a quick trip to Paris, read a lot of posts here before I went and based on other reports and recom...


owlwoman commented 11 days ago

Paris Dinner Dilemma

by LABeam 3 months ago

Going to Paris in September, currently thinking of going to Frenchie, Per Sang Signature, La Condesa, Septime, Papill...

John Talbott

John Talbott commented 12 days ago

If january finds a lion, a bear and a dolphin in paris

by augustiner 17 days ago

this new year's eve, i will be visiting paris with two very good friends (yes, the titular animals. i find it hard to...


Parnassien commented 13 days ago

Paris in December

by PH Rodgers 3 months ago

My wife and I will be in Paris for eight nights starting the first week of December. I have been following reports h...

PH Rodgers

PH Rodgers commented 14 days ago

Creamiest chevre?

by speakhandsforme 23 days ago

On our honeymoon in Antibes, France earlier this year, we stopped at the wonderful covered market every morning and I...


speakhandsforme commented 14 days ago

Paris--3 dinners in early January

by ctkathy 15 days ago

My husband and I are traveling to Paris from London for January 6-9 staying at the Hilton Opera. We've been to Par...


ctkathy commented 14 days ago

Paris: 10 year Wedding Anniv

by tfigures 18 days ago

My wife and I are visiting Paris for the first time next week to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I’m in the wine ...


tfigures commented 15 days ago

Vegan Friendly In Paris - Upscale

by lizziepalma 17 days ago

Hi All - I am vegan and will be traveling to Paris in a couple of weeks with my boyfriend, who eats meat. We would li...


lizziepalma commented 16 days ago

Paris Beef

by tomcruz 18 days ago

John is there anything comparable in paris to CHAPS PIT BEEF or Stinky is there anything comparable to JOHN'S ROAST P...


TrishUntrapped commented 16 days ago

Three days in Sete, France- What is unique in food?

by foodell 22 days ago

My wife and I will be in Sete for three days. I gather there are lots of good restaurants with fresh seafood. Are t...


Tilash commented 19 days ago


by sarah2k 8 years ago

I've been living in Marseille for the past two months, and as I've seen the recommendations on this board tend to rep...


foodell commented 22 days ago

Chartres -- Brief Report

by jnwall 11 months ago

My wife and I spent a day and night in Chartres recently. We ate extremely well at Restaurant le Saint Hilaire, a far...


AGM_Cape_Cod commented 22 days ago

Eating Out In Paris vs. Seattle

by JayDK 2 months ago

What's the difference? I've had good meals in both places. Seattle is 30% more expensive when you add the tax and ...


helpermonkey commented 23 days ago

February Trip to Paris - Restaurant Choices

by ChrisPr 28 days ago

Planning a trip to Paris this February, with great and diverse food as a focal point of the visit. I want to sample ...


Parnassien commented 25 days ago