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Husk On vs Husk Off: The Best Way to Grill Corn This Summer

Knowing how to grill corn on the cob is a necessary summer skill, so here's how to do it right—whether you grill corn without the husk or with it on. Summer corn is so sweet and tender you can happily...

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Need suggestions for dessert around Majestic Theatre or area around W 81st Street

by Karen 19 years ago

Hi ~ my mother, niece and I are coming into Manhattan from LI to go to MMoA and AMoNH, as well as see Phantom, for mom's b-day. Staying overnight at the Excelsior on W. 81st Street. Mom has alrea...

Claire's in New Haven for dessert

by Richie 19 years ago

Had dessert at Claire's on Chapel Street saturday night.Was I ever disappointed.I don't see what all the hype is about at this place. I had the carrot cake..it was overbaked and very tough. Fourth ...

Somewhat average dinner at Azie (except for fabulous desserts)

by Limster 19 years ago

Just ate at Azie on Folsom and 4th tonight. Been meaning to try their fusion stuff for a while, and I was somewhat disappointed on the whole, not because the food was bad, but because I feel that ...


by Frustrated 19 years ago

I've recently become aware of the lack of shops specializing in desserts. Since a few of my old favorite dessert shops have disappeared I seem to be at a loss. I know I shouldn't partake in these...


by mark m. 19 years ago

any thoughts on the desserts at Lupa, Esca, Babbo i'm aiming to try all three by the end of the summer and wonder if desserts are worth saving room for

Incredible dessert from Trotter's to Go

by Adam Stephanides 19 years ago

I've bought things from Trotter's to Go (1337 Fullerton Ave., 773-868-6510) several times, and found it inconsistent: some of the items are quite good, and some are ho-hum. On my last visit, thoug...

quality of desserts

by Liz 19 years ago

I have noticed lately that the quality of desserts in restaurants often falls far short f that of the rest of the menu. I'm talking about higher end places. Has anyone else noticed this?

The best dessert you've ever had?

by Muhlyssa 19 years ago

Do any restaurant dessert experiences stand out as the best? If so, tells us about the best one you've ever had. For me it was a warm chocolate bread pudding with vanilla bean and raspberry sauc...

Help-Need a late dessert place on thursday night

by zim 19 years ago

Hello all, Does anyone know of a nice dessert place that is open past 10 on thursday? Something Like Lutz or Selmarie would be nice (Nice but not necessarily fancy. North side is preferred) A...

where can i get some good dessert?

by jones 19 years ago

Where are some places in the Los Angeles area that serve good dessert? Are there any that stay open late in the night? thanks

Best place for desserts????

by Richie 19 years ago

It's me again..one more thing. What's a great place for dessert. I usually go to Cafe Rafaella on 7th ave south in the village but I am tired of this place and want to spread the wealth around now....

Timing of coffee with desserts in restaurants?

by Rachel M. 19 years ago

Not a question of particularly earth-shattering significance, but something I've been thinking about lately. Here in Tokyo, when I order coffee and dessert, the coffee almost without fail comes a...

Best post-Theater dessert place

by Randall Kellogg 19 years ago

I've been in the situation where I've just left a Broadway show and would like a good dessert place to talk about the show and enjoy a good dessert. The only options seem to be Ben & Jerry's and C...

Best place to go for dessert

by Nick P 20 years ago

A friend of mine is always looking for a place to go after dinner to eat dessert. We've stuck to Veniero's, Cafe Lalo and Serendipity. Anyone know of any other places worth checking out? Ideally we...

Payard Patisserie for more than just dessert?

by Rick 19 years ago

OK, so everybody loves the desserts, but has anybody gone for dinner? Is it good, or should I only go for dessert?

Dessert around Brava Theater

by AM 19 years ago

Are there any good places for dessert/coffee around Brava Theater Center (2781 24th Street, SF) that would be open after the show? If not within walking distance, can you recommend a dessert place...

Chinese New Year: Dessert suggestions?

by Heidi 19 years ago

We've been invited to two Chinese New Year celebrations and I've been asked to provide(bake) a dessert. Can anyone suggest something that would be considered appropriate? Can anything go? Thanks.

christmas pudding

by rhubarb 19 years ago

Hi, does anyone have a recipe or hints on how to make this treat?

Where can I get a great dessert for Thanksgiving?

by Tatyana 19 years ago

Any bakery you can recommend? I am mostly thinking of getting a pie or cheesecake. Thanks!

Promising pastry in dessert-challenged Kips Bay

by Caitlin 19 years ago

Since this neighborhood has nary a real cafe or decent bakery, I'm pleased to report that a new bakery/cafe called Cafe Indulge has opened on the corner of 2d Ave and 31st St, directly across from ...

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