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Side Trip From Paris

by enofile 13 days ago

My wife and I have gone back and forth, trying to decide on where to go for four nights in between Christmas and New ...

PhilD commented 11 hours ago

The week between xmas and new year

by Mike9999 7 days ago

Travel to London for Christmas and Paris for New Year’s has become an annual event for our family. This will be my th...


Mike9999 commented 22 hours ago

Deciding on Paris Restaurants is Too Overwhelming

by theaceisreal 12 days ago

Looking for restaurant recommendations in Paris during Thanksgiving 2017. Every time I search for best restaurants in...

John Talbott commented 1 day ago

Help: Unable to call Chez Denise

by PenelopeWitherspoon 2 days ago

I've been trying to get a reservation for Chez Denise for Monday, November 27 for 4 around people around 9:30 or 10 p...

Parnassien commented 1 day ago

Italian villages above the Ligurian coast

by enofile 4 days ago

My wife and I will be in Nice starting December 25, 2017. It would be rather exciting to head up into Liguria for so...


mspont commented 2 days ago

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Best Soupes

by travelluver 2 days ago

Looking for recommendations for my upcoming visit next month- TIA!!

Best arro for AirBnb with family

by doublesuited77 2 months ago

Greeting everyone and thanks for all you great post about paris restaurants. Will be spending a week in Paris this...

Parnassien commented 3 days ago

Best Roast Chicken Restaurant in Paris

by debbieweinstein4567 8 days ago

Hi I will be in paris next week and am looking for great roast chicken. I have been to Chez Louis years ago and it s...


ferret commented 7 days ago

Arnaud Nicolas Restaurant-Boutique

by AquaAllegoria 21 days ago

Hi everyone, I'm going to be in Paris for my 30th (gasp) birthday this coming March (6 night, 7 days). I'm starting t...


AquaAllegoria commented 8 days ago

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Le Gabriel Paris (by the former head chef of Senderens)

by Bu Pun Su 8 days ago

Selecting where to dine at 2-star Michelin in Paris could be tricky sometimes. Based on my experience, it’s often hit...

Dinner at Guy Savoy Paris

by cegray 7 years ago

I must admit, I’ve been stalking Guy Savoy a bit from afar for years. I almost booked a meal at his restaurant in Las...


Bu Pun Su commented 8 days ago

Paris Trip Report - April 20th through May 1st

by PenelopeWitherspoon 26 days ago

Earlier this year, I took a fabulous trip to Paris, spending 11 nights in the French capital. I had been meaning to ...


shakti2 commented 9 days ago

Butter in France

by Antoniad 18 days ago

We are in the south of France and there is no butter. We've been here for a week. I've read conflicting stories abo...


Ptipois commented 9 days ago

Classic French in Paris

by valc79 17 days ago

Greetings All, After searching posts for Paris restaurants, I'm still not finding what I'm looking for. Would lov...


PeterCL commented 13 days ago

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Northern Provence Part 2

by Antoniad 13 days ago

We are coming to the end of this year's time in Mirabel aux Baronnies and want to share the last of our experiences e...

Trip Report: Sampling Food and Beer in Marais/Les Halles (Paris)

by ooroger 15 days ago

With a few hours remaining on my business trip to France, I researched several “foodie” options for the area around L...


sfcarole commented 13 days ago

Paris - Week between Christmas and New Years

by EWRTravelers 18 days ago

It looks as though we will have the week off between Christmas and New Years and we were debating a trip to Paris and...


jock commented 15 days ago

Paris in November

by jennynyc1 1 month ago

Hi everyone! So my husband and I are going to Paris for a long weekend to celebrate my 40th and it's been a few year...

jennynyc1 commented 15 days ago

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Shabbat in Paris

by LittleWave 16 days ago

Anyone spend Friday night at the Grand Synagogue? How's the food? (And while we're at it, what's your favorite kosher...

Best hot chocolate in Paris?

by Nina 13 years ago

All right chocoholics, I want to hear from you! I have 3 places calling my name to try their hot chocolate and I don...

HungryHobbit commented 17 days ago