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These French Pizzettes Bring Paris to You

Entertaining and travel might be off the table for the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience a taste of each from the comfort of your home. Cookbooks naturally transport readers around...

Kamala Harris buys $500+ of cookware at E. Dehillerin

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 days ago

Some how I missed the controversy till now over VP Kamala Harris spending $500+ at E. Dehillerin during her recent diplomatic trip to Paris. In the video of her shopping she says, " I just want to ...

Planning a Paris trip for January 2022

by PenelopeWitherspoon 7 months ago

Given all the developments over the last couple of week, I am very, very optimistic for my January 2022 birthday trip to Paris. I thought I would put this out there to get a discussion going. In ...

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Latin Quarter Recommendations

by 1961tracy 8 days ago

I am attending a concert at Église Saint-Ephrem des Syriaques in the Latin Quarter a week from Monday at 19:30. I am looking for a casual pre-concert place to eat, under €25 (no booze). I love Asia...


Where to find Valrhona Cocoa in stores?

by 1961tracy 6 days ago

My friend sells her bake goods and wants to use Valrhona cocoa powder in her brownies. She bought some last month, but she said she paid a lot for shipping. I’ll be in Paris next week and she want...

January 2022 - London and Paris

by PenelopeWitherspoon 24 days ago

Well, I am going to attempt to start 2022 off right provided COVID cooperates. Currently scheduled to fly into London, departing NYC on the 7th, arriving on the 8th. Then will head to Paris on Ja...

Smithsonian: "Reign of Terroir" essay on Roquefort

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 days ago

" . . . Roquefort is the roi des fromages, the king of cheeses, Diderot and d’Alembert, heroes of the French Enlightenment, said in the late 18th century. It sits high up in the culinary pantheon o...

Paris foodie weekend review

by Belkisw 23 days ago

I am back from a fabulous food weekend in Paris and wanted to share my notes. We had lunch at KGB (of Ze Kithchen team) and it was fabulous. Such great French cooking with just the right amount ...

If you have to go to a 3* in Paris for dinner...

by karasu 2 months ago

which one(s) would be the best choice speaking of taste and quality of food and wine collection these days? Some fancier 2* might do the job as well. Our limited experiences with some were pretty a...

Help! Parisiens!

by chicfille 2 months ago

Pls help experienced Parisienne, former long-time resident out-of-touch due to COVID, by advising on your up-to-date faves, solid neighborhood excellent restos, best oyster/fish lunch w/French kids...

Possible price-marking mistake resulting in great deal on this 95pts Alsace Grand Cru Gewurzt.,!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 month ago

To some of you Ontario based Vinos with sweet tooth, here's a great deal for you.....if not too late?! This Decanter 95 points, 2018 Alsace Gewurztraminer Grand Cru is being sold in the US for US$...

Mont St. Michel recommendations needed

by 1961tracy 1 month ago

I am going to France in December and I was gifted with a tour of Mont St. Michel. Are there any recommendations for a place for lunch? I eat healthy-ish (fish, veggies, chicken). I apologize in a...

Paris Restaurant Itinerary Advice. First Visit!

by yell0fello 4 years ago

Hey everyone! We're a couple from San Francisco and will be visiting Paris for the first time in May. We have 7 nights and have been following this blog closely in our planning. Our current line...

Looking for restaurant recommendations near Disneyland Paris

by RickBehl 2 months ago

Hi, I will be heading to Disneyland Paris for 3 nights in just over a week and will be staying close by to the park. I'm anticipating not a very high level of gastronomy within the park so I thi...

Paris/Reims Trip Report (Sep 2021)

by bigjppop 2 months ago

After WAY too long, was finally able to make it back to Paris post COVID and had a really wonderful long weekend. This board has been very helpful to me over the years and I need to be better at of...

Top Female Owned Restaurants in Paris?

by tastebudseattle 3 years ago

I am returning to Paris for a few days, and the friend I'm traveling with is dedicating 2018 to dining at women-owned restaurants, or those with female chefs. Who else would I turn to but you fabul...

Taste of Paris

by TrishUntrapped 3 months ago

The Taste of Paris event is going on through Sept.19. If anyone goes, would love to hear how it is. I had tickets for the 2020 event, sigh.

Paris Restaurants that Have Not Survived the Pandemic

by onzieme 3 months ago

In no particular order: Cézembre Carré des Feuillants Au Trou Gascon (apparently) Bistrot Buci Mazarine (apparently) Allénothèque (may be back, but there is a burger pop-up in the space righ...

Recommendations for Roast Chicken in Paris

by TD_Toni 4 months ago

I will be arriving in Paris on September 1 with a friend in tow for her first time and among other things, I want to her to experience how amazing Chicken in France is, compared to here in the US. ...

Paris Outdoor Dinner in October

by mrsnm 3 months ago

My husband and I are planning a trip to Paris mid-October and would prefer to eat dinner outdoors. Any suggestions? Staying in the 6th but we are open in terms of area, cuisine and price. Reservati...

Les Petits Parisiens

by Arago 3 months ago

For reasons unrelated to Covid, this summer Mrs A and I didn't arrive in Paris until the first week of August by which time our favourite restaurants as well as ones we wanted to try were closed. ...