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Two All-Purpose Baking Flours Recalled by FDA Due to E. Coli Scare

If you’ve purchased baking flour in the past several weeks you might want to listen up. Two brands of all-purpose baking flour—Hodgson Mill Unbleached All-Purpose White Wheat Flour, and Wild Harvest...

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Shepherd's Pie Left Out- Safe?

by discordany 5 years ago

Here's what happened: I bought one of those pre-cooked shepherd's pies from Costco. Not from their frozen meals section.... the ones that they make and keep in the coolers by the meat. But those ar...

Chuck Roast past its sell by date???

by kblady 5 years ago

I have a chuck roast that I want to stick in the crock pot...the sell by date was March 5th. No wierd smell with it but some areas have turned a little more brown instead of it pink color which I h...

Please help resolve this difference of opinion- raw ground turkey (not frozen) left on counter for hours still ok if cooked?

by novicecrafter0608 10 years ago

My boyfriend and I have differing views on food safety. There is one thing in particular we disagree on but I will admit I do not have the "science" to back up my opinion. Me saying "I don't know w...

Undercooked Meatloaf - Help

by caiatransplant 5 years ago

Hi Y'all. I made a 3 meat meatloaf 3 nights ago, and since husband was distracting me, I only cooked it for an hour at 350. Had my head been in dinner prep, I would have known to give it more tim...

is it safe to save eggplant and potato skins for broth?

by krissyafite 5 years ago

I love using my potato andceggplantvskins in broth, but is it safe that I store tgemnin the frige or freezer raw till I make broth?I cant get botulism or anything?

Can I safely freeze & thaw smoked salmon more than once?

by mvo168 5 years ago

Dear Chowhounds, I recently purchased a side of smoked salmon and promptly placed it in my freezer. A week later, I partially defrosted it, just enough to portion out the smoked salmon into...

Food Overnight in Sealed Container. Ok to Eat?

by rrasco 9 years ago

I left some hamburger helper out overnight and I put it in the fridge when I got up this morning. Is it okay to eat? First off, I'm here because google brought me here when I searched that very q...

Cheese and mold

by vanderb 7 years ago

I hope this isn't totally obvious to everyone else but... other than cheese that is already intentionally infected (I'm thinking Blue/Stilton/Gorgonzola/etc...) is mold safe to simply cut off a che...

Eating Raw Oysters, Is it safe?

by cheuimay 7 years ago

I hear raw oysters are really good for us and I'd like to start eating them, but am hesitant because of all the fear propaganda out there about bacterial infections. I would like to know if anyone...

help! my sweet potato has a soft end?!

by jen223 5 years ago

I got a couple of gigantic sweet potatoes in my CSA share last Thursday. I was just about to roast one but its end is completely soft! I'd say the potato is 8 inches in length, with 2 inches on t...

You may laugh at me, but please stop long enough to answer my question

by aforkcalledspoon 10 years ago

Ok, I am the general object of mockery for my husband and friends because cross contamination haunts me. When you start cooking a dish with raw chicken or ground beef or whatever, are you supposed ...

expiration date of heavy whipping cream

by drewb123 12 years ago

This may be a stupid question but I have a container of hevay whipping cream with an expiration date of Jun 26th. Just smelled and tasted it and it's fine. How good after the date can I use it? I ...

HELP! Is this safe ?

by EAH 5 years ago

So I know that it is unsafe to store garlic in olive oil due to botulism concerns. What about if I add my garlic paste to my base salad dressing recipe (garlic, balsamic vinegar, honey and musta...

Good Gruyere Cheese (Quickly) Gone Bad? [moved from Home Cooking]

by slaman 9 years ago

I bought a pre-cut, tightly wrapped in plastic, refrigerated block of gruyere cheese just one day ago from a nice Italian shop. The cheese sells quick at this spot, and I've never had trouble with ...

Unrefrigerated Cheeses Left Out for a Week or so?

by echoclerk 7 years ago

My parents sent me a gift for my birthday and forgot to mention that perhaps I should open it immediately. I open it today and discover it is a collection of British cheeses Including: 1. Li...

Why did my chicken soup get kind of sour?

by OysterHo 12 years ago

It's been less than 2 days since it was made (from scratch). There are parsnips, carrots, celery, onions, green beans, chicken, and noodles in it. The chicken pieces taste good. Is it normal t...

Eating Raw Chicken & Pork

by bitsubeats 12 years ago

yeah yeah you all love your raw seafood and beef, but how about raw chicken and pork? I know that in other countries like Japan and some in Southeast Asia they eat these items raw. How do they do...

5 days old steak, Ok to eat?

by Anarkya 9 years ago

My grocery store is being renovated and 2 days ago I went and bought steaks. I never have problems with the packing date, but yesterday I noticed that the steak were packed on Sept 25th after they ...

Unrefrigerated cheesecake safe to eat?

by marisold 9 years ago

I made a beautiful pumpkin cheesecake last night, set it out to cool, and then forgot about it and went to bed with it sitting out on the counter. When I discovered it this morning, I immediately p...

Sous vide steak safety?

by zackly 5 years ago

I don't usually cook tender cuts of beef sous vide. I rather grill them or do them in a cast iron frying pan. I have a Choice 2 lb. porterhouse that I bought three days ago that now has the appeara...

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