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ISO (in search of) Thai red/green curry paste

red dragon
by red dragon 14 years ago

1. Other than Thai Kitchen, what other brands are good as well? 2. Which is hotter, red or green? http://www.worldpantry.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/CategoryDisplay?cgmenbr=1279010&cgrfnbr=13394...

How long does curry paste last?

JK Grence the Cosmic Jester
by JK Grence the Cosmic Jester 14 years ago

I got a craving for some Thai red curry the other day. So, I picked up a tub of Mae Ploy red curry paste. It was very easy to make, economical, and utterly delicious; it's something that I'll mak...

Interchanging Thai and Indian curry pastes

by Weiszguy 14 years ago

I have a sleeping baby upstairs and want to get dinner going - Thai curry chicken. But all I have is Indian curry paste - ingredients listed are corn oil, coriander, poppy seeds (??), tamarind, v...

panang curry paste

by amnesiclethe 14 years ago

does anyone know where in manhattan i can find some of this for a relatively low cost? i work in midtown (the store doesn't have to be nearby), and live in westchester, and the only thing i can fin...

What to serve with seared scallops/red coconut curry paste?

by IndyGirl 14 years ago

I thought I had some basmati or jasmine rice, but I don't. I do have soba noodles. Would that work, ya think? Opnions and other ideas welcome. My main goal is to NOT have to run to the store!

Coconut milk and curry paste, now what?

by caphill2320 14 years ago

On a whim, I bought a tin of penang paste and a can of coconut milk at an asian market but am not exactly sure what to do now. Any help?

Masaman/massamun curry paste in DC?

by rebeccaj 15 years ago

Help! I am making curry tonight for a party and took for granted that my grocery stores around here would have masaman curry paste. (What was I thinking? I don't know, I am not from here). I li...

Where in L.A. to buy Nittaya curry pastes?

by Angeleno 15 years ago

These were taste-tested and supposedly are wonderful. Any idea where to buy them in L.A.? Hankering for panang. Link: http://www.nittayathaicurry.com

Looking for Thai curry paste in Toronto/Mississauga area

by KaKa 15 years ago

Hi there, I'm thinking of making Thai curry at home, but I don't know where to get good quality Thai curry paste. Does anyone know where to get them? I prefer places close to Mississauga, but N...

Thai Green Curry Paste Recipes?

by Niki Rothman 15 years ago

I recently, in the interests of experimentation, bought a jar of green curry paste. What to do with it? Recipes, or general suggestions, with appropriate accompaniments - will be greatly appreciated.

Maesri brand curry paste

by Sarah McC 15 years ago

I found this tiny cans of curry paste (red, green and massaman) at the Jean Talon Market in Montreal. Looking for a store in NYC that sells them. Throw them together with a can of coconut mil...

Maesri Brand curry pastes

by Sarah McC 15 years ago

I found this tiny cans of curry paste (red, green and massaman) at the Jean Talon Market in Montreal. Looking for a store in NYC that sells them. Through them together with a can of coconut m...

Red and green curry paste

by Debbie 16 years ago

Any suggestions for brands(and places to purchase in Manhattan) of red curry paste and green curry paste with a hechsher?

Thai Curry Paste in Ottawa

by deborah 16 years ago

Looking for Thai Curry Paste in Ottawa. Have Indian Curry Paste. Where can I buy it. Thanks.

Thai curry paste

by east end guy 16 years ago

I've made batches of thai curry paste a few times now from scratch but they've all been...with an edge. I've given up. Can anyone suggest a good ready-made paste I can buy?

where to buy thai curry paste in NYC?

by metsfan 16 years ago

hey all - I read the earlier thread on the various kinds of thai curry pastes and I'd love to try making my own curry that way. Where in the NYC metro area could I find a good Thai grocery store ...

Recos for Best Yellow Curry Paste???

by christinet 16 years ago

Am venturing into the land of Thai cooking (after spending way too much money lately at Thai restaurants in SF) and wondered what the best prepared Yellow Curry Paste (plan to make Chicken Yellow C...

vegetarian Thai curry paste for sale?

by AppleSister 16 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy vegetarian Thai curry paste, commercially made, in Manhattan? Preferably close to the East Village? The brands I normally use have shrimp paste in them, but I'm c...

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