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BBQ in Columbia SC

by kruegerxl 8 years ago

Going to Columbia next weekend, and I'm meeting some friends who've moved from NC to NYC. They will be craving BBQ and all the fixins. My preliminary search reveals the Palmetto Pig as an option. A...

Sunday brunch in NE Columbia?

by SweetPea 8 years ago

Any ideas for a brunch spot before the parade of homes? It's at Woodcreek Farms near Clemson Rd., Spears Creek Rd, Jacobs Mill Pond Rd. area. So someplace tasty near there would be great. Thanks!

Downtown Columbia, SC Recs

by MinhLikesFood 8 years ago

I'm heading down this weekend for a wedding and will be staying at the Marriott in SC with no access to a car. Browsing these boards, and embaressingly Yelp, it seems like Motor Supply Co is a good...

Greek Food in Columbia SC

by psponsor06 8 years ago

Can't find any good Greek food here. What am I missing/ Huge Greek community but all recommended restaurants thus far have been very disappointing. Still have others to try but recall Constantin...

Athens, GA and Columbia, SC

by Rufus Dog 8 years ago

Hey. My family and I are going to be spending a few of days in Columbia SC and Athens GA. Can anyone help with food suggestions, Price is unimportant. Dives, upscale, food trucks, ethnic... it all ...

Columbia, SC with child

by Falchas 8 years ago

We just moved to Columbia from Houston. We have a 10 month old that (so far) is a joy to have out and about. Any recs for local, interesting places that don't mind people with babies in tow? We...

Lunch spots between Columbia and Walterboro on I26/I95 ?

by PoppiYYZ 9 years ago

Traveling through from Toronto to Florida. Any good/interesting lunch spots to check out on this stretch ?

Columbia SC - Best Low Country Cuisine?

by grampart 8 years ago

One night in town for dinner and what looks good is The Blue Marlin. Anything better?

Savannah, GA - Columbia SC run

by reidmc 9 years ago

I am flying into Savannah this Friday around 7p, needing to end up in Columbia, SC 11ish. Looking for a chef-driven or first-rate specialty restaurant (ribs, bbq or . . .) on (or 5 mins off) I-95,...

Weekend Lunch or Brunch in Columbia

by Proud2BWLVRebel2 9 years ago

My niece and her boyfriend (both in their late 20s) are coming to town this weekend from Lafayette, LA. I'm looking for a local place for lunch or brunch in town. My mom has lived here for years ...

Chinese Food in Columbia?

by lrweiss 9 years ago

Hi all, I'm going to be in Columbia, SC, over Christmas with a friend's family. I'm looking for someplace to get Chinese food on Christmas Eve, which is my family's tradition. Any suggestions? ...

Pizza, Columbia, SC

by SweetPea 14 years ago

Anyone beent to Pauline's Pizza on Forest Dr.? I had a pizza with fresh tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella or maybe it was goat cheese. (it was so unmemorable that I can't remember the puddle of ...

Anyone else been to Cafe Caturra in Columbia, SC?

by SweetPea 9 years ago

And that had something tasty? I wasn't impressed at all and probably won't give it another go unless someone thinks my experience was a fluke. My quiche was bland and the "greens" that accompanie...

Columbia SC to Pawleys Island

by LGD 9 years ago

Need a place for lunch and can't do Scott's. So any suggestions along this route. I cut over at Orangeburg and then over to Manning and take 521 in to Georgetown. Am I missing anything along the wa...

Best raw oysters in Columbia, SC

by Proud2BWLVRebel2 9 years ago

Yeah, I know, y'all Carolinians are mostly a steamed or roasted eating group. However, I'm an Alabama transplant and I love em raw. Recently sat down to Happy Hour at Pearlz, 1 doz $7.50! OMG, t...

Good Eats in Columbia, SC?

by punkin712 9 years ago

Husband and I will be in Columbia for a USC (his alma mater) football game next month. We haven't been to Columbia in YEARS so we have no idea what the food scene is like. In fact, our last trip ...

Saludas in 5 Points Columbia SC

by JB BANNISTER 9 years ago

I was just told about this place. Has anybody been there. It looks good.

Columbia SC BBQ

by ohso 10 years ago

Will be in Columbia this weekend. Looking for some good Central SC Style Mustard Q. Little Pigs, Hudson's or Big T's? (Looks like True BBQ is closed the entire week so that's out) Thanks

Supper Club in Columbia SC

by Lsdewey99 11 years ago

Hello Hounds- My husband and I are moving to the area and I was hoping to join and/or start a supper club. We love to cook and want to meet some new people. Anyone know if there is a way to find...

One night in Columbia

by chris187 9 years ago

HI I will be in Columbia one night (Ft Jackson area) and would like to go somewhere local and good. We will have children with us so something fancy is out of the question. I would appreciate any...