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Recommendations for "French by a Japanese chef" restaurants

by andygottlieb 3 years ago

Returning to Paris for the last 10 days of June. These type of restaurants seem to be my wife's favorite, and as I d...


aqwayne commented 22 hours ago

Solo non-drinker

by augustiner 2 days ago

hello, i will be spending about a week in paris starting this new year's eve with some friends. much of my time i ...


augustiner commented 23 hours ago

Your favorite dining experience in Paris

by Ellen1008 2 days ago

My husband and I are staying in Marais for the first three days of a 10-Day France trip, this November. I'm looking ...


Chadsie commented 1 day ago

Loire Valley Restaurants

by Dplotno 3 days ago

ISO reasonably priced (65 Euros/$75 pp without wine) restaurants in the Amboise area of the Loire Valley. We love fa...


Dplotno commented 2 days ago

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Luberon July 2018 report

by entrechathuit 3 days ago

Le Phebus (Joucas): Outstanding meal in this 1-michelin star restaurant, despite some delay when we were first seate...

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Sancerre and Environs: Le Laurier, Le Bistro des Monts Damnes, Le Chat, etc.

Jake Dear
by Jake Dear 3 days ago

Lodging: La Chanceliere, http://www.la-chanceliere.com/ 5 rue Hilaire Amagat, Saint Satur, 18300, Sancerre, is a lov...

Michelin Restaurants Outside Paris?

by aqwayne 10 days ago

Hello hounds, we are going on our first ever trip to Paris at the end of August, and planning to rent a car and drive...


aqwayne commented 3 days ago

Paris in August and $-$$

by jefpen2 8 days ago

I am going to be in paris for three days next week Sun-tues. Looking for classic and more modern and the cheapies. Ne...


compycompy commented 5 days ago

Restaurant options for Monday night in Bordeaux

by sweettoothMTL 9 days ago

We are going to bordeaux soon, staying at the mama Shelter. We are getting in Monday night, any suggestions for a goo...


Parnassien commented 6 days ago

Bordeaux with a young child

by sweettoothMTL 9 days ago

We are a couple going to Bordeaux with out 3 years old child. He is very picky, so we'll often just order an extra ap...


Parnassien commented 7 days ago

Only in Paris... neighborhood restaurants you would head back to first

by kayreed 1 month ago

DH and I will be visiting Paris (staying on the Left Bank near the Luxembourg Garden) in early December. We like ...


Parnassien commented 7 days ago

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Bouillabaisse in or near Cassis

by LABeam 7 days ago

I would appreciate some suggestions regarding a place where one could enjoy an authentic bouillabaisse in or near Cas...

Stressing about Lunch in Paris - Taillevent, Guy Savoy, La Condesa?

by roze 9 days ago

Hello All, NYC Hound here looking for some sound advice as usual :) I'm coming to Paris next month with some frie...


roze commented 8 days ago

Spices by the gram in Paris

by hychka 1 year ago

Last minute panic here. Should we bring spices on our trip to Paris? My wife has maybe a hundred spices in her drawe...


lagatta commented 9 days ago

La Vent d'Armor - Anyone been recently?

by Charles Yu 20 days ago

A foodie friend of mine saw my upcoming Paris trip eating itinerary and made only 'one' comment. Cross off our seafoo...


JonDough commented 9 days ago

Summer Dinner for 30 at rental property in France

by abgilliam 18 days ago

We are having a summer dinner party for 30 at a rented chateau in France. We will arrive 6 days before the dinner. ...


hotoynoodle commented 16 days ago

Day trip from Paris to Loire Valley or Burgundy

by JonDough 2 months ago

I am looking to see if anyone has experience with a tour for either area and if they would recommend making a day tri...


JonDough commented 19 days ago

What time do Septime online reservations open?

by delshimy 27 days ago

Does anyone know at what time exactly the Paris Septime online reservation system opens? I've researched it extensive...


delshimy commented 20 days ago


by dulcie54 3 months ago

We are in Epernay for the next month or so and will be traveling to Burgundy next week for a few days. Any recs on r...


rrems commented 21 days ago