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Daly City (Serramonte) Farmers Market adds a day

by Nancy Berry 14 years ago

FYI I just received a note from the Daly City Farmers Market that is held year-round in the Serramonte Shopping Center parking lot on Thursdays from 9am-1pm. Starting this coming Saturday (June...

Going to the movies in Daly City

by Jen 14 years ago

Where can we eat that's decent? Any cuisine will do, just want something remotely healthy (i.e. no In and Out!).

Moonstar Buffet in Daly City

by Buffet Bob 14 years ago

Anyone know when the Moonstar Buffet on Gellert will be opened for business?

Recommendations near 99 Ranch Daly City?

by HJ 14 years ago

Any cuisine is fine. As long as they're good. Hopefully within 5 miles from there. Thanks

Moonstar in Daly City

by yimster 14 years ago

I visited Moonstar in Daly City with family from out of town. They are location in Daly City at the old Peppermill in Serramonte Center The price for lunch on a week day was 12.88. We found...

Moonstar Daly City

by Buffet Bob 14 years ago

Anyone try it out yet? I've been to the Market St. bunch and found it a notch up your normal buffet places.

revised (sorry!): inexpensive french near Daly City, San Fran,Lunch on Sunday

by joanne 14 years ago

Hey, I know I'm getting a little specific, but I'm looking for french places that have an inexpensive prix fixe menu or lunch prices in hte $10-$15 dollar range, that does Sunday lunch. Thanks!

daly city, san fran FRENCH

by Joanne 14 years ago

Hey guys XD I know this is a long shot, but do you guys know of any delicious french food places for $15-20 a deal, nice setting around SF, daly city?? I'm taking my roomies for french food :P holl...

dim sum around daly city, san fran

by joanne 14 years ago

hey guys :D anyone know a good place for dim sum in san fran that does not have carazy waits (like Koi palace) and have decent prices during saturday lunch? Thanks!!!!

Pub grub in South City or Daly City?

by Dogboy 14 years ago

I'm meeting up with some friends in Daly City after work next week and we're looking for somewhere that has good pub grub. And a tasty selection of draft beer would help too. Thnaks!!

Boulevard Cafe in Daly City

by Eileen Collins 14 years ago

Any reviews for this place -- wondering if I should bother trying it out. Thanks.

Daly City/Colma ideas?

by Candice 14 years ago

Hi all, I'm going to work on my bowling game at Serra Bowl tomorrow night and was wondering if there were any favorites I should hit up for dinner before hand. I'm looking for cheap places. Type of...

Boulevard Cafe Daly City

by Ken Hoffman 15 years ago

After our close encounter with Tiger Woods (and his mother) at Harding Park, a stop to celebrate was in order at the striking Boulevard Cafe in Daly City off of John Daly Blvd. The former Lyons has...

Porridge King in Daly City and Pho Ao Sen in Newark

by Han Lukito 15 years ago

Porridge King in Daly City: House special chowmein had tasty sauce, good noodle, veggies and seafood. Very compentent dish Sampan porridge was also interesting. Wonton was larger than usual a...

Tani's Kitchen in Daly City

by Pavement2112 14 years ago

Heard about this place on another board somewhere. Tani's is a small mom-and-pop Japanese restaurant in Westlake Village in Daly City. It's located along the first left you take from John Daly to...

Dim Sum King - Daly City

by Wendy-san 15 years ago

Went for lunch for the first time at Dim Sum King and enjoyed it very much. We liked the fact that you order from the menu instead of waiting for carts and you can also view the cooks in kitchen an...

Boulevard Restaurant - Daly City

by m 15 years ago

Has anyone eaten at this new restaurant near Daly City BART?

daly city mystery restaurant

by anna 15 years ago

Anyone know what restaurant is now in place of the old Lyon's on John Daly Blvd right by 280? I've driven by there several times and seen people dining in there. However, I have yet to see a sign. ...

Asian Restaurants in SSF, San Bruno, Daly City

by Herb 15 years ago

Any good and reasonable priced Asian restaurants in Daly City, SSF, or San Bruno areas?

Boulevard Cafe in Daly City

by kathleen 15 years ago

Getting to Blvd Cafe was an adventure all by itself. We hotwired a fancy deluxe land yacht with the gizmo ..don't get lost now... navigation system that says things like in 400 feet take a right tu...