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Paris eating itinerary - Urgent feedback and additional input needed!

by Charles Yu 3 days ago

Hello Parisian Hounds! Need your help badly! I have been given the un-enviable task of planning a Parisian eating ...

Charles Yu commented 22 minutes ago

Solo Foodie itinerary check :) Paris April 18-24

by AntsN 5 hours ago

Hello everyone! I've been lurking the boards reading and researching locations to eat in Paris this go around and wou...

John Talbott commented 2 hours ago

Food tour in Paris? Is it worth it? Historical food tour?

by lynettemartyn 20 days ago

So I've been on an incredible food tour in Florence where we went to the Old Food Market as well as balsamic tasting,...


juilletdix commented 21 hours ago

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Advanced Macarons Class in Paris?

by AntsN 1 day ago

Hi all, I was wondering whether there was an advanced macarons class anyone on here would recommend? I self taught my...

Paris Report – Top stop, Arnaud Nicolas, and still love Lao-Thai

by Gman 16 days ago

Back in Paris over the Holidays after two years in exile… work was too overwhelming and problematical to get away las...

Gman commented 4 days ago

Family trip to Paris with allergies

by selena03 6 days ago

We will be travelling to Paris (from Vancouver) this March with 2 children (6, 11) who have food allergies to peanuts...

John Talbott commented 5 days ago

Help with choice of restaurant in Paris

by enofile 11 days ago

After a wonderful eating holiday this past December in Paris, I experienced a Parisian restaurant renaissance of sort...

John Talbott commented 5 days ago

Aux Co'pains gourmands on the Perche/Loire border in Centre – good bread and charcuterie.

by Gman 7 days ago

Spent New Year’s with some pals in Chapelle-Royale and got to sample some of the charcuterie of Cochonnailles du Haut...


tintinmilou commented 6 days ago

Paris Restaurant Itinerary - How'd I do?

by bigjppop 12 days ago

Hello Paris Lovers: I am going to be spending a week in Paris next week (half work, half play) and was hoping to g...


tintinmilou commented 6 days ago

Paris trip report - November 27-December 3

by PenelopeWitherspoon 7 days ago

I know, it takes forever for me to actually report on my trips. For that I offer my sincere apologies. First ni...

toitoi commented 6 days ago

Lunch or Dinner at yam'Tcha?

by Aravisea 24 days ago

We are heading to Paris for a week at the end of the month and hope to include yam'Tcha in our restaurant itinerary. ...


PenelopeWitherspoon commented 7 days ago

Paris - July 4 through July 8

by PenelopeWitherspoon 7 days ago

Yes, back into Paris, though admittedly after a trip that will take me to the Amalfi Coast, Rome, and through Provenc...


PenelopeWitherspoon commented 7 days ago

Fodor's List of Neo-Bistrots in Paris

by Steve 13 days ago

A recent Fodors article lists 14 Neo-Bistrots in Paris. "The neo-bistro combines the flavors of traditional Fren...

BlueOx commented 11 days ago

France's Best Bistros? Bring Your Appetite to Lyon

by mdstratton100 16 days ago

My perennial daydreams of Paris feature Haussmannian apartment buildings with wrought iron balconies, stolen kisses o...

Jake Dear commented 13 days ago

Hidden Gems Or Cheap Eats In Paris?

by SDFoodieExtreme 2 years ago

Hi My wife and I are going to Paris for 5 days for our honeymoon. What are some restaurants that are hidden gems (...

John Talbott commented 13 days ago

La Fourchette/The Fork -- Recent Problems

by onzieme 1 month ago

I've only been back to Paris 4 days, and already I've experienced three times the same phenomenon with lafourchette/t...

John Talbott commented 17 days ago

Les Saisons on Rue Lamartine-New Owners?

by eurohop 29 days ago

Les Saisons at 52 Rue Lamartine, Paris 75009 has been one of my favorites and I'm sad to see there are new owners. D...


eurohop commented 18 days ago

Fulgurances l'Adresse: another dazzling chef using a spectrum of ingredients

by John Talbott 2 years ago

Like A. Mere, Fulgurances l'adresse in the 11th, has opened with a chef, one Chloe Charles, who uses a variety of ing...

John Talbott commented 19 days ago