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Copper River Futures - No city

by John Maltman 19 years ago

So, the opener is underway, fish should be in Seattle this afternoon........ The big question - What will the inital price point be???? any bets ? Over $ 20 per pound ???? Cheers John

Macrina Copper River Dinner - This Friday

by k e m 19 years ago

I was thrilled about my plans to have dinner at Macrina this Friday... $55 for their treatment of Copper River salmon, a few other courses and nonstop wine? Bargain. I was saddened today to get a ...

Copper in Brooklyn - Anyone Been?

by Ashley 20 years ago

I was walking home last night and passed a little restaurant called Copper, on Degraw I believe, and around Clinton (in Cobble Hill, I guess that is). Their menu offers lots of good (simple) brea...


by Snaxxx 20 years ago

I had a very bizarre experience at Copper (on Degraw between Court and Clinton) last night. From the moment we walked in, it was abundantly clear that, while friendly and well-intentioned, no one ...

Copper/Scotto's Wine Tasting Dinners

by Dee Gustay 20 years ago

Copper (DeGraw between Court & Clinton) and Scotto's Wine Cellar are teaming up for two wine tasting dinners...the first on Feb. 28 and the other in March (I forget the date). Scotto's has been do...

Copper restaurant

by Nomi Lubin 20 years ago

Nice dinner at Copper on Degraw St. between Clinton and Court in Carroll Gardens this past Friday. Small cozy comfortable dining room, very friendly relaxed service. For an appetizer we had st...

copper core All Clad

by saucyknave 20 years ago

I've only recently begun getting stainless pots and pans. LeCreuset and all copper are getting too heavy for me to use on a daily basis. (My 8 1/2" evasee is the largest I use on a routine basis)...

Copper on Degraw

by micki trager 20 years ago

I was wondering if any chowhounds have made it to a fairly new spot on DeGraw off Henry Street called "Copper" (as in kettle not officer of the law). Small place doing "American" food. You know, t...

Copper restaurant in Carroll Gardens?

by Katerina 20 years ago

Has anyone been to a restaurant called Copper, on Degraw between Court and Clinton? It's a smallish place and looks relatively new. Copper-colored walls. I never noticed it before.

Copper Penny resturant recipe....

by Ganun 20 years ago

Don't know how many of you are old enough to remember the Copper Penny resturant chain, but I am seeking their recipe (or a similar version) for their Tuna Rarebit open face sandwich. Served on th...

Cooking with Copper, and a good Mexican Food Place

by LaJuana M. Gilmore 21 years ago

I'm not sure what kind of messages or requests are put on your message board, but I would like to know if there are any gourmet chefs out there that can tell, why copper pans are good for cooking, ...

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