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Veuve Clicquot Champagne: A History Lesson in Female Empowerment

While you're probably aware of Veuve Clicquot as a high-end Champagne brand, do you know the story of the woman behind its success? [related_content align=left title=Because You're Worth It][related_content_data...

France officially recognizes natural wine designation

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 days ago

Vin méthode nature is the new official designation for natural wine in France. The first wines bearing this denomination will be of the 2019 vintage from producers who agreed before harvest to comp...

Paris Review

by Belkisw 13 days ago

We recently had the chance to spend a few days in Paris and here are our reviews: Septime- We came here for lunch so had a shorter menu. Most of it was great. The one fail was a soup of root veg...

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Trad + Splurge Meal Options in Paris

by JonMcIntosh 1 month ago

Hi everyone! Brand new to the forum here, but love reading the advice doled out by many local experts. My wife and I are headed to Paris for the first time for a short 3 day/3 night trip, sta...

How is everyone, how is dining scene?

by TrishUntrapped 19 days ago

Thinking of all our Chowhound amis in Paris. Hope all is well. Also, just wondering what the dining scene is like these days in light of the Coronavirus. I know a lot of people are canceling their ...

Recommendations for First Night

by MissMarleygirl 28 days ago

We are staying near St. Paul metro. I know, bad choice, but we're stuck with it. We will be getting into town late in the day on a Sunday in April. We need a place for dinner that is fairly clos...

Easter Sunday dinner

by Arago 25 days ago

I'm looking to the Paris CHs for help.  A couple of friends want to meet up for dinner when they stop over in Paris on Easter Sunday.  With all the closures on Sundays I'd normally do dinner at our...

Canal du Midi

by reets 20 days ago

Any recommendations for dining along the Canal from Toulouse to Beziers? Walkable from the canal preferred. Thanks!

Beginners in Paris

by SueFH 1 month ago

We have 5 nights in Paris in mid-May, essentially first time for both of us. I’m much more interested in food than my husband, so I’m in charge (he’d eat at McDonald’s if nothing caught his eye); h...

Paris Restaurant Advice for May Trip

by snliz 1 month ago

Hi, I was hoping to get some suggestions for a trip I'm planning for four adults in May. Most of us have't been to France for a decade, so we're very excited! We'll be staying around the Republique...

Our Recent Week in Paris

by mitchleeny 1 month ago

Maison Sota - We recently spent an anniversary birthday week in Paris. Herewith, some of what we ate...and maybe drank. We like to head out an hour or two early before dinner, for a long walk a...

Eater Does Paris

by therealdoctorlew 1 month ago

Eater, which often vears into clickbait territory, has it's new list of 38 essential Parisian restaurants. Do we bring out the knives or just stick a fork in it?

Paris with wife and kids chow worthy 8 jours Juillet

by chadnibal 1 month ago

Finally, the kids are old enough to behave and enjoy food! My wife and I adored Julien when it was part of Brasserie Flo, but looking at the current menu there's no cassoulet, no bone marrow, no p...

Valentines Weekend in Paris

by NYCmike 3 months ago

I'm heading over next month with my wife for 3 nights, 4 days. We are staying at the Hôtel Esprit Saint Germain and were hoping you might be able to help guide us towards some decent dinners in tha...

Traditional French food - Benoit? Allard?

by kvalentine 8 years ago

I am new to Chowhound, and I have looked at previous threads, but I haven't quite found what I'm looking for. My husband and I are celebrating our first anniversary in London and Paris and I want a...

Le Chardenoux

by ParisKat 2 months ago

We are going to Paris with some friends next month. One of the restaurant recommendations that we have been given is Le Chardenoux. I have to admit, I was not impressed after doing a little cyber...

Taste of Paris

by TrishUntrapped 2 months ago

While checking out events that are happening in Paris in our upcoming visit in May, I discovered the Taste of Paris event which is happening at the Grand Palais. At first blush, it sounds fun. Has ...

Paris restaurant advice

by cjmwmbg 2 months ago

I have been lurking about this site getting some good suggestions for restaurants for our upcoming trip to Paris in two weeks. My husband and I have been to Paris several times and are fairly adven...

Has "natural" wine taken over Paris?

by wvdthree 2 months ago

Hello all! I'm planning eleven nights of dining in Paris in March and after doing a fair amount of research on the restaurants I'm considering I am starting to think I'm going to find many wine lis...

Paris restaurants/boulangeries/marches

by smaointe 2 months ago

Going to Paris this May for 8 nights (broken up by a weekend visit to Strasbourg). Celebrating my 40th bday year, which happens to be next month. There will be three of us. I've built up a list of ...