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D Coluccio & Sons today

jen kalb
by jen kalb 17 days ago

Had a lovely brief visit this morning to this under-appreciated Italian market, though David Lebowitz did write about his visit earlier this year. They are getting stocked up for the holidays with ...

GOUGERES - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, November 2019

by LulusMom 1 month ago

Welcome to our DOTM reporting thread for November 2019. Our dish this month is Gougeres, and boy is my family going to be excited when they find out. Once again I rely on Wikipedia, which says: a g...

Where can I find burrata in Toronto?

by katesalter 11 years ago

Checked every cheese vendor at St. Lawrence Market without luck. Perhaps someone could recommend a cheese shop specializing in Italian cheeses that might carry burrata. Thank you :)

Paneer tips? Whey uses? Etc.

by CookingChemicalEngineer 2 months ago

One of my daughters is mainly vegetarian but will eat cheeses. I'm planning to make a curried paneer something or other tonight (I will present her several recipes I can make with ingredients on-h...

ISO Cold Pack Cheddar Cheese Spread Recipe

by zackly 1 month ago

I like Kaukauna cold pack cheddar cheese spread but it's expensive. Wispride used to be good too but they cheapened it by adding more air to it. I'd like to make it at home if possible. Does anyone...

Ham and Cheese Croissant Question?

by lmno101 8 years ago

I grew up eating ham and cheese croissants about every other weekend in southern california. Since then ham and cheese croissants have been my all time favorite break fast -and that's saying a lot...

Colorado Cache Cookbook

by pdolanlv 3 months ago

My Colorado Cache cookbook is packed away somewhere. There is a recipe in their that has zucchini, corn, cheese, onions and I think Summer Squash. Could someone send me the recipe? Thank you!

Culture: Your Crash Course on the EU Cheese Tariffs

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

"...'We hope that somebody is advising the White House that this action will hurt the US economy and put a number of jobs and companies at risk,' says Marfuggi. If the tariffs are imposed, small bu...

Franklin's Teleme Cheese is in trouble

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

" . . . Peluso’s troubles began when his creamery landlord experienced a series of financial blows in quick succession—'a perfect storm,' says Peluso. The landlord stopped repairing the creamery eq...

Where to buy Imported Buffalo Mozzarella?

by itryalot 5 months ago

where is a good place to purchase Italian buffalo mozzarella that is not more costly than need be. Will be in TO, Etobicoke area and will have car. I'd need several of the buffalo mozzarella. I kno...

Are there different kinds of kashkaval?

by lisaleira 4 months ago

I always eat Kashkaval cheese at my mom's, I know it as a very hard and very very sharp cheese. But I just bought some from freshdirect that is softer and less sharp. Are there different kinds? is ...

Left cheese out overnight; unsafe?

by aynrandgirl 12 years ago

I accidentally left some still factory-sealed cheese on the counter overnight rather than putting it in the refrigerator like I'm supposed to. Is it now unsafe to eat?

What is a comparable cheese to Comte'?

by Angelina 11 years ago

I have been looking in my foodstore (Wegmans in NJ) and they never have it! Although they advirtise it, they still have not gotten it. Since I have never tried this cheese, waht would you compare...

Kraft Old English Cheese

by vvv03 12 years ago

I have a recipe that calls for Kraft Old English Cheese. I have never heard of this and chances are I'm not finding this in the cheese section at Zabars. Anyone know what this stuff is and what a ...

Farewell Party @ Milk Pail, Mountain View, Sat 6/8

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Saturday, June 8 Noon to 4pm "After 45 years in business, the beloved Milk Pail Market will be closing at the end of June. We invite all Milk Pail fans to mark this end of an era and help us go...

Ricotta strainer

by Fritz 7 months ago

don't like the cheese cloth over strainer method. seems rather a waste for the cheesecloth in addition to the pita of it. is there a better option available that others have used?

Chicken Parmesan - cheese was chewy

by JayKon 7 months ago

I made Chicken Parmesan with mozzarella slices and while it was very good, the cheese was very chewy. I browned the breaded chicken in a pan, then put it in an oven dish with the marinara and folde...

bizarre cheese-mouth reaction

by messycook 15 years ago

The weirdest thing happened the other day....I ate a bite of some appelenzer (spelling?) and my mouth almost instantly felt itchy and then after a few minutes it felt like it had many tiny cuts in ...

Is expired parmesan block still safe to eat?

by cgxy96 8 months ago

Hi I bought a wedge of Italian imported parmesan cheese that was vacuum packed and only use only a quarter of it. I ziplock the rest and put it back in my fridge. It's been 3 months past the offici...