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Fresh chilli

by jimian 2 days ago

I have a vacation home in Palm Beach and can't find fresh chilli peppers in the food stores. Looking for both the sma...


MikeG commented 2 days ago

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What are the best things my adventurous toddler can eat with his hands in/around St Petersburg FL?

by clairelizabeth 5 days ago

Two tired parents and one perpetually peppy toddler arriving in St Petersburg next week. Looking for the best things ...

Essential Treasure Island and Clearwater Spots

by ZenFoodist 18 days ago

Hi Hounds! My husband, 14-year-old, 20-month-old, parents and in-laws will be spending Presidents’ week in a new...

ZenFoodist commented 11 days ago

Anyone order Florida Honeybells this year?

by fasttimes 1 month ago

The navel oranges we’ve been getting the past two years have been absolute crap. No flavor to them whatsoever. Two ...


malberts1 commented 13 days ago

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Drake's Deli (St. Augustine, FL)

by BostonBestEats 15 days ago

LET'S GET A KILLER CHEESESTEAK: In Florida!!! At Drake's Deli in Saint Augustine FL... Despite having lived in Phi...

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Hazel's Hot Dogs (St. Augustine, FL)

by BostonBestEats 16 days ago

WE CAN'T TELL YOU WHO MAKES THEM: But they are from NEW JERSEY! I've been driving past HAZEL'S HOT DOGS for years ...

Za Bistro

by harryharry 10 years ago

This may be a very dated question - however, can anyone tell me when and why this/these restaurant(s) closed?


Trefle commented 17 days ago

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Need Recs for Good Dinner Spots Near University of Central Florida

by picklelicious 20 days ago

Hello hounds, going to be staying near UCF for a couple nights starting tomorrow, Feb 6th. I'm taking out 3 business...

Best mojo marinade?

by rexmo 12 years ago

Are the major brands (Goya, etc.) adequate, or should I be asking to get some at the local Cuban restaurants?


dsweedler commented 27 days ago

Refined Restaurants Miami & beyond?

by bonaforchetta 2 months ago

Hi all, I have been doing research on the restaurant scene in Miami and wanted to see what you all thought. ...


bonaforchetta commented 1 month ago

Any good new Pompano Beach restaurants

by dcbbq 2 months ago

We'll be in Pompano Beach for a few nights in early February. The existing posts are pretty old, and I saw a 2015 ar...

CFByrne commented 1 month ago

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Restaurants in Estero/Ft Myers/Bonita Springs

by Morgz45 1 month ago

My in laws just moved to Florida. We are going to visit for the first time in mid-March and are looking for one or tw...

Orlando/Daytona Beach recommendations

by SaraPA 2 months ago

Hi everybody! Spending a long week in Daytona Beach for Speedweeks. Flying into Orlando on a Friday and driving to ...

ZoeyCovey commented 1 month ago

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Reviews of Kosherica Passover Hotel program?

by Davra 1 month ago

I'm considering going on one of the Kosherica Passover hotel programs specifically the one in Florida (PGA National R...

Dinner between Tampa and Orlando

by ajr524 7 years ago

I am going to be in Tampa next week and wanted to meet my brother, who lives in Orlando, somewhere in between for din...


blauhand commented 2 months ago

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Fort Myers Florida 2017 Trip Report

by slvrspoon1 2 months ago

The lime-panko crusted fish sandwich at Doc Fords. That is all. After a full week.

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Good restaurant recommendations in Orlando

by dlbors 2 months ago

I will be traveling to Orlando soon and would love recommendations on good places to eat outside the theme parks. I e...

Melbourne area quick lunch

by Joanie 2 months ago

Hoping to find a fun place for lunch with a long lost relative as I drive from St. Augustine to Naples in Feb. He's i...


cavandre commented 2 months ago

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Cocoa Beach Restaurant recommendations

by Brawny 2 months ago

Looking for a few great dining options...including breakfast.....and dinner.

What's it like in Key West post-Irma?

by dcbbq 3 months ago

We're headed to Key West for Christmas, and wonder what to expect. Are all of the restaurants and hotels back up and...


Foodjunkiez commented 2 months ago