Family Vacation

The Art, Science & Philosophy of Cooking on Vacation

Vacation should never be stressful, but unexpected things do happen—this year, of course, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted everything, and summer plans are no exception. There's risk to traveling...

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Food in Corolla, NC

by Morgz45 4 years ago

Hello, I will be staying in Corolla, NC with my husband's family August 28th - September 4th. We are staying in a beach house so we will be cooking some meals. I was curious if there are any...

Family Trip

by jvan 4 years ago

We will be in Philadelphia for 3 days in late August with my 10 and 13 year old sons, who are not fussy eaters and are serious carnivores. My wife and I love to eat well and don't care if it is fan...

Family vacation on a budget

by Kinyo 4 years ago

Hello everyone! We are leaving Montreal for a 6 nights camping trip between june 11 and 17. We are a family of 4 with two kids (one 3 yrs old and a 6 month old) that loves to eat. We are on a t...

Help with Bars & Teens? Crowds during Gay pride in FQ? Quintessential NO in 2 days on a budget?

by elizabetheatsfood 4 years ago

Hey Everyone. I am taking my Irish husband and our 15 year old for a weekend to New Orleans, and since we have so little time I really want to hit the "quintessential" places and foods. Ie. Po boy...

New Orleans with Kids Report, food & activities

by adh425 4 years ago

Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback prior to my recent trip to NOLA with my husband and 6 & 9 year old boys! We were completely enchanted by this wonderful city, and we ate very well! Favor...

Singapore Adventure - Food, Glorious Seafood!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 4 years ago

Our arrival was greeted by my decade long, local foodie guru good 'ex-chowhounder' friend, Fourseasons and his wife. Taking us to a water-front seafood restaurant ' Palm Beach ' next to ' MerLi...

Family Vacation in the Caribbean

by sekelmaan 5 years ago

Hello food travelers. I am thinking of heading to the warm southern sands of the Caribbean. I would love to know places you have been that have the best local foods. I read that some islands have g...

Chiang Mai Night Itinerary Mon-Wed

by sarahbeths 5 years ago

Hi all, I'm pretty overwhelmed while researching Chiang Mai. The information is all over the place and nothing sticks in my head so I have pages and pages of notes and still no definite plan. Maybe...

Family Vacation in San Franciso

by shap89 5 years ago

I'm taking a family vacation in a month to California. We are all from New York and are used to good food. However, we will be eating out every night so I was looking for some good options with ent...

Seeking non-beach vacation spot for family with pre-schoolers

by AdinaA 5 years ago

We are trying to plan a family vacation, we will have a 3 yr old and a 5 year old. I want to be clear up front that we are fully aware that this is a #FirstWorldProblem and that we are very for...

Am I being too cheap? Splitting restaurant bill on family vacation

by Dinermite 6 years ago

I leave this Saturday for a trip to Disney with my GF and her family. It will be a total of 6 adults and 3 kids (kids are my GF's sister's). I haven't been the planner, just going along, although...

Want to get a taste of Canada for a family vacation

by themaker75 6 years ago

Since we will be in Cooperstown for the baseball tournament I figured what the hey. May as we'll go to Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal and then head home. It's only like 16 hours out of the way :) But...

All inclusive family vacation

by zackly 7 years ago

Every year in June we take a family vacation.There are three generations ranging in age from four to sixty seven,twelve people total. We used to go to US beach destinations in the southern Atlantic...

Family Vacation with Adventurous Kid Eaters

by madcf 7 years ago

We are spending 10 days over the holidays with our 6 and 7 year old kids. They love food and are quite adventurous. Thy have traveled quite a bit to Europe and Asia and will try anything at least...

Family vacation with a 7 & a 5 year old, need dinner recommendations

by jkatz23 7 years ago

I will be traveling with husband and young kids on Dec. 25 for 6 nights. I am looking for kids' friendly restaurants that accept reservations (dinner only). Both kids plus hubby are picky eaters. L...

Family Christmas Vacation...There's a kitchen but Mom wants a vacation too...

by jbbrainseed 9 years ago

Our family will be spending 12/23-30 at the Westin Villas in North Scottsdale with 7 adults and 2 toddlers. They have kitchens but they are sparsely outfitted and no ovens (just microwave). We us...

Another family Thanksgiving vacation, looking for cheaper ideas

by simieats 9 years ago

Hi Phoenix Hounds, I've been a general lurker on this site for years (I travel a lot for work, and Chow is the first place I go to find local eats) and this is my first post, yay. I'm visiting...

Charleston Dining, Wild Dunes Family Vacation

by nosh 9 years ago

Staying at Wild Dunes Resort before and through Christmas with family group of ten. Interested in the best and most unique dining the area has to offer. Looked over the last couple of months on t...

Narrowing the restaurant choices down for family vacation in Maui

by mboxermd 9 years ago

Wanted some feedback about my restaurant choices for holiday vacation with the family, Looking for a variety of places for lunch and dinner. Some with beautiful views. some not tourisy, some low ...

Family vacation Shanghai and Beijing

by lovestotravel 9 years ago

I am travelling to Shanghai with my family (husband and 14 year old) for three nights and will be in Beijing for 5 nights. We would like to experience good authentic food. Price is not an issue a...