We Taste-Tested 7 New Drinks and Our Favorite May Surprise You

Nutritionists tout that the key to a healthy lifestyle is hydration, which is precisely why we held a beverage taste test in the Chowhound office to determine which new drinks were the best on the market...

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Best Hard Cider? [moved from Spirits board]

by CharlieKilo 9 years ago

Who makes the best (widely available) hard cider? I've never had hard cider, but I just bought some Hornsby's to try. Is it any good?

Cider Donuts in RI

by basachs 13 years ago

I am looking for places in RI that make their own cider donuts. I have sampled the wares of MA for years, but now that I am in RI, I would like to stay local. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Riverhead (NY) Ciderhouse Rocks!!!

by Motosport 3 years ago

I've been driving by The Riverhead Ciderhouse for months and wondering just what it would be. So, on our way to the new Cucina 25 (separate review) we stopped at the Ciderhouse. What an amazing s...

Cider at LCBO

by estufarian 3 years ago

Among the limited selection the LCBO now has a superb Cider from Normandy - which is hardly moving despite it being head and shoulders better than all others I've tried. It's the Eric Bordelet Bru...

Far West Cider | Richmond

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Among the local winners in this year's Good Food Awards is Far West Cider for its Orchard Blend #1 cider. Orchard Blend is quite fruity with almost 2% RS. I found it very approachable and the cider...

Cider vinegar substitutions?

by lisaf 13 years ago

I have a recipe that calls for 3/4 cup of cider vinegar to deglaze. Only have regular white and red wine vinegar in the house. Is it ok to substitute or must I run to the store for cider vinegar?

Winter Squash Braised in Cider

by outRIAAge 3 years ago

This is my variation of an old NY Times Thanksgiving recipe from 2003. It's excellent (which in Thanksgiving terms means it won't alienate anyone), foolproof, and also different enough that nobody ...

Pasteurized vs. Unpasteurized Apple Cider

by mels 15 years ago

Can anyone tell me the difference between the two besides the obvious (one is pasteurized, one is not)? A local farm has hundreds of apple trees, and when speaking to the man who owns the place, he...

Good cider in Georgia?

by vancof86 4 years ago

We moved from Michigan almost 2 yrs ago and now that it's fall, I'm really missing cider and donuts. I've looked for authentic apple cider donuts to know avail and tried a few ciders I've found, b...

Thanksgiving tasting menu help

by coalcracker 3 years ago

My wife and I are experienced (amateur) cooks planning a 6-7 course Thanksgiving meal for 8 with drink pairings. The guests are all family, so there is no pressure and it will be fun, but we are sh...

Apple pick'n and cider in the Bay Area?

by smokymtnlvr 13 years ago

Hi, does anyone knows of a good place to pick your own apples and drink some fresh cider? I am looking for something similar to farms they have on the east coast.

where to buy apple cider?

by smile81 9 years ago

how come none of the grocery stores carry real apple cider? I've seen it at the farmers market, but I need some tonight for a butternut squash soup-any idea of where to check?

Hard cider in shrubs?

by Shrinkrap 4 years ago

So two years ago I was into making vinegars, last year hard apple cider, and this year shrubs! I have some 8 month old hard cider that I have yet to decant into its final resting place, and I wa...

Sebastopol Community Apple Press, August - October 2016

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Slow Food Russian River announced that its community apple press will be available to the public again this year. Reservations are available for weekends beginning Saturday August 6. If you do...

Cider focused restaurant to go in former Six Plates spot in Durham

by burgeoningfoodie 4 years ago

The chef and owner behind Six Plates is closing the restaurant in March to turn it into a Cider focused restaurant instead of a Wine Bar based restaurant. Not many details on what exactly will cha...

Does cider have to be alcoholic?

by burgeoningfoodie 4 years ago

So does a cider necessarily have to be alcoholic? I think I would take to ciders more than other fermented drinks. In any case, am I the only one who pretty much sees this as the same restaurant ...

Shipping Vander Mill cider to AZ?

by claurena 4 years ago

My sister loves Vander Mill cider (from Michigan) but recently moved to Arizona. Her birthday is soon. We really want to send her a case. Does anyone know of any retailer who would ship it to Arizo...

kosher draft cider

by felix 16 years ago

Does anybody know of a draft cider that has kosher supervision.I was told that they need kosher supervision. Draft cider is a cider with some alcohol content.

WASSAil Cider Bar

by mitchleeny 5 years ago

From the owners of The Queens Kickshaw comes their new venture, WASSAiL - a cider bar and restaurant, located on Orchard St., on the lower east side of Manhattan. The Queens Kickshaw has been k...

apple juice vs. cider

by Michelly 6 years ago

Ok...apple juice vs. [non-alcoholic] apple cider: what is the technical difference?