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Oreo, sugar, gingersnap, or chocolate chip: What's your favorite cookie? Talk about all of them and more here, from recipes to baking tips to where to find great cookies at bakeries near you.

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Food Resolutions

by bblonde 7 months ago

Tis the season to start making resolutions. Anyone else make food resolutions? My food-related resolutions for 2017...


skleg commented 4 hours ago

Vanilla sandwich cookies from the 70s/80s

by mariahan 2 years ago

I'm trying to remember the name/manufacturer of vanilla cream sandwich cookies from my childhood. I grew up in the Mi...


mrm7 commented 2 days ago

What do you all think of Ben's Cookies?

by chefdekoven 3 months ago

Does anyone know about Ben's cookies? How would you class them; good, bad, or indifferent? How to they stack up again...

lecaptainfoodie commented 3 days ago

Packaged Foods Be the first to comment

Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies from 90s?

by Layla721 9 days ago

Hi, I'm trying to figure out the name of a packaged cookie my brother used to be obsessed with when we were kids, but...

"Stage Planks"

by DOREEN 16 years ago

This is not one of my cravings, but is being posted at the request of a close friend who grew up in Mississippi--he l...


foodwhisperer commented 10 days ago

Anyone here remember old/discontinued Stella d'Oro products?

by saucygalnyc 5 years ago

I remember a product that (I believe) used to be produced by Stella d"Oro. It was a dense hard flower shaped "cook...


pattywest commented 10 days ago

Nabisco Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

by cestmoi 17 years ago

In the 50's, growing up in Brooklyn,I could purchase packages of chocolate covered graham crackers by Nabisco, (made ...


therhodelesstraveled commented 12 days ago

Nabisco Brown edge Wafers

by chazzerking 9 years ago

Has anyone seen these in the last couple of years? I used to use them as a pantry staple, to serve with coffee or ice...


mrbrownedgedwafergobbler commented 13 days ago

What is it with Americans and speculoos?

by Lizard 5 years ago

OK, let this much be clear: I am Belgian and grew up with speculoos. It's not that I don't know this biscuit or its s...


acgold7 commented 14 days ago


by kernel 8 years ago

Please help settle this-I believe that many years ago Arnold sold cookies in bags similar to the Pepperidge Farm bags...


Thunderthud1 commented 14 days ago

Need assistance on recipe modification

by daveyfletcher 15 days ago

So... I want to make a variation of these cookies


daveyfletcher commented 14 days ago

Healthy Meals in Minutes Recipe Cards - Sugar Cookie Cutouts

by heartz 7 months ago

Hi there! I can't seem to find my Sugar Cookie Cutouts recipe (card #2) from this set and would love to have the rec...


heartz commented 16 days ago

Chocolate Covered Jelly Grahams

by TAKEOUTISFORME 4 months ago

Many years ago, my friends and I enjoyed these unusual but delicious treats and now can no longer find them. Does an...


Furmaniac commented 16 days ago

Recipe for "Hermits?"

by xnyorkr 17 days ago

When I was little, my mother used to buy these cakey bars called "Hermits" in the A&P. I think they might have had ra...


janeh commented 17 days ago

'50s raisin sandwich cookie?

by vvvindaloo 9 years ago

My mom is on a quest to find the name of a cookie she remembers from her childhood in the NY area. It was a thin, che...


mpstudio commented 19 days ago

Auntie Jacqui needs to redeem herself -- foolproof cookie cutter cookies, please?

by Jacquilynne 1 month ago

Okay, so, at Christmas, my 4 year old niece and I baked cookies together. With SPRINKLES. It was pretty exciting. ...

Jacquilynne commented 24 days ago

Trying to recall cookies from the past

by CajunJacques 7 years ago

One is a windmill cookie that my mom used to buy possibly in late '70s but definitely in the '80s but I don't know wh...


cclendrum commented 25 days ago

Van deKamps cookies

by Dee 17 years ago

Does anyone know if Van dekamps still produces Baked Goods? Years ago they made a small Sugar Cookie that was the bes...


RosaHemken commented 1 month ago

Savoiardi, Saviata or Shavolette Cookie Recipe

by JWRB1 6 years ago

I’ve been looking for quite a while for a recipe for these cookies, which are carried in a number of Italian bakeries...


dmdivirg01 commented 1 month ago

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