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Copycat Mac and Cheese Recipes from Your Favorite Restaurant Chains

We collected the best copycat recipes for your favorite mac and cheese, from Boston Market, Cracker Barrel, KFC, and more. You're welcome. Thanks to social distancing necessitated by the coronavirus...

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Copycat recipe for Groucho's or Andy's Deli special sauce? [moved from Southeast board, SC]

by bluejeanbaby0812 8 years ago

Has anyone tried to make their own version of the Formula 45 (Groucho's) sauce that these two places serve and come even close? It's so good, but it's not 1000 island....it is so much more. A...

Menlo Park Allstate cafeteria in mid 1970's

by littler921 3 years ago

I used to work at Allstate in Menlo Park around 1976 and would get a vegetable salad in the cafeteria that was amazing! I was able to make a copycat recipe from it, but haven't made it in many yea...

Looking for Applebee's copycat Tequila Lime Chicken

by mmoyer 3 years ago

Hi! I just joined to ask this question and also because Chowhound comes up in lots of cooking threads, so, glad to be here. About 9 or 10 years ago (possibly more), I found a copy cat recipe fo...

Ingredient List for Sausage & Meatloaf mix

by Jane135 3 years ago

Hello! Can anyone help me please with finding the ingredients in Morton's Sausage & Meatloaf seasoning mix please? It's discontinued in my area and hubby used it for seasoning venison for sausage. ...

Imitation TJs chocolate mint stars

by nantastic 3 years ago

Anyone have a good homemade recipe for these? I offered to bring the Trader Joe ones to a party and then learned they sold out 5 days ago. Oops. Thanks!

Boston Market Copycat Recipe

by randyjl 11 years ago

I LOVE Boston Market meatloaf sauce. I even bring it home to cook pork chops or chicken in. I have just spent 45 minutes Googling for a copycat recipe for it with no luck. I know there must be some...

Good copycat recipes for famous dishes

by chowser 5 years ago

I'm borrowing from sandylc's thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/1012461 I figured "famous" and "recipe" and "dishes" have been defined enough there so we don't have to rehash it again.;...

Homemade chili garlic sauce aka Huy Fong copycat sauce

by fldhkybnva 7 years ago

I would love to try to make chili garlic sauce at home (Huy Fong little jar with green cap). Other than Thai bird's eye chilis, are there other chilis you might recommend? The label just says chil...

Bicks Dill Pickles Copycat Recipe

by RandalOulton 5 years ago

Has anyone ever come across a copycat recipe for Bicks Bill Pickles?

I need copycat recipe for chef prudhomme's herbal pizza pasta magic?

by berribunny 6 years ago

I tired making my own but it came out to hot with red pepper flakes am I using the wrong kind of pepper? I really need a copycat recipe non of the stores around me sell it.

Copycat for storebought seafood stuffing?

by greygarious 6 years ago

I mean the supermarket type that uses Ritz cracker crumbs, butter, and surimi ("krab"). I thought I had a container but don't. Anyone know what else is in it? I'd like to freestyle some to avoid...

Penzeys adobo seasoning copycat

by parkerjaxmollymo 6 years ago

Has anyone had any luck making this at home? Or should I just buy it online. I've seen adobo seasoning in the stores and either salt is the first ingredient or there are a lot of fillers MO

instant espresso for Starbucks copycat recipe

by exotik1 7 years ago

Hi, I want to replicate Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha for a friend who loves the stuff.. We're going to a cabin and i want to give him his fav drink when we're there. I found the syrup to make i...

Copycat recipe for TJ's Pappardelle with chicken mushrooms in mascarpone sauce?

by Val 8 years ago

ARGH! Son brought it home last night and we had some...*ding ding ding* we have a winner! Oh my goodness...so delicious (and as someone pointed out in a previous TJ's thread, it's not ALL pasta, it...

Vegan loaf - copycat of Amy's or alternative

Full tummy
by Full tummy 8 years ago

I am a fan of Amy's Veggie Loaf, and I'm looking for a recipe something like it, but I'm open to other vegan loaf recipes too. Please share recipes for vegan loaves you've made and enjoyed!!!

Houston/Hillstone's copycat Black Bean Burger (Vegan)

by Funkalicious 8 years ago

Houston's says the patty itself is vegan but the bun is grilled in butter which makes it so good!! They're so expensive in NYC $18, so this is my version which is pretty close to the taste & lot c...

Looking for a Copycat Poquito Mas Salsa Negra Recipe

by foodworthy 8 years ago

I'm now living in Chicago and really miss the black salsa at Poquito Mas. Does anyone know of a copycat recipe? Thanks!

Trader Joe's Biryani copycat recipe

by klfickes 8 years ago

Anyone know of a recipe similar to Trader Joe's Indian Biryani?