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Looking for fresh "off the boat" fish in Basque (Spain/France)?

by Bec215 4 days ago

My husband is obsessed with finding and eating fresh seafood - any kind. We've had authentic bouillabaisse in the sou...

Parnassien commented 4 hours ago

6 Nights in Paris

by cincodemayo1 25 days ago

The wife and I are heading to Paris at the end of the month. We'll be there for 6 nights and I'm trying to plot out o...

Parnassien commented 6 hours ago

Need advice re a wine tour

by hychka 4 days ago

Visiting friends (folks who regularly travel in Europe) want me to find a Paris wine tasting tour on May 24, 25 or 26...

PhilD commented 1 day ago

Searching for food experiences in and around Sarlat and Dordogne

by mountainhound 6 years ago

I will be spending 6 days in Sarlat with my family in June. We will have a car and will be exploring the Dordogne. ...


dave11743 commented 1 day ago

Recs for: Juan-les-Pin, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Biot, Villefranche sur Mer, Cannes?

by sarahbeths 8 days ago

Some family friends are hitting these places in April and I'm the food researcher. They are also going to Nice and An...

Jake Dear commented 2 days ago

Agapes restaurant 5th

by mbcraw4d 3 days ago

I teach at Paris 3 at Censier, and in my lunch break I like to explore the local restaurants. One where I've had a co...

hychka commented 2 days ago

Lunch restaurant near 25 rue des Jeuneurs

by Marisa Dvari 3 days ago

Hi. I am on a tight schedule and need to find a very good bistro or restaurant near this address. Thanks in advance


onzieme commented 2 days ago

Bistros in Paris?

by rosewood 4 days ago

I will be visiting Paris the summer and wanted to find some local bistros. I will be staying on the left bank, but p...


rrems commented 3 days ago

Paris Restaurant Itinerary Advice. First Visit!

by yell0fello 10 days ago

Hey everyone! We're a couple from San Francisco and will be visiting Paris for the first time in May. We have 7 nig...


rrems commented 3 days ago

Market menu at Les Papilles

by agro_panda 5 days ago

The market menu at Les Papilles really appeals to us, we would like to have dinner there but my husband do not eat be...


onzieme commented 3 days ago

Restaurant recommendations around Hotel Le Six

by agro_panda 5 days ago

We will be in Paris for a week next month, looking for recommendation for places to eat around the hotel for the firs...


Ptipois commented 4 days ago

Dinner in Paris before the theater

by John Talbott 6 days ago

We're often asked about places to eat before the theater and struggle to answer, La Fourchette aka The Fork now sugg...

hychka commented 5 days ago

Healthy, interesting, affordable meals around Bastille

by zerodosage 15 days ago

I have an unusual request amongst the more touristy spot recommendations. Not looking for Michelin stars, nor "the be...


polishjeweatswonderbread commented 6 days ago

Easter Dinner in Paris

by blueshirt29 7 days ago

Hello everyone! I've enjoyed reading your insightful comments. For my first post, I present you with the challenge of...

Laidback commented 6 days ago

One more "please review list" post

by shekamoo 8 days ago

This April. I think the list will show what we were looking for this time around. All dinners with one exception note...

shekamoo commented 7 days ago

"To Go" in 1er

by ndsarah 8 days ago

On our last day in Paris we leave the 1er to catch a train south. I'm searching for a place with quality "to go" item...


ndsarah commented 8 days ago

Trip Report - March 2017 (Le Grand Bain, Le MaZenay, Le Servan, Le Bon Saint Pourcain, Tomy and Co, Alliance)

by sam1 17 days ago

Just wanted to thank everyone on this board for their help planning this dining itinerary. We picked the restaurants ...


sam1 commented 9 days ago

South of France, Provence Anniversary

by orenshapiro 11 months ago

Hello - While I have been reading, doing research and getting a lot of good suggestions on this site and others, I...

boredough commented 11 days ago

Day trips from Paris: what do you recommend?

by hychka 14 days ago

My wife and I will be in Paris for a month starting mid May hosting drop-in well-wishers for our on going 50th annive...

hychka commented 12 days ago

Paris Restaurants... With Baby

by Garthm 18 days ago

Hello! We are looking for recommendations for restaurants where we can eat dinner with our 6 month old baby. Given th...


Garthm commented 12 days ago