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Black carbon steel fry pan in San Diego

by mayuchico 11 years ago

I would like to purchase a black fry pan. But I want to see and feel it, before I buy. Is there any store who sells black carbon steel fry pan with natural finish?

Finding a carbon steel wok pan without nonstick coating

by Cinnamon 11 years ago

WANTED: carbon steel wok pan, no added nonstick coating. I'd like to find one of these low to midrange in cost. As I understand it, repeated use makes it somewhat nonstick, but I'm having some d...

cleaning carbon steel pans

by Abba Rubin 11 years ago

I think I know that cast iron should not be put right from the stove -- immediately after use -- into water or under running water because it might crack. What about carbon steel? Should I let it s...

Skillets: Carbon steel or cast iron?

by TinaTime 11 years ago

Hello, I'm in the process of buying cookware for a new kitchen. I've always used Lodge cast iron skillets, for as long as I can remember, and absolutely adore them, even if proper seasoning take...

Carbon steel wok in Montreal?

by bobloblaw 11 years ago

This should be a no brainer... but I need some advice on where to find a quality carbon steel wok in Montreal. I was gifted a Habitat wok set (think high-end, more expensive Euro IKEA) that was...

Where to buy carbon steel wok in GTA?

by Royaljelly 12 years ago

I'm looking for a carbon steel wok with a round bottom, brand name or looks doesn't matter, as long as it's good quality and will last (preferably restaurant grade). Any suggestions for stores I...

Problem seasoning carbon steel wok

by pagesx5 11 years ago

The directions I got with my wok said to boil water then sbrub it hard with a steel sponge in hot soapy water to wash off the film. i used a brillo pad and noticed some very light spots on the ins...

Carbon Steel Wok

Boccone Dolce
by Boccone Dolce 11 years ago

I was given a carbon steel wok, and I followed the instructions to clean and season it. It nicely darkened on the bottom and I figured it was good after heating and wiping down about 3 seperate tim...

Chef Mate Carbon Steel Wok

by Michele4466 13 years ago

Based on a recent thread, my hubby and I decided to buy the chef mate wok. I started to season it, did the boiling water thing and then the first cooking oil step... During the heating process, th...

carbon steel wok

by arifa 14 years ago

i see lots of posts about seasoning and caring for cast iron, but i don't see too many about carbon steel woks. i followed the instructions on a website (see link below) to season my wok using cr...

ISO: De Buyer carbon steel skillets

by Mortadella Bodywrap 15 years ago

I recently discovered the joys of cooking on De Buyer carbon steel skillets. I'd like to buy other sizes, but I'm having trouble finding a source in the US. My local Sur La Table has a few, but n...

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