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Mushrooms in salsa?

by NateHevens 15 days ago

Man... it's been a few years since I last posted on Chowhound! Anyways... so I wanted to get y'alls thoughts on th...

C. Hamster commented 14 days ago

Fromage fort too hard

by kaysheh 1 month ago

I tried making fromage fort with hard cheese and some butter. After refrigeration it's now crumbly and too hard to sp...

Melanie Wong commented 1 month ago

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Spicy Greek Yogurt and Mint Dip

by mikidep 7 months ago

I needed to use some leftover fresh mint, so I drew some inspiration from the Internet and came up with this: - 150...

Looking for Mom's Dip

by THoey1963 7 months ago

Hi. Been a while since I have been here. I was talking to my Dad today, and he mentioned something that he misses...

Ttrockwood commented 7 months ago


Recipes including leftover spinach dip?

by melanieelena85 6 years ago

I have about 6 cups of spinach dip sitting in the fridge. I'm looking for ideas for what to do with it. Casseroles, s...


stayathomesommelier commented 7 months ago

QUESO DIP - sub for inferior "new" Velveeta?

by Jaymes 2 years ago

The last few times I've made Texan's favorite dip, Queso, I started like I have for several decades - melting Velveet...


ricckky commented 8 months ago

Best fresh, not frozen, store-bought appetizers on the subway line

by prima 8 months ago

Besides Summerhill Market, are there any go-to shops you'd recommend? Realize I can buy cocktail app spanakopita ...


Wino In Training commented 8 months ago

where can I find good smoked mullet dip?

by Florida Hound 2 years ago

I have found some cartilage-laden smoked mullet dip, and I'm hoping I can do better. I tried smoked mullet dip 1x yea...

sunshine842 commented 9 months ago

Help save bitter baba ghanouj

by mellie 10 years ago

We love baba ghanouj from Middle Eastern restaurants. Tried making it myself for the first time. Roasted 2 eggplants ...


SewHelpMe commented 11 months ago

Hors d'oeuvre spreads, recipes

by zackly 1 year ago

I got a call from friends, late yesterday afternoon, who wanted to stop by for a drink then go to dinner at a nearb...


Tabaka commented 12 months ago

Hriby dip at Ze Mean Bean

by Christina D 9 years ago

I had this for the first time last night and fell in love. It was gooey, decadent and delicious. I'd love to make som...


Steve commented 1 year ago

What cools down hot peppers?

by missbonnie 1 year ago

Bought a jar of already-threaded on a toothpick -pickled onion, hot pepper, cucumber, chili pepper and olive; delicio...


missbonnie commented 1 year ago

Tzatziki with Pizzazi - 12 - 24 hour Dip Recipe

by kgiannakos 1 year ago

Over the years i've been scoping out, sampling, and working on how to make the best Tzatziki dip. There many variati...


tastesgoodwhatisit commented 1 year ago


Favorite dips and spreads

by bananie 10 years ago

Looking for your recipes of favorite dips and spreads. I love Ina Garten's pan-fried onion dip and her roasted eggpl...


Florida Hound commented 1 year ago

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Dip Bread Chaat

by Vaibhavverma 1 year ago

Gourmet India A blog for food lovers who wish to try Indian Delicacies and give an Indian touch to their own flavo...

Quest for Mexican Restaurant with White Cheese dip

by fisherdm 6 years ago

You know the dip - comes out in a shallow bowl, searing hot liquid at first, but quickly congeals if you aren't consu...


quesoqueen commented 2 years ago

Crudite Dip for Veggies in Turkey Shape

by howie 12 years ago

Please help...I lost the recipe for this cute crudite which included a dip that was refrigerated overnight in small b...


hnicholson commented 2 years ago

Easy appetizer/dips

by Disneyfreak 2 years ago

Update: I heard from the hostess who asked that I bring an appetizer/dip instead of a side dish or dessert. I am g...


sandylc commented 2 years ago

How to clean pot used to make cheese dip

by fldhkybnva 5 years ago

I am very excited for the start of college football this week and have decided that a nice pot of Rotel dip is in per...


Isolda commented 2 years ago

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