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Retire where?

by brooktroutchaser 2 years ago

A year or so from retiring. Seeking a walkable small town or beach community with mild winters, farmers market, upsca...

LulusMom commented 4 days ago

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Tuesday Afternoon Paso Robles Farmers Market

by Melanie Wong 14 days ago

Last week I was pleased to catch the Tuesday farmers market in Paso Robles. It's held on one of the streets that bord...

A month in Florence, tea shops, groceries and dining out?

by mlgagnon 3 months ago

I will be attending a field school in Florence for the month of May. Followed by 4 days each in Switzerland, Paris, ...


medlar commented 3 months ago

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Organic Citrus Grown by Ken's Top Notch Produce | Marina & San Mateo

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Only two food farmers at the Sunday farmers market in Marina this morning vending in the rain and wind. I'm glad I sh...

Taquitos Hernandez | Old Town Marketplace - Salinas

by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

The pineapple-topped spinning cone of pork caught my eye and olfactory sense two weeks ago the Saturday morning Old T...

Melanie Wong commented 4 months ago

Is there an LA eqivalent of the Alemany Market in SF?

by tazzalenghe 5 months ago

I'm a New Yorker who is in the Bay area regularly and likes to carry back fringe citrus and other Asian and Latin Ame...

Melanie Wong commented 5 months ago

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Good Food Shopping in (or close to) Southern Ocean County?

by katydid13 5 months ago

I'm moving back to NJ (my home state) after several years in L.A., and would love Chowhound recs for any good and rea...

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California works to help food-stamp recipients buy fresh produce

by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

“This time of year, we hear stories about customers saving their benefits to use them at the market in order to prepa...

Farmers market between philly and Westchester

by daisylover 6 months ago

Looking for some stops along turnpike or garden state parkway, was thinking farm stands, or bakery not to be missed, ...


Sdenred commented 6 months ago

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Anna's Seafood | Larkspur & Petaluma

by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

Anna's Seafood started up four months ago offering sustainable seafood for home cooks at area farmers markets. The ow...

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Architectural Ceramic Design Kitchenware

by Melanie Wong 8 months ago

The garlic grater bowl made by Cloverdale artists, Alan and Donna Podesto of Architectural Ceramic Design, has been a...

Anything Good in White Plains?

by terasec 8 months ago

Will be spending the day in white plains area i don't go too often. Not looking for restaurants but am interested in ...


terasec commented 8 months ago

Green Grocer Breakfast at Windsor Farmers Market (and Santa Rosa)

by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

No one was more excited than I was to learn that Chef Joe Rueter of Green Grocer was feeding the public again. http:/...

Melanie Wong commented 8 months ago

Bakersfield eats

by Agrippa 9 months ago

I've been traveling to Bakersfield since the 80s several times a year to visit my family there, and grew up eating at...

Agrippa commented 9 months ago

Best places to buy local produce in Toronto, as of July 2016

by prima 10 months ago

Which stores and markets do you like the most? Lately, Fiesta Farms has been my go-to. In the past, I've liked High...


Mila commented 9 months ago