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City Tavern Elizabeth

by albinoni 11 years ago

I ran across the menu for this Latino place some time ago and thought it looked interesting. It's on Elizabeth Avenue, 2 blocks from the courthouse. The menu is very extensive, they feature their ...

Spiritos Elizabeth 20 Years Later

michele cindy
by michele cindy 12 years ago

Visited relatives in NJ on Saturday. We had plans to go to Spiritos, floods and heavy rain could not keep me away. I hadn't been back in at least 20 years. Nothing had changed in the decor, or t...

Front St Smokehouse, Elizabeth, NJ

by sharon08742 14 years ago

Definitely don't miss this place! Especially the chicken with raspberry jalapeno sauce. Great place to hang out, chat with the owners, eat and drink well.

GREAT Portuguese Restaurant in Elizabeth! :)

by Angelina 12 years ago

ok...I have to share this with all of you! Yesterday, my husband and I wnet for lunch at this restaurant. All I can say is authentic, delicious, cheap, and just really great food!!! My husband...

Suggestions for dinner between Paramus and Elizabeth, NJ

by oliveolg 12 years ago

Foodies driving down from Maine tomorrow, meeting my parents for "dinner somewhere in NJ between I-80 and Elizabeth". Any suggestions? We want to go to that place you love and frequent. Thanks! --...

The (now gone)Chippery, Elizabeth NJ,want something similar in Rockland or N. Bergen?

michele cindy
by michele cindy 13 years ago

I know Jfood probably remembers this place from years ago. It was a fish n chip shop on the fast food side in Elizabeth NJ. There fish was batter dipped deep fried SUPER crunchy and the fish was ...

Best Israeli - Elizabeth, NJ - Union Co.

by ChowJon99x 13 years ago

Jerusalem Pizza 150 Elmora Ave # B, Elizabeth, NJ - (908) 289-0291 www.jerusalem-pizza.com Falafel is very good, pizza, all vegetarian and Kosher as well but it is the best baba ganoush a...

Lunch in Elizabeth, NJ?

by LloydG 13 years ago

I have a meeting tomorrow in Elizabeth, NJ, which will leave me right by the NJ Transit train station at lunchtime. I've never been to Elizabeth before, but I was wondering if there was anywhere fo...

Breakfast near Newark/Elizabeth

by baltobuy 13 years ago

Hi there, Will be in transit by car on a saturday morning near EWR and in need of a good breakfast with the family. I read about strong coffee and custard cups in the Ironbound section, but couldn...

New Kosher Special in Elizabeth, NJ

by DeisCane 14 years ago

Anyone ever go there? I've had a couple people recommend it recently but I have little basis to trust their chowishness. Anyone know if they deliver? TIA!

Is Spirito's (Elizabeth, NJ) open for lunch?

by yumbofoodie 14 years ago

Quick question - I'm flying into Newark at 11:30 am and I have 3 hours with a rental car before I have to take off... Is Spirito's open for lunch? I can't find a website that lists their hours. ...

Good cheap eats around Ikea in Elizabeth, NJ

by hungry 15 years ago

Going from Staten Island to Elizabeth, NJ, to shop at Ikea tomorrow. Are there any good cheap eats around Ikea? I usually don't make it to Jersey, so I was hoping to try out some Indian food. A...

Torna A Sorrento-Elizabeth NJ

by gudeatz 14 years ago

Group of 10 friends dinner this Sat....Any info?...Thank You

Peterstown - Elizabeth, NJ

by Angelina 15 years ago

Hello everyone. I have not been here since my friend moved out along with her family in 1995. We used to love Spirito's for there homemade ravioli and pizza! Yum! Well, I was just wondering if ...

Elizabeth/Elmora Restaurants?

by sivyaleah 15 years ago

We frequently head out to Staten Island and take a route which passes right through the center of Elizabeth and Elmora. There are lots of interesting looking restaurants, all appear very moderat...

BYOB near Elizabeth, NJ Ikea

by chefcoleman 16 years ago

Header says most of it... I'm driving a friend to the Ikea in Elizabeth, NJ Friday after work (yes...I know traffic will suck) and I'd love to find a BYOB restaurant near there. I'm up for most...

Elizabeth N.J.

by Mike 16 years ago

Does anyone have any recomendations for kosher food/restaurants in the Elizabeth N.J. area

Anyone been to Manolo's in Elizabeth lately?

by Lorraine 16 years ago

I need to know. I hear the head chef left and I want to know if the food still holds up. My heart is broken over this.

Looking for a good place in Elizabeth NJ area

by Peter 16 years ago

Heading to Montauk, NY this weekend from Baltimore area and am looking for a good roadside place at the half way point around Elizabeth. Any sugestions.