Get tips from fellow Chowhounds on the best places to wine and dine in this Southern belle of a city.

Road Trip! The Best Bars and Restaurants in Savannah, Hilton Head, and Charleston

The Deep South may be known for its Spanish moss, prolonged vowels, and leisurely way of life, but it’s also home to some of the most hospitable people, complicated histories, and best food and drink...

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Going back home to Charleston!

by BBBiscuit 19 years ago

I'm leaving Seattle on May 22nd to go to Charleston and see my family. I worked at a lot of the restaurants there. Can anybody give me suggestions on new places that have opened in the last 2 years...

Hilton Head to Charleston

by 9lives 19 years ago

I plan on taking an overnight trip from Hilton Head to Charleston, SC. Any good spots along the way? BBQ, seafood, or any regional specialties that I shouldn't miss? How about in Charleston? Any fa...

Williamsburg, Myrtle and Charleston

by Trissy 19 years ago

Need suggestions for the best BBQ, Soul Food and Southern Haute in these areas.

Visit to Charlotte NC & Charleston SC

by Lori in Baltimore 19 years ago

We're looking for great Seafood near Spartanburg, Charlotte, Charleston... We'll only be traveling for a few days, so I want to hit the BEST places during our time down South! We're Marylanders, u...

Best Restaurant in Charleston, SC ?

by Jim and Fran 20 years ago

My wife and I will soon be traveling to Charleston to visit for several days. We would like to have the opinion of several Charlestonians as to the best places to eat .... they could be fancy/roman...

Moving to Charleston

by Bill 20 years ago

Family moving to Charleston. Where do local families eat? No chains please!

Any reccomended pit stops between Savannah and Charleston?

by Amelia 20 years ago

Hi All, Next week, I'm going to Savannah for a couple of days, and then driving to Charleston to spend a day and a night there. I've looked at old postings on this list, and I've got some places...

CT to Charleston - Trip Report (long)

by wendy jackson 20 years ago

Left CT for Charleston mid-day on Sunday. I had decided to take the inland route south – I95 is not a civilized road to travel, imho. Left I81 at Winchester, VA and wound my way down the back road...

CT to Charleston - BBQ on the way & back

by wendy jackson 20 years ago

I am heading off to Charleston this Sunday and don't want to miss the opportunity for North Carolina 'cue on the way down and also on the return(I turned down a free plane ticket for this reason). ...

Authentic sushi in Charleston, SC vicinity?

by Jerry 21 years ago

I may be going out on a limb here, but does authentic sushi exist in Charleston? I mean beyond the basic tuna and salmon and California rolls, more like uni (sea urchin), ankimo (monkfish liver), ...

Seabrook Island-Charleston markets

by Heidi 21 years ago

I'll be venturing this way shortly. Are there any good produce or seafood markets in these areas? Preferably closer to Seabrook of which I know not much. I've already searched the board for restau...

Charleston, SC

by Tom 21 years ago

Hey just found this site after seeing it in new mag called "Foodies" (pretty good). Anyway. I am definately a Charleston Chow Hound (and Foodie) so anyone who wants some thoughts or suggestions re:...

Charleston-Savannah --local joints

by Mary Ann Bacher 20 years ago

I live in New York City and am traveling to Charleston and Savannah in two weeks. I am not interested in in NYC-style restaurants. I want to eat in local joints -- oysters, shrimp, crabs. Suggestio...

Charleston Locals? Which of these is the best caterer for a wedding?

by Chuck 20 years ago

We are planning a wedding in Charleston, SC. We have narrowed our caterers to three. Any information would be great. 1.Hamby Caterer 2.Smith Caterer 3.J. Bistro Look forward to your feedback!

Hominy Grill-Great Find in Charleston, S.C.

by Bob Foster 21 years ago

Just got back from a trip to Charleston and had to report an amazing dining experience at Hominy Grill. We have dined at many of the big name places (82 Queen etc.) But for us the find of this tri...

Asheville, Charleston comments

by Heidi 21 years ago

Spent a couple of days in Asheville where I had opportunity to eat at Salsa's and the Mountain Smokehouse. Unlike most Asheville posters, I was not in love with Salsa's. Too many un-harmonious cro...


by Michael Kleinman 21 years ago

Had a really top notch meal at McCrady's. I hate to over rate but this was on the level of Gotham Bar and Grill (N.Y.C.), or Gramercy Tavern (N.Y.C.). Eleven of us and every dish was excellent. I h...

Charleston SC: Where to Go for ONE Killer Meal?

by Bob W. 21 years ago

I'm going to find myself in Charleston in two weeks and want to splurge on one outrageous supper. I'm leaning towards either the Peninsula Grill or Louis's, but I'm open to other suggestions. OK ...

Charleston, SC Dining

by Bilmo 21 years ago

Came back from Charleston recently. Can concur on the NYT article on Hominy Grill, which luckily we visited before the article came out. It was just around the corner from where we were staying, ...

Nice find in Charleston

by Terry 21 years ago

I recently had a nice experience in Charleston. The Ellis Creek Bistro is a small place at 807 Folly Road (on James Island). It has less than twenty tables, so call for a reservation (843.795.3838)...

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