Chickpeas are better fried, right? Find the best falafel near you and discuss what makes the dish great with other passionate eaters.

This Vegan Falafel Is a Party in a Sandwich

The 2011 film “Forks Over Knives” helped start a food revolution—one anchored in the conversion to a plant-based diet. The documentary launched the idea that those who switched from an animal-based...

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by --trouthole 18 years ago

I grew up in Detroit, a city that has one of the largest middle eastern populations in the world. as you might imagine, there was great mid-east food to be had. to make matters worse, i just had so...

Mr. Broadway's Falafel Salad Bar

by bigjeff 17 years ago

Anyone been to Mr. Broadway's? It's on Broadway and I believe, 38th street? Maybe 37th street. Ducked in there to avoid the rain and saw that they had "Maoz" style Falafel and shwarma bar . . . any...

Falafel on Long Island

by Kiara 17 years ago

If you like falafel that is spicy, moist and not too doughy or oily check out Abe's Pitaria in Wantagh (just west of the Wantagh Parkway ) on Merrick Road or in Long Beach.Good salads, gyros etc.

diggin' falafel

by Glenn 18 years ago

Hi all, Last year at the urging of fellow chowpuppies on a thread posted here, my family and I checked out a place called Falafel's or Falafel's Drive In on the other side of the freeway from the...

Falafel in Westchester

by newburban 18 years ago

I am new to Westchester, and am having a craving for falafel! Union Square is a bit far on my lunch hour, so I'm looking for a decent alternative. Any good choices in the Rye, Portchester, Rye Br...

falafel bar

by cammie 18 years ago

i'm looking for a falafel bar like those in tel aviv where the person behind the counter hands you only the falafels in the pita then you go to the condiment bar where there is an entire array of t...

seeking best falafel pita in Twin Cities area

by tubalard 18 years ago

Tried falafel king at the taste of mn and thought it to be awful. I want all the trimmings on it too, if you know what I mean. Thanks for any suggestions.

Falafel and decent Thai in/around Naperville?

by marusin 18 years ago

Hello all, Well, I've searched through the back-chat and am looking for two different types of food out in Naperville... I can't seem to find Falafel of any kind around the Naperville area. ...

Falafel Debate

by Ken Hoffman 18 years ago

An informative and entertaining article on culinary "expropriation". Please click link. Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2002/07/10/dining/10FALA.html

Horizontal Falafel-Tasting in Brookline

by galleygirl 18 years ago

Some people remember Paris for the 3-star restuarants; my mother remembers it for the gigantic falafels and gyro sandwiches that she and my father bought in the Morroccan joints on the Left Bank.....

Where's the really good falafel in this town?

by Lindsay B. 18 years ago

I haven't had falafel since I moved to Boston. Back home in Montreal there was a falafel stand on every corner. Here, I'm lost falafel-wise. Any advice would be appreciated. Is Mr. Pie on Ca...

Baked falafel

by Nels 18 years ago

I was wondering if anyone knew of a place in Manhattan or not too far out in the boroughs that makes baked falafel. I know it's not "authentic", but health concerns have driven me to slight heresy...

Perfect Rainbow Falafel

by Iron Frank 18 years ago

I take back everything bad I've implied about Rainbow Falafel's non-vegetarian offerings. I finally got a chicken shwarma sandwich right off the spit and it was superb. Usually they suspiciously ...

SW side falafel; Pulaski Rd. pizza

by Mugs 18 years ago

Is there any good carry-out falafel west of Ashland on, say, 59th or 63rd? And are any of the solo pizza places (i.e., not Giordano's) on Pulaski south of the Stevenson good for a slice, an eggpla...

Atlanta Israeli/Mediterranean, hummus, pita, falafel

by tubalard 18 years ago

Anyone know of a good place for really fresh pitas with all the fresh trimmings? Have never looked for this in Atlanta but had great Israeli food in Miami recently which whet my appetite for it. ...

Mr. Falafel Rice Pudding

by David Bloom 18 years ago

I just had the best ever rice pudding at Mr. Falafel on 7th Avenue in Park Slope. Gooey and creamy and with a wonderful smoothering of crushed pistacios on top. So yumilicious. I know rice puddin...

Falafel Drive-In / San Jose

by gordon wing 18 years ago

Had to work down in San Jose so I decided to have lunch at the Falafel Drive-In on 2301 Stevens Creek Blvd. @ Revey Ave. Today was a nice warm, sunny day and there was a steady flow of customers...

Fine falafel

by Ken Hoffman 18 years ago

A San Jose institution, The Falafel Drive-In a classic chowhound haunt situated off of Stevens Creek Blvd just south of Valley Fair shoppong mall. The menu ranges from middle eastern fast food clas...

Haig's Delicacies for Falafel

by Samo 18 years ago

Though a discussion of September 2000 praised Haig's, no mention was made of the peerless falafel sold at the deli counter. The old, bald owner is a darling, while the younger (his son, I reckon) i...

falafel in Bethesda?

by Falafel fan 18 years ago

Where's the best place to get falafel near the Bethesda metro stop? Other middle eastern food suggestions in that location are also welcome. Thanks.

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