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We want to know your grandmother's secret cake recipe and your father's best steak sauce. Share your favorite family recipes with other Chowhounds and get their best in return.

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Confession: I don't like the family Thanksgiving dressing recipe

by bblonde 6 years ago

Every year I think it'll change. But it doesn't. I actually, gasp, think I like variations of stovetop dressing better! Now I won't get away with changing the family recipe for dressing or o...

Lost family Recipe

by degreg 6 years ago

My mother used to make a Sausage, sage, potatoe stuffing recipe that the family still misses at Thanksgiving. I have seen many with what seem to be similar ingredients, but the finished dish looks ...

kale salad recipe

by glebe 6 years ago

Looking for a recipe using kale, broccoli, black beans and corn. Anyone with a recipe that they will share?

Can I have your secret family recipe?!?!?

by lilmomma 7 years ago

Do you have a secret family recipe that you could share? I want to know what recipe in your family has satisfied generations! :)

Your family favorite black eyed peas recipes?

by fldhkybnva 7 years ago

The New Year is right around the corner and I imagine many of us have black eyed peas on the mind. What's your family's favorite recipe? Traditional Southern with smoked *meat* cooked long and slo...

Oatmeal soup -- is this a regular for anyone? Anyone have a family recipe?

by DuchessNukem 7 years ago

This weekend, I saw someone had signed up for this as their contribution to a T-day potluck on a unit at my hospital. I don't know the person, and I should have left a sticky note asking if she'd s...

Trying to recreate an old family recipe

by kryrinn 7 years ago

In preparation for a funeral in a few days, I'm trying to recreate my grandfather's spaghetti sauce recipe. He wrote it down, once, a few days before he passed several years ago, but it's currentl...

In Search of Old Family Recipe: "Potato Pudding"

by missmertle 7 years ago

When I was very young, one of my grandmothers used to make what she called "potato pudding" at Jewish holiday suppers. It was a savory, moist, dense, stuffing-like muffin.. most likely kosher since...

Feeding a family of 4 with cheap recipes. Any ideas anyone? :)

by KatnipCooking 7 years ago

Hello everyone! I'm new to the forums but been a long time reader of recipes, etc. I just joined to find out from you awesome chowsters of great cheap recipes! I already know how to make different ...

Family Recipe (231 Eldridge)

by D...DF 9 years ago

Has anyone tried Family Recipe yet? Looks promising. http://www.thrillist.com/food/new-york/ny/10002/family-recipe_asian_japanese ----- Family Recipe 231 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002

December 2012 COTM: How To Eat -- Low Fat; Feeding Babies and Small Children

blue room
by blue room 8 years ago

Report here for these recipes: Low Fat 381 - 399 Feeding Babies and Small Children 416 - 455 The Chowhound Team has asked me to remind you that verbatim copying of recipes to the boards ...

What is the oldest family recipe you still use?

by dianne0712 8 years ago

I realize as I look through my cookbook that a lot of the recipes my family use religiously are quite old including my great-aunt Mary's potato salad from the 20's, but the oldest is probably my gr...

The family recipes we cherish...

by buttertart 9 years ago

Happy holidays all - I'm sure I'm not the only one here who gets lonesome for the departed at this time of year. One of the ways in which love survives is in the recipes left behind. Here are a c...

how to cook a family "stuffing" recipe outside the bird ?

by lindae3213 8 years ago

Our family stuffing recipe includes cooked pork sausage, celery, bread, minced onions, and raw eggs among other items and cooks inside the turkey.....how do I now make that same recipe as dressin...

"Groupon" for compiling a family recipe cookbook

by greygarious 9 years ago

http://yipit.com/nation/go-daily-deals/39-lifetime-online-membership-to-create-your-own-family-cookbook/frame/?subid1=email&aid=K4tMxmSD This is not something relevant for me so I have no idea h...

Fun family recipe instructions

by kattyeyes 9 years ago

Do you have recipes with instructions like this in your collection? "Olive oil and butter in a frying pan. Don't ask how much, you know we didn't cook that way. Enough for the bottom to be wet...

Cunigghiu 'nciculattatu recipe...anyone have a family recipe?

by hypomyces 9 years ago

I just recently watched a Bizzare Foods episode where Andrew was in Sicily. He visited a woman who operated a cooking school from her home, and she prepared rabbit in chocolate sauce. I would lov...

carrying on a family tradition

by Markari 10 years ago

For 15 years my father made a flour-less, chocolate, scotch, bundt cake for Christmas that looked like it had two layers to it. The top (when the pan was inverted) was kind of carmel colored, while...

An Old German Family Recipe for Sour Cherry Pie

by honkman 10 years ago

Pictures of the final dish and different steps: http://twofoodiesonejourney.blogspot.com/2010/04/old-german-family-recipe-for-sour.html Coffee and cake on Sunday afternoons in the company of yo...

How do you store your family recipes?

by koshergourmet 11 years ago

I am curious where everyone stores or keeps their favorite recipes from family and friends that they have collected over the years? What do you like or dislike about the mehtod that you use to k...

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