Fish Cakes


Izakaya Rintaro Bento To-Go | SOMA - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Izakaya Rintaro, a Chowhound favorite, kept hope alive this pandemic year with streetside dining and an extensive menu of artfully packaged bento boxes to-go. It also raised funds for charitable ef...

Plating of fish dish

by Cflower5 3 years ago

I'm making a redfish with a crab/corn maque choux for friends this week. I feel like the plate needs to be balanced more. the redfish will have the crab/corn on top the last part of grilling and a ...

What side to serve with fishcakes?

by icecreamgal 14 years ago

I am making the fishcakes from one of my favorite (obscure) cookbooks, The Cafe Brenda Cookbook, that combines red snapper or cod with potatoes, and calls for serving the cakes with different sauce...

Egg whites vs whole egg in fish balls?

by Howard_2 4 years ago

I have a recipe for Asian fish balls that calls for an egg white added to the chopped fish. But why not a whole egg? What would happen if I added the whole egg rather than just the white?

March 2009/July 2012 COTM Fish Without a Doubt: Fish Cakes & Burgers and Pasta and Rice

foxy fairy
by foxy fairy 12 years ago

**March 2009 Cookbook of the Month** is Fish Without a Doubt by Rick Moonen and Roy Finamore Please post your full-length reviews of recipes for fish cakes and burgers as well as pasta and rice ...

Help! My salmon cakes are soooo dry!

by ndesilva 5 years ago

I made salmon cakes for the first time yesterday and, while I followed the recipe exactly, they are very very dry. They are paleo and therefore made with almond flour and fried in coconut oil. Is t...

Fish Cakes – TJ's Canned Smoked Mackerel

Will Owen
by Will Owen 6 years ago

Trader Joe's recently-introduced canned smoked mackerel looked interesting, so I got a can and started thinking about what to do with it. Seafood cakes of any kind have always been high on my list,...

Fish Cakes, (Chocolate) Fish Cakes, or a Baking WTF

by rockycat 11 years ago

Today I baked one of my usual chocolate cakes, a recipe I've been using since college. The only change I made was to use unsalted stick margarine as I needed the cake to be non-dairy. While the c...

Kaffir Lime Leaves in Fish Cakes: Will they Soften

by delys77 7 years ago

Hello all I'm making a recipe from Luke Nguyen's book, Songs of Sapa, called Din Daeng Fish Cakes. They sound quite tasty but the recipe calls to mince the lime leaves and put them in the fish ...

Where can I find fresh Chinese fishcake?

by Sophie 7 years ago

The only ones I find seem to be frozen from China or Vietnam, including the ones I saw at 99 Ranch. Does anyone know of a place that offers fresh local made, or any that hasn't been frozen?

Cod fish cakes, old school style. Fishy Place(pre Legal Seafood) and S&S.

by josephlapusata 8 years ago

Does anyone have a good COD FISH CAKE recipe that is similar to the ones you could get at The Fishy Place(pre Legal Seafood) in Somerville or S&S in Cambridge going back about 35 years or so? I ma...

Cod fish cakes, old school style. [moved to Home Cooking]

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 8 years ago

josephlapusata wrote: Does anyone have a good COD FISH CAKE recipe that is similar to the ones you could get at The Fishy Place(pre Legal Seafood) in Somerville or S&S in Cambridge going back a...

How to prepare cod for fishcakes?

by BangorDin 8 years ago

I have fresh (not preserved in salt, just frozen) cod fillets and I've tried them fried with a cornmeal crust and also simmered with olives and tomatoes. I'd like to next make codfish cakes with m...

Crab cakes and fish cakes in Maine

by italianices 8 years ago

It seems that a moderate number of restaurants in Maine serve crab cakes or fish cakes. I've never tried either in Maine, so I've been researching spots where these dishes are available. What d...

About Chinese Fish Cakes, or Shrimp Cakes

by angustia 9 years ago

I have wonderful memories of chinese stir fried noodles in a restaurant as a young teen. The noodles has mixed vegetables and meats, with brown sauce. It also has what is called fish cake, or shri...


by glebe 9 years ago

Have been given some Speckled Trout and would like to make some fish cakes with them.Anyone with a delicious recipe?

Simplest, best fish cakes made with salt cod?

by Tartinet 9 years ago

I started soaking my salt cod before I knew it would be a billion degrees out today. So now I have to use it, but I am loathe to heat up my kitchen, or indeed move around, any more than strictly ne...

Where to find good naruto (japanese fishcake) in Montreal?

by torontrealais 10 years ago

Hi everyone, I've seen a few of the asian grocers carry fishcake, but have never seen the swirly kind (naruto - photo below). Anyone know where I can get some? With this cold weather, I'm lookin...

When does fishcake go bad? Ever?

by mrgreenbeenz 10 years ago

I assume it lasts damn near forever in its packaging. But once opened, how long is it good for assuming you've got it wrapped up tight in the fridge? I've got some in my ramen right now. Probabl...

Fishcake without MSG?

by munchetta 10 years ago

I love fishcake, or as the Japanese call it, KAMABOKO. The only problem is I have only ever found fishcake with MSG which gives me headaches and nightmares. Does anyone know of where I can find...