Food Allergies

I Tried Whole Foods' Cauliflower Pizza Crust and Didn't Hate It

Cauliflower pizza crust is nothing new, but it's still popular (and divisive). Here's a review of Whole Foods' cauliflower pizza crust—and an option for making your own cauli crust at home. I’m of the...

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Family trip to Barcelona with allergies

by selena03 3 years ago

We will be travelling to Barcelona (from Vancouver) this March with 2 children (6,11) who have food allergies to peanuts, pistachios, cashews, chickpeas, lentils, sesame, and buckwheat. We were ...

Egg Free Recipes, Low Carb.

by DavyLeo 3 years ago

Hey All. So after finding out about an egg allergy, yes even free range, organic, grass fed magical eggs ;( I have removed them from my food regime. Which is low carb, grass fed finished meats etc....

Family trip to Paris with allergies

by selena03 3 years ago

We will be travelling to Paris (from Vancouver) this March with 2 children (6, 11) who have food allergies to peanuts, pistachios, cashews, chickpeas, lentils, sesame, and buckwheat. We were in ...

NOLA with a shellfish allergy!

by teamkitty 4 years ago

Help! Would love suggestions of dishes and restaurants where there is no shellfish. I love it, but it now closes my throat(!). We love good food, and are more interested in local quality than fancy...

Chocolate and ice cream without vanilla - please help!

by jaina_rose 3 years ago

I just found out I am allergic to vanilla and that consuming vanilla has been causing a LOT of stomach issues for me. However, I have a MAJOR sweet tooth, especially for chocolate and ice cream! I ...

Pie crust but without anything delicious

by socentury 3 years ago

Hey all! I've foolishly given myself the task of a pie for my family for Christmas, and I was hoping to do just one pie instead of 19 pies for each combination of food allergies. This is a terrible...

What can I substitute for potato & rice flours?

by Devonviolet 3 years ago

I am trying to find a light, gluten free flour mix, that I can use for flaky biscuits and pie crust. But, so far haven't found one. I'm not actually allergic to gluten, but instead am allergic t...

Onion Allergy

by CraigMurray 3 years ago

Hello all, I am brand new here. I am looking for alternatives for the onion family. Any color or variation, including garlic. I am allergic. Like epi pen allergic. What do you think wou...

Handling food allergies and intolerances out in the great beyond

by ChervilGeorge 3 years ago

Curious how all the foodies out there manage their food allergies/intolerances when away from home. I know for me it's been a challenge handling business lunches, invitations to dinner at friends ...

Egg, Garlic allergy!

by DavyLeo 3 years ago

So I found out a week I have egg and garlic, whey allergy. After stopping eating them I feel much better. But alas, so many recipes, call for garlic, eggs ( Which I had daily) Any alternatives? Any...

Almond Extract and Nut Allergy

by SaraASR 12 years ago

Does anyone know if people who are allergic to nuts (like almonds) also have an allergy to Almond Extract. I am making sugar cookies and the glaze I want to make calls for Almond Extract. Any extra...

Replace Sesame in Spice Mix

by Nadybl 4 years ago

My son is allergic to sesame. So you could say it's fairly simple, when I encounter sesame, tahini or sesame oil in a recipe, I simply omit it. But lately, we were interested in asian food, es...

Nut free macarons in Paris?

by anaticulae 4 years ago

My two girls are both severely allergic to all tree nuts and peanuts. But, they are fascinated with macarons and I would love love them to try them in Paris. We are headed there in three weeks. Doe...

Red wine allergy

by kathyph 3 years ago

I seem to have developed a red wine allergy. Even Rose' makes me deathly ill. It used to give me migraines but now, within 4 hours, I am horribly ill. Red grapes have given me migraines, so now I a...

Food Elimination/Substitutions

by brilynn79 4 years ago

I had some testing that revealed many intolerances and am going to start eliminating. I mostly rely on take out and prepared foods. My list of foods/spices to avoid: Moderate/High Allergens: D...

Egg-free cake ideas

by acdashw 4 years ago

Does anyone here have ideas for baking a cake without using eggs? My son, whom I'm breast-feeding, has an egg allergy and a soy allergy. It's hard to find recipes that are truly cater to this – mo...

Lisbon without onions

by alpha_ori 4 years ago

My wife and I will be traveling to Portugal for the first time in November. We’ll be splitting a week between Lisbon and the Alentejo. We’re very excited but we have no experience traveling in th...

Tokyo with peanut and soy allergies. PLEASE HELP!!

by AllergyMom 13 years ago

My husband, our two daughters and I are planning to visit Tokyo next Spring. Here’s the problem: my daughters are allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, and legumes (legumes include soy protein such as ed...

Extremely weird butternut squash reaction

by Nyleve 16 years ago

Ok this was so weird. I know it's happened to me before, so it's not just a one-time thing but I just can't figure out why. I was peeling a raw butternut squash with a vegetable peeler and then cut...

Weird Alcohol Allergy: Are there other people who suffer from this?

by parkrangerolivia 12 years ago

Hi chowhounders...I was recently diagnosed with this weird GI disease (eosinophilic esophagitis) that makes my throat swell and close, much like asthma. I was drinking a Muscat when I first choked ...