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A Slice of Tradition: Wedding Cakes Around the World

There’s all the reason in the world to round out your reception with a wedding cake. It’s delicious, photogenic, traditional, and lucky, since it’s a fertility symbol (wheat, the basis of most flour...

Need a few dinner recommendations

by lisacope 2 months ago

We'll be in Paris just for a few nights at the end of March staying in the 2nd arr. We've been to Paris a couple of times and we are pretty foody - I'd like to stay in the 75-100 euro range - it'd ...

Best Choucroute in Strasbourg, France?

by mardisk 17 days ago

We're looking for a restaurant where Choucroute is the star. We will be doing a lunch reservation, and would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks.


Lunch in Monte Carlo

by MisterBill2 3 days ago

I am going to be on a cruise next month with a day in Monte Carlo. We're done the standard tour out of there so I was thinking of just having a nice lunch instead and was looking for advice (there ...

What I Ate in Paris, Uzes, Gigondas and Avignon

by ccferg 20 days ago

Here’s a report from my recent trip — late March to early April — to France. Thanks to all of you for helping me with some of the choices. I was there for 18 days but I’ll just cover some highlight...

Les Mauvais Garcons

by macdog 8 days ago

Anyone heard of this place in the Marais? A friend who will be in Paris when we are there sent me a link and I’ve never heard of it. Tourist trap or decent food? I’m pushing Au Passage instead for ...

Trip Report, mostly Bordeaux

by LulusMom 9 days ago

Thanks to everyone who posts on this board. I mostly lurked, looking for recommendations for my trip to Bordeaux. I ended up eating well, and loved the city. Very friendly and elegant. NoFa - fi...

NYT Frugal Traveler - Paris

by grumpyspatient 1 month ago

From today's NYT, it may be behind a paywall. Hopefully its free. We are heading to Paris in the fall so this was of great interest.

Food, restaurants, local cuisine in Namur (Belgium)/Ardennes (France)?

by watermap 7 days ago

Group of cousins/partners renting a house in Province de Namur (Belgium) July 2019. Requesting locals/travelers' favorites/recommendations for restaurants, food, local cuisine, wineries, breweri...

Paris - Tasting menus that will accommodate vegetarians

by Bone Thug n Hominy 18 days ago

Hi - My wife and I will be spending a few nights in Paris this summer and we have a bit of a dilemma. We both love tasting menus, but my wife is vegetarian and I am whatever the polar opposite is. ...

sur mesure par thierry marx

by super_al 4 years ago

I havent fund many reviews of the "sur mesure par thierry marx" restaurant in the mandarin oriental in paris, would love to know your thoughts, good and bad Best&thankd

Pierre Gagnaire, Paris

by food.snob 9 years ago

Hi, these are my thoughts on my meal at rue Balzac last July. Please click here for full commentary + photography: http://foodsnobblog.wordpress.com/2009/07/02/pierre-gagnaire-paris/ ‘There was a...

Favorite Wine Bars/Small Plates in Paris

by mitchleeny 2 months ago

Just getting a feel for where Parisians who might want a glass or two of nice wine, along with not necessarily a 4-course meal, but a bunch of small plates to share with another, are headed these d...

Fulgurances l'Adresse: another dazzling chef using a spectrum of ingredients

John Talbott
by John Talbott 3 years ago

Like A. Mere, Fulgurances l'adresse in the 11th, has opened with a chef, one Chloe Charles, who uses a variety of ingredients with wild abandon. And like A. Mere, I don't think it's everybody's cu...

Chef Olivier Roellinger's spice mixes

by lovetocookPEI 11 days ago

Several years ago while travelling in France, I purchased several of his spice mixes in St Malo. Fantastic flavour enhancers, this Michelin chef concocted spice and herb mixtures, one in particular...

Urfa Durum, 6e

by mangeur 11 days ago

Now on the Left Bank, Urfa Durum has opened a shop at 4 Place du 18 Juin 1940, Montparnasse. Usual doner plus quite a few other marinated meats. House made bread plus interesting greens, red o...

Lyon with vegetarian

by edub 15 days ago

Hi - hope I’m posting correctly - I’m going to be in Lyon beginning of July with a friend who is vegetarian, can anyone recommend a classic Lyonnais restaurant or bistro with good vegetarian option...

What does it mean when a food is snacké?

by therealdoctorlew 15 days ago

Looking at menus of restaurants in France, Paris and Brittany mainly, as that's where we will be in the fall, I've come upon a new word, "snacké," which I don't have a handle on. It seems to come ...

Brasserie Bofinger

Steve R
by Steve R 15 days ago

Anyone else really like this place? Well, after an exhausting day at the Picasso Museum and a walk thru the lower Marais, we wanted an easy place to have dinner. We passed Bofinger on the way bac...

We are finally Back - Need Suggestions plus...

by enofile 4 months ago

Returning to Paris after a troubling year in Utah. Age is the boxer that rises up from the canvas, no matter how hard I punch. Paris is always the best elixir. I am in the midst of lining up my d...

Looking for sole meuniere in Paris

by cainroma 1 month ago

We will be in Paris in a few weeks and would like to go somewhere with an exceptional sole meuniere. We lived in Paris for a while and used to go reasonably often to Chez Georges on Rue de Mail (we...