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Get Inspired by These School Lunches Around the World

Ever wonder what school lunches look like in countries around the world? With school almost back in session, the thought of cafeteria lunches might conjure images of droopy pizza, pale green vegetables...

Dijon Restaurant Recommendations

by sbc930 6 years ago

My husband and I will be in Dijon for a couple of days in April and would love recommendations for places to eat. We will want at least 1 meal that has a few "classic Burgundian" dishes (even if it...

Recommendations for "French by a Japanese chef" restaurants

by andygottlieb 4 years ago

Returning to Paris for the last 10 days of June. These type of restaurants seem to be my wife's favorite, and as I drag he with me to Septime and David Toutain, I try to find them for her. Two yea...


by davidcotyalex 24 days ago

As good as the reviews? How would you compare it against Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie? I understand different vibes as well as approach .... just from an overall experience perspective? Merci

Looking for Paris dinner recommendations - what's worth visiting in 2019?

by LABeam 2 months ago

We have gone to Paris 6 times in the last decade and going again in September 2019. Past favourites were Pages, Spring, Septime, Le Chateaubriand, Frenchie, L' Ami Jean, La Condesa, Pierre Sang Sig...

Cafe Citron

by davidcotyalex 3 days ago

Saw this one today ... looks nice! Anyone been yet? Any idea how bad the wait would be on a Friday afternoon (say 2pm) in early September?

Parnassien, I Could Still Use Your Advice

by martyap 9 days ago

Hi......to refresh your memory we are staying in the 1st near Etienne Marcel. I understand that the immediate area may not be the mecca of culinary perfection and although we have made some reserva...

Lunch on Île de la Cité or Île Saint-Louis?

by davidcotyalex 18 days ago

Any thoughts for a casual, interesting lunch .... we will be having a large meal in the eve so on the lighter side ... any thoughts? Merci

Bouillabaisse in or near Cassis

by LABeam 1 year ago

I would appreciate some suggestions regarding a place where one could enjoy an authentic bouillabaisse in or near Cassis.

Final Itinerary... 7 nights

by davidcotyalex 7 days ago

Well .... just about two weeks out!! Can’t wait!!! So here goes ... will be interesting to reflect back after the trip. Sunday Dinner: Poulette Monday Lunch: L’Oiseau Blanc Monday Dinne...

Winter holiday trip to Paris and South of France for family with tweens

by smiles33 17 days ago

Hello dear CHers! I previously started researching a potential trip to Paris as a brief stopover en route to San Sebastian/Bilbao/Basque County (see thread here: https://www.chowhound.com/post/f...

‘Worst’ week to visit Paris

by alarash 11 days ago

We picked August 10-18 to travel with the kids (boys ages 8 and 5) this summer. We splurged and bought airfare to Paris from northern CA, and who knew that Parisians often take summer vacations and...

Sunday-Suggestions for an Early Dinner

by martyap 10 days ago

We arrive from Amsterdam on September 15th and have tickets that evening at Theatre du Chatelet. It is only a short walk from our hotel on Rue Pierre Lescot. Looking for something between the hotel...

Perruche at Printemps or Ceatures at Galeries Lafayette?

by davidcotyalex 12 days ago

Want to go to both on our Sunday first day ... Sept 1. Any thoughts on one v the other? How brutal will the wait be at say at 2-3pm on that sun sept 1? Also - need to confirm - I think Perru...

Looking for Saint-Emilion recommendations

by arturchik 15 days ago

I am hoping community can help me with a great choice in Saint-Emilion for romantic dinner in upscale restaurant. I am leaning towards L'Huitrier Pie, but I am not sure. Thank you

Paris 17 -- Chez Fred

by PeterCL 17 days ago

Chez Fred is now under new ownership with a new chef. Looks like the owner has an impressive resumé. La cuisine lyonnaise is no longer; now pretty traditional bistrot fare. Two questions: 1. An...

Where to eat in Lyon

by lgussow7 18 days ago

Will be in Lyon for 3 days next month. Was looking forward to eating at Cafe Sillon, but apparently that recently closed permanently. Any suggestions?

Family with tweens headed to Paris for first time for brief stopover

by smiles33 10 months ago

Hello CH'ers! My family of 4 is headed to Paris next year in September for the first time. We will be in Paris for an extended stopover before continuing on to San Sebastian in Spain. I haven’t boo...

Please help me with my options in Paris

by mrsjoujou 24 days ago

Hi. We will be in Paris from 8/30-9/5 to celebrate our anniversary. We have always been to Paris in May, so it would be a nice change for us. Last time, three years ago, we enjoyed Le Grand not jus...

Female Seeks Female to Dine at L'Innocence September 28th Lunch

by In_Love_With_Paris 21 days ago

I have made a reservation for L'Innocence 12:30 September 28th for two people because the restaurant won't allow online reservations for one person (either on The Fork or on their own website). Th...

Help! Eating well in Paris in the depths of August

by amylou986 19 days ago

My husband and I are going to Paris for my birthday from the 16-18 August. Of course all the restaurants we're dying to try (Septime, Vivant, Frenchie) are closed for holiday. I have a reservation ...