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Find the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream, and more in Florida. We also have tags for many of the individual cities in the state, which you can browse here.

St. Louis style pizza in Tampa?

by panicattack 11 years ago

Hi Chowhounds, Can anyone recommend a place in Tampa that approximates true St. Louis style pizza? You know what ...


stlmelissa commented 1 day ago

Ricotta cookies from Castellano and Pizzo-MANY years ago

by UWScook 7 years ago

When I lived in Tampa, I always shopped at Castellano and Pizzo(this was 1993 to approx 1998/2000.There was a woman...


debbiedz01 commented 5 days ago

I-10 east of tallahassee

by janebold 11 years ago

Will be going back and forth across the state and have found suggestions for Tallahassee and west. Any places in Lak...


ehiraoka commented 5 days ago

Looking for restaurants in Ft Lauderdale

by karstu 20 days ago

Will be staying at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and looking for a few restaurants for lunch and dinners. We will ...


edberliner commented 13 days ago

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Breakfast/lunch between Orlando and Kennedy Space Center?

by truman 23 days ago

We will be in Orlando for a week in November, and taking a day off from theme park insanity to go to the Kennedy Spac...

Seafood in Destin?

by outdoorboy 2 months ago

Does anybody have any suggestions for seafood in Destin for a birthday celebration that wont break the bank?


dunblak commented 28 days ago

Drive from Miami to Key West

by dining with doc 2 months ago

driving on Xmas day from miami to key west. what will be open for stops along the way. need food and other interest...


thewhetpalette commented 1 month ago

Yo Gators..How about some restaurant suggestions for lunch?

by Chuck 17 years ago

We are going to have to be in Gator Land for about 6 hours four or five times in the next few months. How about some ...


aclark80 commented 1 month ago

Fort Lauderdale

by smwaksman 1 month ago

Spending three nights in Fort Lauderdale. Where should I have lunch and dinner?


smwaksman commented 1 month ago

They Call it Chicken Chow Mein?What is it Really?

by Prc2083 9 years ago

i've been looking for a dish i used to eat in chinese restaurants(in florida and NY).they called it "chicken chow mei...


vjw commented 2 months ago

Gift certificate in Naples area

by keena 7 years ago

My in-laws live in Naples and love to dine out. I want to get them a gift certificate to a nice restaurant for Christ...


janniecooks commented 3 months ago

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Kyoto Rock - The No Scallop "Scallop/Shrimp Udon"

by blos 3 months ago

Since a lot of the sushi contained creme cheese ,mayo and deep fried shrimp, I opted for the "scallops and shrimp udo...

Victoria and Alberts & Disney World Dining

by Chadsie 3 months ago

I am wondering. I have been to Victoria and Alberts. How many Michelin Stars would Disney World Dining get? Should it...


thewhetpalette commented 3 months ago

St Pete Beach

by vtdonof 9 months ago

I’d love any advice about where to eat in St Pete Beach. We’re looking for local, fresh food and we’re not too intere...


kendunn commented 3 months ago

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St. George Island Recent Recommends? Restaurants and Grocery Stores?

by elizabetheatsfood 4 months ago

Hey everyone, I have noticed that all the threads about St George Island are about 8 years old and I was wondering if...

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Orlando near the airport

by xnyer 4 months ago

Staying at Marriott Lakeside and looking for a foodie place for dinner within 15 minutes of hotel. Suggestions?

Good restaurant recommendations in Orlando

by dlbors 10 months ago

I will be traveling to Orlando soon and would love recommendations on good places to eat outside the theme parks. I e...

Worldwide Diner

Worldwide Diner commented 4 months ago


by tynosgirl 3 years ago

I need recommendations for restaurants in the Destin, Rosemary Beach, the whole 30A area. Casual, lively atmosphere ...


SWHighlander commented 4 months ago

One "must stop" lunch between Miami and Tampa on I-75

by uhockey 4 years ago

Driving from Miami to Tampa on a Wednesday in November and looking for one can't miss spot along the way. Likely 12:...


madlew commented 4 months ago

geechee bbq

by ali b 15 years ago

i was raised in a hicktown in florida (way below the deep south) and i remember as a little kid having bbq called gee...


bbqme commented 4 months ago