Farmers' Market

Fresh Basil

by zigzag17 20 days ago

When I buy basil in supermarkets in those plastic containers, the leaves are always soft and delicate in a good way. ...


MikeG commented 16 days ago

Wednesday Certified Farmers Market at Natividad Medical Center (Salinas)

by Melanie Wong 8 years ago

Starting up this year, the Natividad Medical Center and Monterey County Health Department have sponsored a certified ...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 21 days ago

Sour cherries in Toronto area

by mskatsam 2 months ago

I will make a special trip to Toronto for fresh sour cherries. Please let me know if you see them offered at farmers...


rstuart commented 26 days ago

Boston Public Market--What's interesting?

by BostonBestEats 5 months ago

Old vendors, new vendors...what's new and interesting that are you buying at Boston Public Market? ACCIDENTAL PHAL...


Madrid commented 2 months ago

Retire where?

by brooktroutchaser 4 years ago

A year or so from retiring. Seeking a walkable small town or beach community with mild winters, farmers market, upsca...


acgold7 commented 3 months ago

Foodie and cookware stores Milan

by choc_luver 3 months ago

Hello! Any recommendations for good food stores / food markets / delis / cookware shops in Milan please? I know o...

jen kalb

jen kalb commented 3 months ago

Small Clams in SF?

by t.susannah.chen 4 months ago

The only clams I've ever managed to find in the SF Bay Area are the large ones, like cherrystones. Anyone know where ...


FoodTrippin commented 4 months ago

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Almighty Kombucha | Monterey - Pacific Grove

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

Noticed on Almighty Kombucha's FB page that it has returned to the Monterey Peninsula's farmers markets as of a month...

Vaison la Romaine bound

by roux42 11 months ago

Hello folks, We are heading to Vaison la Romaine tomorrow and looking for any last minute ideas. We rented a hous...

Steve R

Steve R commented 4 months ago

Harbor Harvest, Norwalk: what goes on there?

by gutreactions 6 months ago

From their website, it appears to be an enclosed farmers market/caterer on the harbor in Norwalk, CT. It is open to t...


gutreactions commented 5 months ago

First visit to SF, don't even know where to start!

by Coconuttie 5 months ago

This is my absolutely first visit to SF and the recommendations here are overwhelming! I've never been to the US befo...


bouncepass commented 5 months ago

Groceries & takeout in Las Vegas

by hyperbowler 8 months ago

Friends and I are renting a house 3 miles west of the airport (Arden neighborhood) for a few days, a Friday to a Tues...


citywayne commented 6 months ago

Which local farmers markets will move indoors this winter?

by gutreactions 9 months ago

With the coming of Thanksgiving, outdoor farmer's markets are about to shut down. I believe next week will be the las...


gutreactions commented 6 months ago

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Flowering Cauliflower/Fioretto/Stick Cauliflower

by AmySherman 7 months ago

I'm looking for farmers who grow and sell it in the Bay Area. I've seen it at the Heart of the City but can't remembe...

Where to find Breadbar bread/pastries besides Breadbar

by Lipps 10 years ago

Okay - there's 3rd and Century City. And Cafe Luxe and Intelligentsia. Where else? Anywhere in the valley? Sherma...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 10 months ago

Seeing Fewer Farmer's Markets in My Town

by zackly 1 year ago

Maybe it's not a trend, just a local anomaly but several farmer's markets did not come back to my town (Norwalk, CT, ...


nofunlatte commented 1 year ago