Canned Fish

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping a Pantry Like a Pro

Keeping a kitchen pantry is a smart thing to do even in non-quarantine times, but what exactly does that mean? Even if you don't have a dedicated, stand-alone pantry space, setting aside some cabinet...

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Favorite Canned Tuna: brand and best place to buy it

by carnivore1964 10 years ago

I am looking for a good quality canned tuna that won't break the bank which will be good for a light tuna salad. Which one do you reccomend? Where can I buy it? Are there any good bargains arou...

Can we talk about canned salmon?

by Ngal 14 years ago

I love the idea of canned salmon as a better alternative to tuna for salads. But every time I've bought it (multiple brands) it comes skin-on with large bones in (the spine I believe). By the time ...

Nice cans of squid and octopus from Spain, what to do with it?

by Crockett67 4 years ago

We were given some nice cans of canned octopus and squid from Spain. What do you even do with it?

Best Canned Tuna?

by Funwithfood 15 years ago

What is the best, most delectable canned tuna? Maybe I am just not a huge tuna fan, but none have really 'knocked my socks off'.

Rokeach gefilte fish in large cans

by jira 5 years ago

I am aware that asking about canned gefilte fish is akin to asking about canned cheese in many people's opinion, but we really do like Rokeach's Old Vienna gefilte fish in the large (#10, 6lb 4oz) ...

How do you eat tinned sardines?

by Kagey 12 years ago

The pretty package in the store tempted me and now I have a tin of sardines in Spanish olive oil. Boneless. I was planning just to eat them with a slice or two of no-knead bread, but I wonder if th...

How does one serve canned whale?

by estufarian 12 years ago

We've acquired some canned whale meat - so it's pre-cooked. Now we want to find out the best way of preparing it. First thoughts were something like crabcakes - except surely this would resemble m...

What to do with tinned sardines?

by rockandroller1 7 years ago

I'll confess - I am not a fish lover. But I try to eat fish when I can stand to, though it's mostly mild whitefish or canned tuna (sorry!), just for the health benefits, especially now that my chol...

the Best Canned Tuna?

by Joni 14 years ago

What is your favorite brand of canned tuna? Cook's Illustrated just did an article on it..but I forget what they named as #1. Thanks.

Canned Clams

by lollipop 13 years ago

I am attempting to make Linguine with Clams for my brother's birthday this Sunday (his favorite) and the recipe I have calls for a can of chopped clams in juice. Unfortunately I am not familiar wit...

How to eat canned smoked trout

by iheartcooking 5 years ago

My mom put various canned fish in my stocking because she knows I love kippers and sardines. The trout is from Trader's, farm raised, in canola oil? Should I just put these on toast like I do with ...

Starkist solid white tuna in water... Tastes and smells just like canned crab meat ???

by josephlapusata 5 years ago

Opened a can of Starkist solid white tuna in water. It looked fine but had the smell and taste of canned crab meat. There were no dents in the can and use by date is 2016. Has this ever happened to...


by Nathanlick 5 years ago

Okay so I've been eating canned tuna a lot (about 4 a day) for protein needs, and that gets a bit old. For plain, post workout a dash of old bay seasoning works, but I was wondering if you could do...

Canned Salmon Ideas Please

by i_am_Lois 5 years ago

I've made salmon croquettes, salmon salad, and salmon dip. What else can canned salmon be used for? Is there another great use I've been missing all these years?

Sardines in cans

by Sean Dell 14 years ago

Hi folks, Any recommendations on the best tinned sardines available, either in the stores or online? And while we're at it, any opinions on oil-packed or water-packed (if these are, in fact, ...

Where can i find these canned sardine brands in Austin?

by slowcoooked 5 years ago

I was inspired by a thread on general discussions where a hounder posted the results of much research on the best canned sardines, the top four were: 1. Matiz Gallego sardines in olive oil - Spa...

Seeking recipe to use "juice" from canned salmon

by Enso 9 years ago

I've been saving and freezing the water and salmon oil that I drain off when I open a can. Do you think the flavored water is not worth it, and I should only 'harvest' the salmon oil? In either ...

Source for Ramirez canned seafood? (Online or in the Boston Area)

by suepea 5 years ago

I saw an episode of Bizarre Foods last night - the theme was Lisbon. He toured a high quality fish cannery (Ramirez). The fish - mackerel, sardines, tuna, etc. - looked fantastic, but the cans were...

Need recipes for canned sardines

by Enso 9 years ago

We are upping our consumption of this healthy fish. It's tasty, but a bit strong tasting, ya know? Here's the challenge, though: NO GRAINS. I can find many recipes for eating them on crackers or...

well known brands that just arent as good as in the past

by MarkG 9 years ago

Breyers ice cream. except for 2/3 flavors, has become ordinary. Entenmanns Cakes another. can you think of others??

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