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15 Destinations to Get Your Wine Fix on the Central Coast of California

It’s been nearly two decades since “Sideways” put the Central Coast wine scene on the map, but like a fine pinot noir, the area has only improved over the years. There are dozens of spots between chic...

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balloons and breakfast in Patterson and Vernalis

by george osner 19 years ago

As hot air balloonists, breakfast is probaly the meal most often eaten away from home. Now let me preface this by saying that we also eat in a lot--Elise makes truly fabulous scones, and I am a da...

Great Deli Sandwiches in West Sacramento

by Andy P. 19 years ago

Hi everybody, If you haven't already found the place, I think you all deserve to know about, IMHO, the best sandwich, (and more) shop in West Sacramento, Grand Central Station. I would go as far...

Question about bakery in Sacramento

by Ruth Lafler 19 years ago

I believe that the baker who a couple of years ago opened a bakery around the corner from my house in Alameda now has a bakery in Sacramento -- rumor has it in the Sunrise mall. He is from Bulga...

Santa Barbara -- places to stay?

by Ruth Lafler 19 years ago

I know a little off topic, but you can tell me where to eat, too! A friend and I are hoping to come down to Santa Barbara for a few days around New Year's. I haven't been back since I graduated f...

Going to Anaheim in the Spring

by Kari 19 years ago

We'll be doing the Disney thing in March and I would love some suggestions on where to eat. I would like a place that serves good Crab legs and Lobster. Also what about some good Mexican food? H...

Monterey/Big Sur eating (long)

by Caitlin McGrath 19 years ago

Last week, we took a relaxing four-day jaunt down the California coast to celebrate our tenth anniversary, and ate pretty well. MONTEREY Fresh Cream (100C Heritage Harbor, 99 Pacific; 831-375-9...

Restaurants near Paso Robles

by Jennifer 19 years ago

We are going wine tasting in Paso Robles in November and would like some advice on local restaurants around that area. Even as far away as San Luis Obispo. We would like both fine dining and lunc...

San Diego Restaurants near Horton Plaza

by Bob Brooks 19 years ago

I am staying at the Westin Horton Plaza for one night next week. Can someone recommend a place with good food, a fairly priced wine list and a pleasant ambience that won't be too pricey and is fair...

the staff of life in Modesto

by george osner 19 years ago

Good bread is fundamental to good chow. While I'm a huge Acme Bakery devotee, Acme is far from Modesto. For good bread in Modesto, we have Word of Mouth Bakery. WOM is the child of David Bradfor...

Restaurants in Ventura

by Sharrel Gerlach 19 years ago

Any suggestions for great restaurants in Ventura? Just got season tickets for a playhouse in Ventura....need reasonable hotels and great restaurants.

Palm Desert Restaurants

by Fred McFawn 19 years ago

Heading to Palm Desert on 11/02/01 for a week of sun and golf and would love to have some advice on quality restaurants in the area. They don't have to be fancy but quality food, prefer out of the...

Boba Iced tea!! New!!

by Danielle Steadman 19 years ago

Hi, I am a business economics student at UC Santa Barbara, and for my writing class this quarter we must propose a business plan. My group choose a drink called Boba or Pearl Iced Tea. If anyone ...

Mexican Sunday brunch in San Diego?

by John Flowers 19 years ago

Has anyone had a good mexican buffet-style Sunday brunch in San Diego?

Solvang dinner for my kids 10/2

by Bob S. - Chowhound & Cycling Fool... 19 years ago

I am taking my kids up to Solvang 10/2 so I can particiapte in Solvang Prelude 2001. A pre-cusor to 2002's Tour De' Solvang... Since I haven't been there in several years with my kids (twin girls...

Ventura, CA

by pam 22 years ago

I am planning a trip to the Ventura/Santa Barbara County area in a month or two. I hope to visit some wineries but would like to find some good places to eat out in the hills (away from Ojai/Sa...

Chez Loma in Coronado

by Chuck Rogér 19 years ago

My wife and I ate at this little French place on Coronado "Island" several years ago and thought it was wonderful. We're headed back there and are wondering if anyone has eaten there recently and ...

Santa Paula - Suggestions?

by AZ 19 years ago

Any recommendation on Santa Paula and vicinity? I have a small group I am entertaining for a weekday lunch. Thank you!

Saffron Going Downhill?

by David N 19 years ago

It is with considerable sadness that I post this message as Saffron has long been one of my favorite places to eat in San Diego. They are well known for their Thai BBQ Chicken and daily noodle/ric...

Chiu Chow soup in San Diego?

by Elliot Feldman 19 years ago

Just left LA and moved to San Diego. I greatly miss the seafood noodle soups that I'd get at places like Kim Chuy in Chinatown and Alhambra. Any recommendations? thanks in advance.

Authentic Italian Food

by David N 19 years ago

I am searching for a place in San Diego (or adjacent) that serves authentic Italian food from any region (i.e. tastes vaguely like it does in that part of Italy). I know such places exist in LA. ...

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