Food Storage

Freezer Storage Tips and Tricks to Help You Keep Your Cool

Freezer storage is a little bit art and a little bit science, with some good sense and nifty tricks mixed in. These handy tips will help you get your freezer organized and keep your food from getting...

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Prepping Mashed Potatoes

by HunterJay 14 years ago

Is there any harm in peeling and cutting up Potatoes hours or even a day before I boil them? I usually do it a few hours before hand and soak them in water (more for to have a place to put them th...

HELP!!!! Keeping french baguette fresh?!?

by yum 14 years ago

just bought two french baguettes for a picnic tomorrow and kelling myself because I know it will get hard by tomorrow. Is there ANY WAY I can keep it fresh? do I put it in the fridge or better to f...

Food storage tips ... how to store foods to make them stay fresh longer?

by ipsedixit 14 years ago

I have to travel quite a bit for work, and sometimes have to do so on the proverbial drop of a dime. Besides wrecking havoc with life outside of work, it tends to create problems with the food a...

How to store wormy apples?

by Glencora 14 years ago

Despite the fact that I hung a sticky trap in my apple tree, nearly every piece of fruit has a worm hole in it. The fruit is still good and I'd like to make chutney, apple butter and a couple of t...

Clamicide (or, how to store bivalves without killing them)

by alanbarnes 14 years ago

Bought a couple dozen manila clams at the farmer's market yesterday. Brought them straight home (15 minutes), put them in a container surrounded by a damp tea towel, and stuck the whole mess on th...

What is the best way to store pies?

by Soup 14 years ago

We picked a lot of blue berries recently and the wife has been baking pies. I've noticed that on the first day out of the oven the crust rocks. However,after we've eaten (we just cannot finish th...

Best way to store/transport chocolate truffles in warm weather?

by MasterBaker 14 years ago

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew what is the best way to transport chocolate truffles in warm weather since my fiancee and I want to make some as wedding favors for our wedding. We know it can b...

Storing Whole Cooked Crabs

by Philly Ray 14 years ago

Was at a cookout today and we bought a bushel of live crabs which turned out to be WAYYY too many crabs. We boiled all of them but with so many left over I was hoping to keep some for later use. ...

How to store a peach upside down cake?

Kitchen Imp
by Kitchen Imp 14 years ago

I've just made a peach upside down cake, for the first time in my life, and it came out amazingly well. The only problem is that there's far too much of it to finish in one sitting. What is the ...

How to store pine nuts?

by nissenpa 14 years ago

How should I store a lot of extra pine nuts? Costco today.

Open bottle of wine - how to store?

by outside25 14 years ago

Hello - Often I will open a bottle of either red or white, and not finish it for a few days or a week or so. How should I store it to keep it fresh? I've had too many bottles of vinegar that I'v...

Best way to store parmesan? soft cheeses?

by pitu 14 years ago

I have a nice little slab that I should use in the next few weeks -- wrapped in plastic wrap in the special plastic container built in the the fridge or . . . ? And on the subject of cheese stor...

Best way to store chocolate?

by banquisha 15 years ago

I have this wonderful box of chocolates that I'd like to savor but am wondering what's the best way to keep them. In the fridge??

Can I make bread pudding ahead of time?

by DallasGal29 15 years ago

Going to make chocolate croissant bread pudding for dinner party Tuesday night. Can I make tomorrow and keep in fridge? Will it make it TOO soggy? And then actually bake it Tuesday night during ...

Is it OK to Freeze Marinated Meat ?

by TerriL 15 years ago

I marinated some short ribs overnight, but only used about half of them. Is it ok to freeze the rest, and, if so, should the meat be drained first, or left in the marinade? The marinade consists of...

What is the best way to store juicy, ripe strawberries?

by Ingrid 15 years ago

I just bought a gorgeous flat of strawberries and want to make it last until next Sunday when I can buy some more at my farmers market. I usually store them in the fridge, the pints loosely covere...

Best way to store expensive Chocolate

by Rosie Posie 15 years ago

Purchased a giant hunk of Valrhona chocolate recently - Les Grands Crus Pur Caraibe 66% - 6lbs 9oz. What is the best way to store this? I like to use it for chocolate dipped fruits and chocolate ...

best way to store vinegar?

by Rachel E. 15 years ago

What's the best way to store vinegar? I understand that vinegar doesn't require refridgeration, but is that bad for it?

Bumper Crop of fresh herbs...how to store?

by Diane 15 years ago

I should know this already, but what's the best way to store an excess of fresh herbs for later? (I'm talking marjoram, thyme, oregano) Should I just hang them up to dry or can I freeze them in s...

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