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June 2017 Cookbook of the Month Cocktail Companion Voting

by Caitlin McGrath 3 days ago

EDITED TO ADD: As L.Nightshade rightly pointed out, I shorted Chowhounds a voting choice. Because she caught my error...

herby commented 3 days ago

June 2017 Cookbook of the Month Cocktail Companion Nominations

by Caitlin McGrath 10 days ago

Roll up your bartending sleeves and get out your shakers, for if it's June, it's time once again to collectively drin...

LulusMom commented 3 days ago

Cocktail Bars In Montreal?

by SashaP 11 days ago

Hi, Our group of 8, some from TO and SF, will be visiting Montreal for the Jazz Festival. Last time I was in TO, I...

514eats commented 4 days ago

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Aviary Cocktail Cookbook (from Alinea people)

by beetlebug 8 days ago

Here is a fascinating article about the making and self publishing of this cookbook.

A Quiet Cocktail Place

by Bobbing1956 30 days ago

I am meeting a friend next week in the evening and we are looking for a place to have a drink and to talk not shout a...


Bobbing1956 commented 13 days ago

Anyone know a place to buy Sanbitter?

by Matronix 2 months ago

My wife is pregnant and is looking for something to fill the taste of a decent cocktail. We were told that Sanbitter...


gildeddawn commented 1 month ago

Vegan dishes to compliment turkey dinner

by kevinsmiller 1 month ago

I would like to make something for my dad's retirement party that vegan guests will be able to enjoy that will pair w...

hotoynoodle commented 1 month ago

Recommendations for a cocktail shaker?

by yohaymor 2 months ago

I know there are lots of types for beginners - cobbler shaker . And from everything I've been looking for until now ...

patsully commented 2 months ago

Great Cocktail Bars Without the Saturday-night Rowdiness?

by theboywonder 2 months ago

bonus points if they're in a good neighborhood like the Village, SoHo, Tribeca, etc. thanks!

Ttrockwood commented 2 months ago

Hamilton Peeps: Whatcha got?

by Googs 2 months ago

We'll be in Hamilton for one Saturday only. Where to for dinner? We'd love to catch some live music and drinks afte...


hungry_pangolin commented 2 months ago

ANSI Standard for dry martinis

by stevewi 3 months ago


Josh commented 2 months ago

NYC Progressive Dinner and Drinks/Restaurant Crawl Recommendations

by carineLS 2 months ago

I've read through quite a few posts, and have gotten recommendations from friends about restaurants to visit. I have ...

Ttrockwood commented 2 months ago

O Ya Alternative (with spirits)

by Eschauzier 3 months ago

We love O YA. I'll start with that. My wife's birthday is next week and while taking her there seems like a no brai...

BostonBestEats commented 2 months ago

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Cheapest happy hour for well drinks/cocktails in Los Angeles

by nonpickyeater 4 months ago

Hi, I am just interested in the absolute cheapest place to get happy hour well drinks/cocktails. I am not interested ...

Old fashioned cocktails, bourbon or rye whiskey?

by Jack2 2 years ago

I was originally going to get some bourbon but from reading this it seems like I'd like rye whiskey better. http:/...

davis_sq_pro commented 5 months ago

Fun Mexican/Tequila Bar for a Group (Downtown)

by zgold10 5 months ago

Hello, I am looking for a recommendation for good Mexican food and/or tequila bar for a group of about 10-15. We'd ...

Ttrockwood commented 5 months ago

Substitute for bananas

by Sisiutl 5 months ago

What is a good substitute for bananas in blended cocktails such as the Lava Flow? I'm mainly interested in their use ...

stevewi commented 5 months ago

Is there a GREAT Bloody Mary Mix?

by Chicago Mike 10 years ago

What's the best bloody mary mix you know of ? That isn't too difficult to prepare, that is... Is there a good "bot...


Bradley49 commented 5 months ago

Gowanus Eats Suggestions

by Dave1220 6 months ago

Hi there... Going to be hitting up the Bell House for a show in the coming days which is in Gowanus. Is there any...


Bookistan commented 5 months ago

Fundraisers for the Oakland Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire

by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

In response to the horrific fire and loss of life in Oakland, many fundraisers are being organized all round the Bay....

Melanie Wong commented 5 months ago

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