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HELP!!! Chez Dumonet closes on the Sunday now! Need similar alternative!!

by Charles Yu 9 days ago

I have started the reservation process for my upcoming trip to Paris. So far so good until.....! Latest internet s...


Ptipois commented 11 hours ago

Paris Restaurant Itinerary - How'd I do?

by bigjppop 4 months ago

Hello Paris Lovers: I am going to be spending a week in Paris next week (half work, half play) and was hoping to g...

John Talbott

John Talbott commented 1 day ago

Provence in June with kids

by Maya 1 month ago

Longtime Chowhound from San Francisco posting... We'll be in Provence for 3 weeks this summer, splitting our time bet...


Maya commented 2 days ago

Good-value dinner in St-Jean-de-Luz on 14 juillet

by limegimlet08 6 days ago

Hi Hounds I'm looking for a casual but quality restaurant for a group of 6 in St Jean de Luz. The next day we'll b...


Ptipois commented 2 days ago

Menu Clarification - Please tell me they aren't serving Smoked Mouse

by TD_Toni 7 days ago

Ok, maybe my naivety is showing but I was perusing menus for our upcoming trip and when looking at Lameloise in Beaun...


Ptipois commented 4 days ago

Recommendations near Apt and Villars

by compycompy 15 days ago

Hi. We are planning a trip to Provence in August and we will stay near Apt and Villars for 2 weeks. I have been in th...


boredough commented 5 days ago


by dulcie54 23 days ago

We are in Epernay for the next month or so and will be traveling to Burgundy next week for a few days. Any recs on r...


NYCFoodNWine commented 7 days ago

Paris Trip Report - Part 1

by skigirl 10 days ago

4 days in Paris. Nonstop eating and drinking. Here's the lowdown: DAY 1 CAFE TRAMA - Croque Monsieur for lunch....


skigirl commented 7 days ago

Qui Plume La Lune

by Fuffy 6 years ago

We had a terrific lunch yesterday at fairly new Qui Plume la Lune. The waiter told us that the owner/chef's wife is...

John Talbott

John Talbott commented 7 days ago

Burgundy & Beaujolais Trip Report April 2018

by francaise 12 days ago

We planned a quick two week trip, one week in Paris book-ending one week in Burgundy, more specifically Beaujolais, a...


francaise commented 8 days ago

L'Arcane - Is it really THAT HARD to book??

by Charles Yu 12 days ago

My 'Paris and surrounding area' eating itinerary has been moved to end of September. Today, I started my restaura...


Parnassien commented 8 days ago

Where to stay in Provence

by gudi 14 days ago

We are planning to spend several days in Provence -- what would make to best base from which to drive around and see...


Antoniad commented 9 days ago

Paris Trip Report -- Part 2

by skigirl 9 days ago

The second part of my report on my 4 day whirlwind eating and drinking extravaganza in Paris. DAY 3 BLE SUCRE -...


Parnassien commented 9 days ago

Great 2* or 1* lunch in Paris?

by bose210 14 days ago

My wife and I are in Paris for the next couple of weeks. We'd like to have a special lunch experience and are looking...


bose210 commented 10 days ago

10th Anniversary dinner in Paris with kids

by theprintedpage 18 days ago

We'll be in Paris at the end of June and are looking for the perfect place to have our 10th anniversary dinner for a ...

Jake Dear

Jake Dear commented 11 days ago

"Passage 53" - Must-Eat, up & coming Michelin establishment... True or False??

by Charles Yu 13 days ago

An avid and prolific food blogger friend of mine highly suggested that I should somehow include the 2* ' Passage 53 '...

Charles Yu

Charles Yu commented 13 days ago

Maison Blanche Rises Above the Crowd

by sarafinadh 1 month ago

Ok I couldn't resist, and the view at Maison Blanche and the terrace really are wonderful! MB was recommended by a...


maya1 commented 14 days ago

Quick Trip to Paris

by badschiraldi 29 days ago

Hello Paris Hounds, I am writing, as so many do, to get your collective help in making sure that we have a delicio...

John Talbott

John Talbott commented 14 days ago