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What side to serve with fishcakes?

by icecreamgal 10 years ago

I am making the fishcakes from one of my favorite (obscure) cookbooks, The Cafe Brenda Cookbook, that combines red sn...


mommadiva01 commented 3 months ago

Egg whites vs whole egg in fish balls?

by Howard_2 8 months ago

I have a recipe for Asian fish balls that calls for an egg white added to the chopped fish. But why not a whole egg?...

Ttrockwood commented 7 months ago

Help! My salmon cakes are soooo dry!

by ndesilva 2 years ago

I made salmon cakes for the first time yesterday and, while I followed the recipe exactly, they are very very dry. Th...

Ttrockwood commented 2 years ago

Fish Cakes – TJ's Canned Smoked Mackerel

by Will Owen 2 years ago

Trader Joe's recently-introduced canned smoked mackerel looked interesting, so I got a can and started thinking about...

sandiasingh commented 2 years ago

Fish Cakes, (Chocolate) Fish Cakes, or a Baking WTF

by rockycat 7 years ago

Today I baked one of my usual chocolate cakes, a recipe I've been using since college. The only change I made was to...


SalmaBonnah commented 3 years ago

Kaffir Lime Leaves in Fish Cakes: Will they Soften

by delys77 3 years ago

Hello all I'm making a recipe from Luke Nguyen's book, Songs of Sapa, called Din Daeng Fish Cakes. They sound qui...

delys77 commented 3 years ago

Where can I find fresh Chinese fishcake?

by Sophie 3 years ago

The only ones I find seem to be frozen from China or Vietnam, including the ones I saw at 99 Ranch. Does anyone know ...


gnomatic commented 3 years ago

Cod fish cakes, old school style. Fishy Place(pre Legal Seafood) and S&S.

by josephlapusata 4 years ago

Does anyone have a good COD FISH CAKE recipe that is similar to the ones you could get at The Fishy Place(pre Legal S...


elegraph commented 4 years ago

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Cod fish cakes, old school style. [moved to Home Cooking]

by The Chowhound Team 4 years ago

josephlapusata wrote: Does anyone have a good COD FISH CAKE recipe that is similar to the ones you could get at T...

How to prepare cod for fishcakes?

by BangorDin 4 years ago

I have fresh (not preserved in salt, just frozen) cod fillets and I've tried them fried with a cornmeal crust and als...

Cherylptw commented 4 years ago

Crab cakes and fish cakes in Maine

by italianices 4 years ago

It seems that a moderate number of restaurants in Maine serve crab cakes or fish cakes. I've never tried either in Ma...


italianices commented 4 years ago

About Chinese Fish Cakes, or Shrimp Cakes

by angustia 5 years ago

I have wonderful memories of chinese stir fried noodles in a restaurant as a young teen. The noodles has mixed veget...


smfan commented 5 years ago


by glebe 5 years ago

Have been given some Speckled Trout and would like to make some fish cakes with them.Anyone with a delicious recipe?


Joebob commented 5 years ago

Simplest, best fish cakes made with salt cod?

by Tartinet 5 years ago

I started soaking my salt cod before I knew it would be a billion degrees out today. So now I have to use it, but I a...

mamachef commented 5 years ago

Where to find good naruto (japanese fishcake) in Montreal?

by torontrealais 6 years ago

Hi everyone, I've seen a few of the asian grocers carry fishcake, but have never seen the swirly kind (naruto - ph...


wattacetti commented 6 years ago

When does fishcake go bad? Ever?

by mrgreenbeenz 6 years ago

I assume it lasts damn near forever in its packaging. But once opened, how long is it good for assuming you've got i...


ricepad commented 6 years ago

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Fishcake without MSG?

by munchetta 7 years ago

I love fishcake, or as the Japanese call it, KAMABOKO. The only problem is I have only ever found fishcake with MS...

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Freehold area, takeout fish cake (not crab)??

by irishk 7 years ago

Every where I look I see crab cakes ,which I like.But sometimes like now I have a craving for a good old fashion fish...

fish cakes

by sanglier 7 years ago

I just watched a program on Cooking Channel, an Indian cooking show, where the host made some great-looking fish cake...


vttp926 commented 7 years ago