What Is the Difference Between Fresh and Aged Cheese?

Cheese—in seemingly endless varieties and adored in all its forms—appears to be one of our most beloved foods. Instagram is loaded with photos of buttery triple-creams slathered on crusty bread, goat...

Farewell Party @ Milk Pail, Mountain View, Sat 6/8

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 11 days ago

Saturday, June 8 Noon to 4pm "After 45 years in business, the beloved Milk Pail Market will be closing at the end of June. We invite all Milk Pail fans to mark this end of an era and help us go...

Ricotta strainer

by Fritz 1 month ago

don't like the cheese cloth over strainer method. seems rather a waste for the cheesecloth in addition to the pita of it. is there a better option available that others have used?

Chicken Parmesan - cheese was chewy

by JayKon 1 month ago

I made Chicken Parmesan with mozzarella slices and while it was very good, the cheese was very chewy. I browned the breaded chicken in a pan, then put it in an oven dish with the marinara and folde...

bizarre cheese-mouth reaction

by messycook 15 years ago

The weirdest thing happened the other day....I ate a bite of some appelenzer (spelling?) and my mouth almost instantly felt itchy and then after a few minutes it felt like it had many tiny cuts in ...

Is expired parmesan block still safe to eat?

by cgxy96 3 months ago

Hi I bought a wedge of Italian imported parmesan cheese that was vacuum packed and only use only a quarter of it. I ziplock the rest and put it back in my fridge. It's been 3 months past the offici...

Need Help - Gruyère Substitute

by blackstar199445 3 months ago

Trying to make homemade French onion soup which calls for Gruyère cheese what can be substituted for it

Baked ball of cheese in bread??

by Chandler114 4 months ago

I bake a lot of bread and last night while I was making my no-knead Dutch oven loaf my BF asked if there was any way to bake a hefty ball of cheese in the center of the bread so when you cut into i...

UK Equivalent of Velveeta Cheese?

by SpennyJ 12 years ago

I want to make some cheese sauce for nachos but every recipe I can find uses velveeta, Is there something I can buy in UK supermarkets thats close to that? Thanks.

Cheese storage?

by toastedtoast 4 months ago

I have some Colby Jack cheese sticks that I put in the side of the fridge. The fridge is at 38 degrees but I’m wondering if this part gets a little warmer. Should I continue to store it here?

What was this garnish I had with my cheese?

by deegc 6 months ago

I was at an Italian restaurant a while ago and had a cheese plate that came with three sweet garnishes: honey, a jam, and then something that was a bit dry and crystallized but sweet. You can see i...

Kraft Old English Cheese

by vvv03 11 years ago

I have a recipe that calls for Kraft Old English Cheese. I have never heard of this and chances are I'm not finding this in the cheese section at Zabars. Anyone know what this stuff is and what a ...

Should parmesan be freshly grated?

by MarleneDietrich 8 months ago

Hello, My grocery store sells raw milk parmesano reggiano pre-grated (and un-grated). Is there any reason good quality parmesan should be freshly grated as long as it is used in a few weeks? ...

Farmer's Cheese - what is it? And what to do with it?

by SamuelAt 10 years ago

I love cheese. When I am in the store, forget the the cookies, cakes, and sweets. I am tempted by the cheese aisle. Recently I have really enjoyed Bel Paese - a creamy, soft Italian cheese that ...

Italy's Practically Perfect Food

by DavidT 5 months ago

Worth a look:

Formaggio Kitchen--What's interesting? (Boston MA)

by BostonBestEats 10 months ago

What's new and interesting that are you buying at Formaggio Kitchen (Huron Village Cambridge, South End Boston, heck even Essex Street Market NYC lol)? IT WAS BRIGHT YELLOW: So I had to buy it (...


by Julie417 6 months ago

I have minimally pasteurized milk, but can only get ultra-pasteurized cream. Will this work? I've made it from the recipe I have twice - it worked the first time, failed the second. I don't know wh...

What is a Substitute for Gruyere Cheese?

by MadelynBaker2004 2 years ago

I am trying out a recipe and I have no idea what Gruyere Cheese is. The recipe calls for about 5 1/4 cups of it and I was thinking I could just use cheddar. Can you guys give me other suggestions?

Atwater Market for tourist?

by guttube 2 years ago

We have very limited time in Montreal and plan to visit Jean-Talon. Would Atwater be redundant? I wanted to go to La Fromagerie Atwater because I had heard good things about it. But I assume that t...

Parmigiano Reggiano

by plufmud 7 months ago

Visited Parma Italy several years ago and bought red cow parmigiano reggiano aged 30 months at Antica Corte Pallavicina. Is there anywhere in US we can buy the red cow cheese? May have to revisit...

"Good" American Cheese-Does it exist?

by Shann 9 years ago

I've slowly come around to eating good cheese; I get the good parm not the shaker kind and eat more of the Vermont artisanal cheese than I used to. But I admit it, I love american cheese for g...