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The Best Food Secrets at Summer's Most Popular Music Festivals

Music festival food has come a long way since the first few, like 1967’s Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain where the only thing anyone ate was LSD dropped on the crowd by the Grateful Dead’s “personal...

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9th Avenue Food Festival - 2001

by Ron Bennett 20 years ago

Does anyone know if this event will be held this year? If so, please post the dates or e-mail me directly. Thanks, RB Link: http://www.lotuswebshop.com

Ninth Ave International Food Festival Dates

by Anil Khullar 20 years ago

Just picked up the neighborhood newsletter. The dates for this year's Ninth Ave. International Food festival are May 19th and 20th from 11:00AM - 7:00 PM. As usual from 57th st. through 37th St. ...

Verboort Sausage Festival

by Jim Dixon 21 years ago

The Verboort Sausage Festival is a true chowhound's paradise. The tiny Oregon community (about 15 miles west of Portland) takes over the local sausage factory to make a special grind of the beef an...

1997 British Food Festival

by Alexandra Eisler 21 years ago

Hi Melanie, The festival you asked about was Britain Meets the Bay and it involved quite a few local companies. This was before my time here (British Consulate General) but I belive a wide cariet...

Heirloom Tomato Facts and Festival

by Melanie Wong 21 years ago

A thread on another board prompted me to add the link below to Kendall-Jackson's Heirloom Tomato Festival. I'll be there tomorrow for the fun, food and wine (as a paying guest with no financial ti...

Hong Kong Boat Festival?

by christina z 21 years ago

Does anyone know about a Hong Kong festival that's scheduled to take place sometime in August in Flushing Meadow Park? Any info (especially chow-related) would be appreciated. cz

Why it's called Burmese Water Festival...

by Ellen 21 years ago

I was also a little perplexed at the Water Gun aspect of the Burmese Water Festival in Queens last Sunday. It was a pretty hot day, but still, not only were kids squirting those super sized guns, s...

food festivals

by steven 21 years ago

Anyone know any good food festivals coming up. I like general foods like ice cream, pizza, barbecue, etc. Do these type of festivals exist?

Truffle Festival

by Neumeier 22 years ago

Does anyone have good lodging tips for the truffle festival in Alba, Italy?

Festival Food

by george osner 21 years ago

While the food at State Fairs and the like is pretty much uniformly bad, in my experience the food a small town festivals often has one or two gems in among the extensive offerings of things like d...

New Brunswick Hungarian Festival

by Steve 21 years ago

Will be saturday June 3 on Somerset st in between Easton ave and James st. Plenty of great food (eat in the Hungarian Athletic Center ,church or school), beer (McCormicks pub, Budapest, Ale-N-Witch...

Garden Festival at Chuang Yen Monastery/Carmel

by Beth 21 years ago

Did any other chowhounds attend this festival today? I got married five years ago on the monastery grounds, and I went back today as part of my anniversary celebration and was pleasantly surprised...

Soaked Sweetbreads, etc, at the Ninth Ave Food Festival

by Lynn 21 years ago

I never got to the Ninth Ave Food Festival--the rain completely discouraged me from any street roaming on Saturday--the day I'd planned to go. Am just curious--did anyone find the sweetbread stan...

How many chowhounders plan to visit the 9Ave Food Festival

by Anil Khullar 21 years ago

Next Weekend (20th & 21st) happens to be the annual 9 Ave Food festival - Starting from 57th to 37th. How many chowhounders plan to drop by ? Since this happens to be very closeby to where I live;...

Italian Culinary Institute Food Festival query

by Pwron 21 years ago

I've received an offer via the magazine of La Cucina Italiana to attend an Italian food festival at Arcodoro in Houston. It's organized by the Italian Culinary Institute and is composed of six cour...

A successful evening at FESTIVAL

by Jessica Shatan 21 years ago

Depends how you define success... in this case it was to feed 8 people at 7:30 p.m on a Friday night with no res (don't think they take res) and to eat something good! Oh, and we had to be at The L...

Croatian Food Festival

by Barb. H. 22 years ago

Haven't tried it yet, but the Delegates' Dining Room at the UN is having their Croatian Festival-- I think it started on Fri and will go for 2 or 3 weeks. It's open to the public and I warn you (i...

9th Ave. Food Festival??

by Guy Hagner 23 years ago

Does this event still exist? If so, when is it held this year? I remember attending several years in a row in the early 80's, and enjoying Vietnamese spring rolls from at least a half dozen diffe...

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