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Chickpeas for light snack

by moccy 5 months ago

My boyfriend is crazy about chickpeas. He often works late and we meet few days in a week, so I want to pack healthy chickpeas for his snacks during the long hours. Something, other than plain boil...

Gelatinous Chickpeas/Garbanzo Beans Canned Solidified Jelly

by shawnchong 6 months ago

I just wanted to update a post from 2007 regarding solid or jelly-like substance surrounding canned chickpeas/garbanzo beans and whether or not they were safe to eat. It recently happened to me wit...

Converting dried chickpeas to soaked?

by Isolda 4 years ago

Yes, soaked, not cooked. I have a recipe (Mark Bittman's baked falafel) that calls for 1 3/4 cups dried chickpeas, which you then soak before proceeding with the recipe. However, I have already soa...

What is this white and black stuff on my chickpeas?

by FunkyColdMedina 1 year ago

I soaked my chickpeas for 24 hours and just cooked them in my pressure cooker. I added salt and pepper before cooking. I just tasted one and it was perfect. Then I drained them and saw that lots of...

Doubles south of Bloor, between Yonge and Roncy

by prima 1 year ago

Is Ali's my bet bet? Realize they are available at Cadillac Jenkins, Patty Palace, Golden Patty. Where else would you that's south of Bloor?

Question about Iranian Abgoosht

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 2 years ago

So I've seen Abgoosht described as a hearty soup of lamb, chickpeas, white beans, onion, potatoes, and tomatoes, sweet/salty/sour/bitter all at the same time. I've also seen it described as a la...

Stretching refrigerated lentils/chickpeas to 5 days?

by nroot 2 years ago

I love salads with lentils and chickpeas in them, but I've been prepping my weekly salads on Sundays (in mason jars), and most sources I've found say not to eat these beans past a few days. Is t...

Fresh Chickpeas

by kolgrim 12 years ago

I just picked up a pound of fresh chickpeas still in the pod from the grocery store. I have never even seen fresh one before but decided I must try them. Anyone have any suggestions for great th...

Chickpea jumping out of saucepan

by salleeyy 2 years ago

Hi, I was boiling some chickpeas and they started flying out of my saucepan. Is this a normal or is something from with my cooking or stove? salleeyy

Quick Soak Method for Chickpeas for Falafel, will it work?

by Alemonhead 2 years ago

I want falafel tonight and I do not have any soaked chickpeas, so... There's the 'quick soak' technique for beans. Use dry beans, boil them for a few minutes, take them off the heat and let them...

Guasanas @ Jaden's | Salinas - San Jose - Milpitas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Fun to find freshly roasted guasanas at the Saturday farmers market in Oldtown Salinas. Jaden's Kettle Corn of Milpitas roasts them on site. A small bag of warm fresh garbanzos in the pod was a lit...

FRESH Garbanzo Beans -- Can they be consumed raw?

by liu 12 years ago

We purchased some FRESH garbanzo beans in the pod at a local Mexican market -- a very large handful for about $.30. I have been eating them raw, right out of the pod, but I am not sure if I should....

Hummus made with soaked but uncooked chickpeas?

by lastZZ 3 years ago

Does anyone have such a recipe? I remember seeing one a long time ago. Or it might have just been for falafel balls where the chickpeas used were soaked, ground up with other ingredients, then deep...

Hummus Help: Alternative Recipes?

by jngc 11 years ago

I used to eat hummus, until... I became fatally allergic to chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans). I've been looking all over for an alternative recipe that uses something else (fava beans? white beans?)....

Delicioso Creperie in San Francisco: GF Socca with Mexican Fillings

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Over the years we've gotten excited over the rare sightings of socca, panisse or farinata, the Mediterranean chickpea flour pancake/crepe. So I read with great interest about Delicioso Creperie ope...

Chickpea brine is the new meringue?

by eatingjoy 3 years ago

I heard about this for the first time today during an interview with Moby talking about his new restaurant. Has anyone tried this?

What can I make with chickpea pot liquor BESIDES hummus or soup?

by SoupforBreakfast 3 years ago

Just finished cooking 2 lbs. of chickpeas for loubieh that we'll be preparing tomorrow. The pot liquor, flavored with cumin, coriander, bay leaf and pepper, is so tasty that I hate to throw it out...

Cecina Sighting at Santina

by Ziggy41 4 years ago

The greatest invention since the Falafel. Round pancake made with chickpea flour, served with a very nice spicy salsa verde and even nicer mild tomato sofrito. Combine it with any of the 5 "toppi...

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