Cocoa Butter

Why You Should Give White Chocolate Another Chance

What is white chocolate anyway? It is really chocolate? Is it even worth eating? We've got answers from a chocolate expert. White chocolate might just be the most polarizing sweet in the universe, maybe...

Raw Cacao Butter - What do I do with it?

by alexa52 10 years ago

I have a 1/4 pound of cacao butter I bought at a co-op. I have never cooked with it before. Any suggestions or recipes would be great.

Stiffening Icing With Cocoa Butter

by gothamette 10 years ago

I poked around the King Arthur Flour website for tips and ideas. They sell food grade cocoa butter for making chocolates - but they also said it's good for stiffening icing. http://www.kingarthu...

Where can you buy cocoa butter in the Twin Cities?

by toxicostrich 6 years ago

I am trying to make bon bons but my chocolate isnt behaving well. Im thinking of adding a bit of cocoa butter to it to make it less thick. Does anyone know where you can buy cocoa butter for cu...

cocoa butter

by halldor 6 years ago

A recent NY Times recipe for vegan roasted banana ice cream called for cocoa butter. Does anyone know where to find this ingredient, which I understand is also used in baking, in Toronto?

Coconut Oil Adequate Replacement for Cocoa Butter in Chocolate Thinning/Making?

by gurlCulinaire 8 years ago

I am virtually out of cocoa butter and I need a hard fat to thin my chocolate. Does coconut oil work just as good as cocoa butter for this purpose? I have deodorized coconut oil. I'm not sure but I...

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