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Antibes France Honeymoon

by BSR84 3 days ago

Spending four nights of our honeymoon in Antibes France and we're really struggling to find some consensus good spots...


shakti2 commented 3 minutes ago

How does one make a decent cup of coffee in Paris?

by hychka 5 days ago

We will be in Paris for a month with friends in an apartment in the 2nd. Morning coffee is an issue. Which system sho...


shakti2 commented 8 minutes ago

Stressed about meal strategy

by wasuws01 1 day ago

Headed to Paris from NYC to visit my older son spending a semester there. Traveling with a younger son, who while no...

Parnassien commented 3 hours ago

Need restaurant recommendation! First visit - please help!

by scooter2 12 hours ago

HI everyone! My girlfriend and I are headed to Paris mid-March. We will be in the city for 3 days before moving on, s...

Parnassien commented 3 hours ago

Help with Graduation Celebration Trip Paris/ San Sebastian

by airb43 3 days ago

Hello fellow Chowhounders! I have been stalking this forum for a while, but I think I need to go directly to the s...


mitchleeny commented 11 hours ago

Montmartre Suggestions

by brian d 9 years ago

Hi! I've been making a pest of myself with pleas for advice related to an upcoming honeymoon trip (late March). On ...


Ptipois commented 1 day ago

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Michelin commits a faux-pas

by rrems 5 days ago

Thought this was pretty funny: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/20/world/europe/michelin-french-restaurant.html?ref...

Guy Savoy lunch

by jwc209 19 days ago

I was looking at Guy Savoy and found the below on their website: "Each day for lunch, Guy Savoy reserves one table...


jwc209 commented 7 days ago

The Right Michelin 3-Star for Me?

by plumpdumpling 1 month ago

I'm going to Paris for the first time in May and hope to have dinner at a couple of the 3-stars. Will you please help...


cqt commented 8 days ago

How is Guo Min in Belleville?

by therealdoctorlew 14 days ago

Planning a trip to Paris and I saw a recommendation for Guo Min, which has Cambodian, Vietnamese, Thai, and a bit of ...


therealdoctorlew commented 9 days ago

L'Escudella in the 7th, a wonderful find, although I didn't.

by John Talbott 13 days ago

I'm somewhat intimidated after all the hoopla here about the new Michelin and on CH about Savoy and starred places, b...

John Talbott commented 9 days ago

I was totally *that* person... Esens'all Review

by eventfarm 11 days ago

I remember way back when I had more time to peruse the Chowhound site. A few years ago, I was super busy planning fo...


eventfarm commented 10 days ago

Recommendations for "French by a Japanese chef" restaurants

by andygottlieb 1 year ago

Returning to Paris for the last 10 days of June. These type of restaurants seem to be my wife's favorite, and as I d...


therealdoctorlew commented 11 days ago

Paris Birthday Options

by Hoover13 12 days ago

Very excited to be spending my Birthday (40th...shhhh) in Paris. I've visited a couple times before and have had some...

Hoover13 commented 11 days ago

Nogent Sur Marne

by rschwim 15 days ago

I'll be staying in Nogent Sur Marne for a few days at the end of February post concert. Any restaurant recommendation...


rschwim commented 14 days ago

Does It Matter >Which< Resto on rue Paul-Bert?

by 75 percent cacao 2 years ago

Once lived in Paris but never got to this street for dinner. When I returned, with my wife, a couple of years ago,...


plafield commented 15 days ago

Dinner after Opera Bastille performance

by rlpkamath 16 days ago

Hi - I'll be attending a performance at the Opera Bastille on Sat night that ends at 11:30p. I'm staying near the Gar...

John Talbott commented 16 days ago

Brief trip report

by Prabhakar Ragde 22 days ago

I used to be more active on CH before the redesign, which has inhibited both my posting and the extent to which I can...

John Talbott commented 16 days ago

Recommendation for Sunday

by jwc209 20 days ago

Hi, we will be visiting Paris in mid-March and will be staying in the 1st. I have been doing research on restaurants...


jwc209 commented 19 days ago

Final Dinner in Paris

by glsebs 20 days ago

We will be in Paris for a week the end of this month. I have narrowed down my choices for our last night to these th...

John Talbott commented 20 days ago