Ceramic cookware is both pretty and functional, but it's worth reading up on what kind to buy and how to care for it. Chowhounds have tips and advice on buying it, using it, and storing it.

Teflon, Ceramic, Anodized Aluminum: A Guide to Nonstick Cookware

Teflon, ceramic, anodized aluminum...if you are on the hunt for new nonstick cookware, you may be overwhelmed by the options. With nearly a dozen different varieties of pots and pans to choose from...

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Looking for a single ceramic apron sink in Malaysia

by P.Han 12 years ago

I fell in love with the look of apron sink. Please recommend places to purchase single bowl ceramic apron sink in Malaysia. The only place which I know selling this is IKEA.

Robata and Japanese ceramics

by Indy 67 12 years ago

I know people choose restaurants for all sorts of reasons, and I have a special request about Robata. I collect teapots. Not commercially made multiples. One of a kind. The type that straddles the ...

Seen Bobby Flay's ads for ceramic baking sheets? What do you think?

by Normandie 12 years ago

Recently I've seen his commercials hawking his cookware and electrics for Kohl's. I was really surprised to see the line has in it ceramic baking pans, shown for baking cookies. Now, I know that ...

Search for new pans for ceramic cooktop

by Jane917 12 years ago

I have noticed that my 12" Green Pan and 10" non-stick Calphalon fry pans are slightly warped at the bottom. They no longer sit perfectly flat on my ceramic cooktop. I have cast iron fry pans, but ...

Iittala Dahlström Tools Ceramic-Coated Wok

by Smachnoho 12 years ago

I just saw a very large Iittala Dahlström Tools Ceramic-Coated Wok (Finland) with a glass cover on sale for $99 in a warehouse sale, supposedly less than half price. I like the Iittala Dahlström ...

President's Choice Ceramic Knives in GTA

by jayt90 12 years ago

For those who are frustrated with the expense and upkeep of knives, PC has introduced 3 ceramic knives, $15 to $25. I started with the $15 general purpose knife. Lightweight, 5" blade in the all ...

Beijing Yogurt served in Ceramic Bottle

by dvader 12 years ago

All, do you know of a place in LA where I can get Beijing Yogurt served in a traditional ceramic bottle? The ceramic bottle part is really important to me. Thanks in advance!! I found Blue Cherry t...

What's really a safe cleaner for my white ceramic gas stove top?

by Beckyleach 12 years ago

Hi, I finally got a gas stove after too many years of other people's electric (YES!) but I'm seeing those ugly brown splats and rings starting to creep out from the burner on the pristine, pure whi...

Ceramcor Xtrema ceramic cookware

by legourmettv 12 years ago

Has anyone tried this cookware? http://www.ceramcor.com/ I'm interested in their non-stick capabilities, and the fact that they show a video where a pot comes out of a 2,500ºF+ blast furnace...

cooking with cooper on ceramic or glass cooktop

by stargirlcat 12 years ago

I have some new cooper pots - can I use them on a ceramic or glass electric cooktop and I understand I have to remove the varnish with acetone -- is this varnish on just the outside or on the insid...

Ceramic Grills

by Shirley 12 years ago

I've been hearing more about ceramic grills lately. It seem the Big Green Egg has garnered some popularity, but can anyone share their thoughts on the BGE versus any of the other ceramic grills av...

Ceramic Knives: Boker vs. Kyocera

by Lindsay B. 19 years ago

I'm in the market for a ceramic knife. I've notice a big difference in price between the Ming Tsai/Kyocera line and the Boker brand. Is there any reason to prefer one over the other? Have you g...

ceramic knives

by stratford 12 years ago

Does anyone have experience with and opinions about ceramic knives? I was watching Ming Tsai on TV and am talking about the kind of white ceramic knife that he is seen using.

Boston area places to check out ceramic and charcoal cookers?

by samovar32 12 years ago

I am thinking about upgrading my decade-old and disintegrating Weber kettle to either a Kamado-style ceramic cooker (e.g., BGE, Grill Dome, Dragon Fire Kamado) or a higher-end charcoal grill (e.g.,...

Giada - Food Network - Ceramic Goodies

by chefwong 12 years ago

Any of ya'll know where I can find some of the ceramic goodies that is on Giada's cooking show on the food network. I saw this gorgeous egg holder that is very ~modernish~ to die for.....

Cast Iron on Ceramic Cooktop?

by Sporkman 12 years ago

We have a stove with a ceramic cooktop. Is it safe to use enameled cast iron on it without scratching the cooktop?

Looking for tapas dishes (ceramic/clay)

by grandgourmand 12 years ago

Does anyone know where to get those round, shallow clay dishes used for tapas? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Terracotta-Tableware-11-5cm-Tapas-Dish/dp/B000VZ83SU

Ceramic garlic grinding thingy...Rachael Ray mentioned it.

by amselby81 13 years ago

I have no idea what this looks like, but I was watching Rachael Ray, and she mentioned that she used to have this ceramic thing that she would rub garlic on, and it would create a garlic paste. Sh...

appetizer for ceramic spoons

by random amblings 13 years ago

I picked up a bunch of those Chinese spoons, recalling I had seen some cool presentations done using them for appetizers. But now I am stumped. Any ideas? Also, I would like to do a Scallop h...

ceramic/kamado cookers - different makes pros/cons

by thew 13 years ago

I know there have been several discussions on the BGE, kamado and other ceramic cookers before, but i'm wondering if anyone has a strong opinion on one brand over another and why. i know of prim...