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El Rancho Enchilada Recipe

by kittyfood 3 months ago

When I worked in downtown LA during the 70s through the 90s, my friends and I frequented El Rancho on 5th Street (act...


BrianShaw commented 3 months ago

Rolled v. flat enchiladas

by tatamagouche 7 years ago

I should know this, living in the Southwest, but I guess I don't. Flat enchiladas don't sound like enchiladas to me a...


ferret commented 6 months ago

Las Palmas Enchilada Sauce - WTH??

by Lawgyrl 5 years ago

So last night I make my usual enchiladas. I've been making them since I was a kid and I'm 40. I noticed some people...

paulj commented 7 months ago

Looking for enchilada sauce and corn tortillas

by toyopl 5 years ago

Mississauga/Brampton/Oakville area. I cannot seem to find enchilada sauce and corn tortillas to make chicken enchila...


kimmunch commented 7 months ago

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Restaurante El Michoacano | Salinas

by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

This venue just off an exit of Hwy 101 and next to Denny's has been one Mexican restaurant or another for many years....

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Eve's Enchiladas | King City - Salinas Valley

by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

On my almost annual trips to King City to support my friends riding in the AIDS Life Cycle fundraiser, I like to unco...

tortilla soup, enchiladas suizas and chiles rellenos

by prima 3 years ago

Does anyone have recs for good versions around TO? Seems most Mexican places are very taco-centric lately. I've order...

prima commented 12 months ago

Is There a Difference between Tamale Sauce and Enchilada Sauce?

by Perilagu Khan 7 years ago

At a resto in New Mexico I had tamales that were topped by a thin, smooth sauce which strongly resembled enchilada sa...


london2zxy commented 1 year ago

Enchiladas Suizas, help needed

by zackly 1 year ago

This is one of my favorite dishes served at Mexican restaurants around here (suburban NYC). I've tried to make it sev...

Melanie Wong commented 1 year ago

Enchiladas: Finished cooking too early. What now?

by dcfb 1 year ago

Made enchiladas, but they are ready 30 minutes before guests arrive. Keep them in the oven? I pulled them, foiled t...

hotoynoodle commented 1 year ago

How to use the Mole that I bought in Mexico City?

by Uncle Luigi 1 year ago

I was in Mexico City last week and on a tour of La Merced market, I bought some Mole from a vendor. There were vario...


Uncle Luigi commented 1 year ago

Enchiladas Suisse

by DiningDiva 2 years ago

Maybe it's because I just rejoined the ranks of homeowners, moved into my my house and I'm hungry, but I'm here to t...

DiningDiva commented 1 year ago

Chicken enchiladas with green grapes recipe?

by Freyaskitty 1 year ago

I used to have lunch at a little Mexican restaurant in Springfield, MO. They have closed since my last trip.:( The...


Sueki commented 1 year ago

Looking for a good Enchilada Sauce

by Norm 13 years ago

Can anydbody recommend a good prepared enchilada sauce? Or an easy enchilada sauce recipe? Thanks in advance for any ...


Dogboa commented 2 years ago

Corn or Flour Tortillas for Chicken Enchiladas?

by EarlyBird 3 years ago

All, My beloved sister is coming in to town for a visit and I want to make her chicken enchiladas with salsa verde...


rexster314 commented 2 years ago

Questions regarding enchiladas

by jenni49 2 years ago

I am planning to make enchiladas as a main for a small family gathering. I will do some with chicken and some vegetar...

lacoet commented 2 years ago

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Michoacan-style enchiladas placeras?

by Robert Lauriston 2 years ago

Anyplace other than El Michoacano in Santa Rosa? El Jarro in Lafayette ...

Bitter enchilada sauce from scratch

by backyardtangerines 2 years ago

I feel like everytime I make enchilada sauce from scratch using dried peppers it turns out very bitter! Tonight I mad...

chefj commented 2 years ago

Appetizer suggestion? (Chicken enchiladas/main)

by The Oracle 2 years ago

I'm having some friends over for dinner - there will be 4 people in total. The main course is chicken enchiladas wit...

KarenDW commented 2 years ago