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Oreo, sugar, gingersnap, or chocolate chip: What's your favorite cookie? Talk about all of them and more here, from recipes to baking tips to where to find great cookies at bakeries near you.

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Yum-Yum Cookies -- Does Anyone Remember?

by onebite 11 years ago

There was a cookie made by Sunshine Co. that was my childhood favorite. Called Yum-Yum cookies, it was a wafer cover...


elkinsc commented 10 days ago

Problem with my pizzelles

by karykat 10 years ago

I made a batch of pizzelles tonight with my electric pizzelle maker. They did not turn out as crisp as I remember fr...


dmvp0920 commented 10 days ago

Yes Yes Cookies

by Amy 13 years ago

Does anyone remember/know where I can get Yes Yes cookies (online or in the SF Bay Area)? I last remember eating thes...


pretzelfan commented 12 days ago

Savoiardi, Saviata or Shavolette Cookie Recipe

by JWRB1 6 years ago

I’ve been looking for quite a while for a recipe for these cookies, which are carried in a number of Italian bakeries...


Celeste67 commented 13 days ago

Cooling Racks

by bxgirl 21 days ago

I often use cooling racks after I take my cookies out of the oven, so that the air circulates around them while they ...


ricepad commented 18 days ago

Nabisco Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

by cestmoi 17 years ago

In the 50's, growing up in Brooklyn,I could purchase packages of chocolate covered graham crackers by Nabisco, (made ...


azbbyes commented 23 days ago

Vanilla sandwich cookies from the 70s/80s

by mariahan 3 years ago

I'm trying to remember the name/manufacturer of vanilla cream sandwich cookies from my childhood. I grew up in the Mi...


sonjohn1966 commented 24 days ago

Tea Cake Recipe - not the cookies

by LisaN 10 years ago

I am looking for a recipe for Tea cakes like from Martino's Bakery in Southern California - http://www.martinosbaker...


AuroraK commented 27 days ago

Baking From My Home to Yours: Cookies

by redwood2bay 11 years ago

December 2006 Cookbook of the Month: Please post your full-length reviews of recipes from the Cookies chapter of Dori...


loveyournoms commented 29 days ago

Why are my chocolate chip cookies so flat?

by Scirocco 8 years ago

Ok, I've been a baker for YEARS. And a good one, so I'm told (LOL). But, clearly I am missing something basic. I m...


jrindt commented 30 days ago

Making Oatmeal Cookies, should I use Old Fashion or Quick Oats?

by vanity021 10 years ago

I have both Oldfashion and Quick Oats here, wasn't sure which one was better in an oatmeal cookie recipe. I want my ...


janniecooks commented 1 month ago

? name of Italian fried honey cookies

by momiecat 6 years ago

My grandmother used to make these and sometimes dipped them in powdered sugar. I cannot remember if they were fried ...


maryannmauroflaker commented 1 month ago

Something other than sugar cookies?

by beagles8mydough 1 year ago

I make sugar cookies every year for valentine's day- hand painted with egg tempra, crystal sugared, chocolate drizzle...

ZoeyCovey commented 1 month ago

Does anyone know of this cookie from my childhood?

by MyPikachuItches 2 years ago

I hope someone can help me, this has been driving me and my mother nuts. Back in the Mid 1990s there was this cooki...


Me_2 commented 1 month ago

Berger Cookies may be victim of trans-fat ban

by Just Visiting 4 years ago

Personally, I've never liked Berger Cookies or understood their appeal, but for those who love them - beware. If the ...


bmorecupcake commented 2 months ago

Food Resolutions

by bblonde 1 year ago

Tis the season to start making resolutions. Anyone else make food resolutions? My food-related resolutions for 2017...


Foxeyblue commented 2 months ago

Trying to recall cookies from the past

by CajunJacques 8 years ago

One is a windmill cookie that my mom used to buy possibly in late '70s but definitely in the '80s but I don't know wh...


cclendrum commented 2 months ago

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