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Why Does Ketchup on a Hot Dog Piss People Off?

If you're grilling or guesting at a Labor Day BBQ this weekend, are you reaching for ketchup when it comes time to dress your hot dog? If so, you may be igniting the ire, disgust, and/or pity of everyone...

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Sweetbreads in Chicago

by peabody1117 3 months ago

I love sweetbreads! I used to frequent a tiny French place near home with delicious sweetbreads, unfortunately they closed years ago. We're going to be in Chicago at the end of August to see a show...

Cavallones Pizza

by southside willie 15 years ago

around 57th and Pulaski -- anyone have any comments? I saw a picture of one of their pies and it looked very good; but you can't eat a picture! i like a good, fennelly and peppery coarse-ground s...

Saturday breakfast near Union Station?

by tanno 4 years ago

I'm arriving into Union Station from New York on Saturday at about 10 am and would love some suggestions on where to eat breakfast-brunch. I'm meeting my brother, who lives outside the city, but ...

Hundreds of Cookbooks at Low Cost

by Querencia 3 months ago

Chicago news is that this coming weekend July 25, 26, 27, and 28 (2019) is the huge annual Newberry Library Book Fair where among the > 150,000 donated items will be sold hundreds and hundreds of ...

Choose one of three

by bill1jan 3 months ago

I will be hosting a business dinner for six in early September. The group likes nice places and good food but isn't particularly adventurous. If asked to choose between Maple & Ash, BLVD, and Bav...

Red Apple

by Querencia 3 months ago

Maybe others already know this but I just heard today that the Red Apple (Milwaukee a block south of Belmont) closed a couple of weeks ago. This Polish smorgasbord WAS the taste of Chicago---roast ...

Reservation Available at Alinea for 2 on 7/27/2019

by chicagoalinea 4 months ago

Hello. I have a reservation for 2 at The Salon @ Alinea on 7/27/2019 at 5 pm that I can no longer attend. If you are interested, I can transfer the reservation to you for the face value ($682). Ple...

Looking for two Tasting Menu (or other) Dinner Recommendations in Chicago

by RIfoodie29 4 months ago

Hello Chicago Chowhounders, I will be traveling to Chicago for a business in August. I need a couple of recommendations that meet some specific criteria. You all have given me some amazing Chica...

One Babka to Rule Them All

by ferret 5 months ago

I have ordered babkas and challas from this website and all I can say is they are the standards by which all others should be judged. To challenge a Seinfeld reference, none of their offerings are ...

Restaurant suggestion - El Ideas or Oriole?

by herstadk 4 months ago

My husband and I will be going to Chicago in October for our anniversary and to try many restaurants I've been eyeing for years. We've decided to definitely go to Alinea, since we have never been t...

Uruguayan restaurants that serve chivito sandwiches?

by roderickoc 13 years ago

Went to Uruguay and had their national sandwich many times: beef, bacon, mayo, fried egg, pickles, and other sloppy fixin's I can't quite recall. Are there any Uruguayan restaurants in Chicago? ...

upside down pizza

by shercarltx 12 years ago

My daughter has recently moved to Chicago and remembers hearing of an upside down pizza but can't remember where. She said it looked almost like a lasagna made in a bowl with all of the toppings o...

Pizza place with gluten free options?

by diesel 5 months ago

Hello hounds, I'm traveling to Chicago in July with my kids and my partner who has celiac disease. I am wondering if there's any place my kids and I can enjoy good Chicago-style pizza, where my pa...

Memory Lane - Phil Johnson's

by catherine 17 years ago

Does anyone here remember a Chicago suburban restaurant called Phil Johnson's? My parents took me and my sister there as little girls and I remember terrific Chicken a la King and really good Frenc...


by Querencia 5 months ago

Rhubarb: loaded with nutrients, delicious, easy to grow, and ... rare? My Chicago supermarket doesn't know what it is. This morning I saw a tiny amount of it at the farmers' market and it was $6 fo...

Chicago steakhouse

by cwmcm54 10 months ago

So many wonderful steakhouses choices in Chicago. I need to find the very best for a small family 65th birthday dinner.

Millers Steakhouse On Western

by HARRY REEMS 16 years ago

Anybody remember this place that was on devon and western. They had the best ribs ever. Lets talk about this place. Atrue oldie but goodie.


by Marianne 14 years ago

Where did Cavallone's Pizza go? I moved away for a few years, came back and it's gone. It was my favorite. Does anyone know what Rob is up to these days - does he have a new restaurant?

Fury towards McDonald's Is at an All-Time High

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

" . . . Workers at a McDonald’s on Chicago’s South Side filed a complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration on Monday, alleging that McDonald’s has done nothing to implement sa...