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Help choosing&refining restaurant itinerary 5-days Paris city-trip in July -- fine-dining, unique, exotic, blend, foodie

by Kalenden 1 hour ago

Hi, I would like some help refining and determining a 5-day Paris in July. I've already gotten some help from the...

Paris eating itinerary - Urgent feedback and additional input needed!

by Charles Yu 24 days ago

Hello Parisian Hounds! Need your help badly! I have been given the un-enviable task of planning a Parisian eating ...

Charles Yu commented 5 hours ago

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Trip to Chateauneuf du Pape recommendations

by misplacedamerican 5 hours ago

We are staying around Chateauneuf du Pape at the start of June and I was looking for anyone who has recommendations f...

A week in Lyon, FR

by kayreed 18 hours ago

Bonjour! DH and I plan to spend a week in November in Lyon. What would you recommend for local, authentic cooking? Fo...

Family friendly with gluten-free options near the Westin Paris - Vendome?

by nab71 6 days ago

Heading to Paris early summer with group of 11 family members, two of whom are on a gluten-free diet. Would love some...

Parnassien commented 6 days ago

Paris Restaurant Recommendations July

by Kalenden 8 days ago

My companion and I are major foodies and enjoy active city trips with a big gastronomic part. Commonly, we walk arou...


Kalenden commented 7 days ago

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Back in Paris in July...

by PenelopeWitherspoon 7 days ago

So, I am back in Paris in July (July 4 through 8 to be exact), and I already have my meals planned out. What I am wo...

Paris Trip Report (Feb 2018)

by bigjppop 9 days ago

I'm always grateful for the advice I receive here but pretty terrible at reporting on the adventure! I'll do better. ...

John Talbott commented 7 days ago

Frenchie Bar á Vins renovating

by dennis855 9 days ago

For those traveling to Paris, Frenchie wine bar will be closing from 3/11/18 until 4/1/18 to remodel. Restaurant Fre...


dennis855 commented 8 days ago

French Countryside

by d2tmd 9 days ago

It has always been a romantic dream of mine to go to the French countryside and learn to cook from a French grandmoth...


gooster commented 8 days ago

Lunch at L'Astrance, suggestions for same-day dinner strategy

by ChimRichalds 2 months ago

Hello all, first time/long time, First off, a huge thanks to all of you who participate in these discussions. I've...


Ptipois commented 9 days ago

Restos and a few questions for mid-March Paris trip

by rlrcstr13 12 days ago

Bonjour à tous! For a one-week trip (next week), first-time Paris visitor but have spent a lot of time in other Frenc...

PhilD commented 10 days ago

Visiting Paris in July - When, Things to know, Foodie Activities

by Kalenden 13 days ago

Hi, My companion and I are thinking of visiting Paris in July for a 5-day city trip. Is this a good time? What ...

Busk commented 11 days ago

Paris Trip Report - The All-We-Did-Was-Eat Edition

by ChimRichalds 16 days ago

First things first, I want to thank everyone that helped answer some of my questions in my previous thread about our ...


ChimRichalds commented 11 days ago

Modern interesting Paris restaurants

by kickerconspiracy 13 days ago

Looking for a dinner in Paris in June. Would love something modern and playful, not overly posh, though tasting menu ...


onzieme commented 11 days ago

Paris Latin Quarter weekend dinner and Beaune on Sunday?

by cgtb 16 days ago

Anyone have a favorite Latin Quarter bistro that takes reservations? Also, I will be driving to Beaune from Paris...


sderham commented 12 days ago

Paris -- Brief Restaurant Report on Rue Du Cherche Midi

by jnwall 3 months ago

My wife and I spent 4 days of an 8-day trip to France at the Hotel de Saint - Germain, at 50, rue du Four, in the 6th...


WaldoBrown commented 13 days ago

The sad end of the Camembert wars

by Melanie Wong 15 days ago

This feels like last rites for real Camembert. " . . . Last week’s compromise might bring the conflict to an end,...

Busk commented 14 days ago