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How do you say Cheers in Every Language...

by wanderlustre 14 years ago

Having worked as a bartender and being a beer lover in general I tried to learn how to say Cheers! in every language I came across. Here's my progress so far. If you have one to add please post! C...

Foodie vs Epicurean vs Foodist vs Gourmand

by dineandcook 10 years ago

I'm working on an article on different levels/types of food love/appreciation. The terms I could come up with are "foodie, epicurean, foodist, gourmand." Am I leaving any out? To me a foodie i...

Pollo & gallina?

by rworange 13 years ago

They both mean chicken in Spanish? Is it a country-specific term or the type of bird. I see the word 'hen' sometimes as the English translation of gallina. Is gallina an older stewing hen?

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