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Roasted Lamb Sausages with Grape-Mint Relish 32 Saves

Roasted Lamb Sausages with Grape-Mint Relish

Warm lamb sausages and cool grape relish form tasty juxtapositions of savory and sweet, hot and cold...

Middle Eastern Lamb Burgers 453 Saves

Middle Eastern Lamb Burgers

Lamb patties flavored with mint, parsley, and onion are topped with a cool yogurt-cucumber relish.

Green Garlic Aioli 147 Saves

Green Garlic Aioli

An aioli recipe using green garlic for a fresh and intense kick of garlic flavor.

Oregano Marinade 339 Saves

Oregano Marinade

This versatile marinade recipe is packed with fresh herbs, white wine, and lemon juice and adds brightness...