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How to Score Gems at Paris Flea Markets, According to a Parisian

“I love that everything you buy in a brocante has a story,” Jackie Kai Ellis tells me over the phone. “You really get a snapshot of history.” The Vancouver native, who has a design background, moved...

Need help in curating a list for eleven nights in Paris

by wvdthree 6 days ago

Hello all, I’m headed to Paris for eleven nights in March to celebrate my 60th birthday and have been doing my research to come up with a “short list” for those eleven nights. It ...

COQ AU VIN - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, January 2020

by RainyRamone 22 days ago

Welcome to the January 2020 Dish of the Month reporting thread! This month we will be cooking the quintessential French dish, Coq au Vin. According to ‘The Real French Foods’ culinary website: ...

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Sick Of Bistronomic- How About The Culinary Cocoon Of Tradition

by enofile 6 years ago

Unfortunately, I only get to Paris once a year. With the proliferation of this "bistronomic" movement, young & gifted chefs are creating unique combinations that are often fascinating to eat. How...

Has "natural" wine taken over Paris?

by wvdthree 9 days ago

Hello all! I'm planning eleven nights of dining in Paris in March and after doing a fair amount of research on the restaurants I'm considering I am starting to think I'm going to find many wine lis...


Lunch Recommendations Near Luxembourg Gardens Paris

by kabloom 4 days ago

Looking for restaurant recommendations for lunch near Luxembourg Gardens in Paris

Suggestions for Parisian comfort/informal food?

by moxymoxy 1 month ago

Hello! Thanks to all the previous contributors who have had very informative posts. Reading previous threads has been much more helpful than the google searches that turn up websites and articles...

New Info for the Dordogne

by dave11743 8 days ago

Have another divisible by ten birthday birthday coming up and will celebrate in the Dordogne/Lot in July. Most of the posting on here for the are 6 to 10 years old with no recent entries. Anyone ha...

Like Les Climats, but . . .

by bill1jan 8 days ago

I will be hosting a dinner for 8 in early April. Les Climats would be perfect for this group but, alas, the dinner will be on a Monday evening when Les Climats is closed. I'm looking for somethin...

Paris recommendations

by aagree 12 days ago

My husband and I are traveling to Paris for a week in June for our fortieth anniversary. A very long overdue trip. Neither of us have been there for over 45 years. We need some restaurant recom...

Valentines Weekend in Paris

by NYCmike 13 days ago

I'm heading over next month with my wife for 3 nights, 4 days. We are staying at the Hôtel Esprit Saint Germain and were hoping you might be able to help guide us towards some decent dinners in tha...

Trip Report - Paris during the strikes (with a few excursions)

by Gman 9 days ago

Our 15th year of spending the Holidays in Paris with a week in the country preceding or following. This year, we were in Brittany for eight days prior and arrived in Paris on December 21st. Had b...

Early Sitting, High End Michelin Restaurant in Paris

by Fergal88 10 days ago

Hi, I'm going to be in Paris for the day and need to be at the airport by 9.30pm. Can anyone recommend any high-end restaurants that have early sittings (5/6pm)? Most of the 3 stars only take booki...

Three Nights in Paris... This Week

by PeteBell 18 days ago

Heading off to Paris later this week to celebrate our 10th Anniversary, and trying to triage the abundant culinary reviews and recommendations I have (over-)consumed. I'm juggling a slew of options...

Brittany, December 2019 Trip Report

by Gman 14 days ago

My husband Bob and I stayed in Cherrueix, between Mt. Saint-Michel and Cancale, for a few days last year and liked it so much we decided to go back for a longer visit. ISTRENN, Hirel Had gone ...

Looking for personal stories about Parisian restaurants

by ajapilar 15 days ago

Bonjour! I’m working with John Donohue, an artist and writer based in New York City, who is crafting the second book in his “All The Restaurants” series about different restaurants in Paris and ...

Winter holiday trip to Paris and South of France for family with tweens

by smiles33 6 months ago

Hello dear CHers! I previously started researching a potential trip to Paris as a brief stopover en route to San Sebastian/Bilbao/Basque County (see thread here: https://www.chowhound.com/post/f...

Beaujolais Nouveau 2019! What are your thoughts??

by damiano 2 months ago

So, last Saturday while shopping I noticed the new 2019 Beaujolais Primeur being displayed for tasting. I drank half a glass, and immediately took a liking to it. Bought 6 bottles of this Jaffe...

2019 Paris Cheese Restaurants

by GourmetPiggy 1 month ago

Will be visiting Paris in mid Jan and am looking for a restaurant that offers a cheese plate / cheese tasting that will allow me to try a little bit of many cheeses. Perhaps something like the Andr...

Authentic Dark Brown French Crepe Recipe?

by thejanius 19 days ago

Hi all! I've never been a crepe fan until my husband and I went to Paris and tried the buttery brown crepes. I've searched high and low for this recipe and it does not seem to exist. Does anyone ha...

Tough Choice

by Antoniad 1 month ago

We will be in Paris for one day/night on our way to Provence this coming June. We are staying in the 6th and after my usual compulsive effort have narrowed down dinner (or possibly lunch) to two p...