Cake Flour


Cake Flour 5 years past its "Best by" date

by masha 1 year ago

I've got an unopened carton of Swan's Cake Flour with a "best by" date of June 2013. Is it usable? I am not worried about food safety as the box is completely sealed and I believe the flour is ins...

Converting Ounces to Cups

by sku 12 years ago

Many thanks to anyone who can help me with this. I have a recipe which lists sugar and cake flour in ounces. As I don't have a scale, I need to convert to cups/tablespoons. Does anyone know the ...

Cake Flour

by emily49 2 years ago

How does cake flour help the cake have a better flavor. Or does it not really help it.

Distinguishing Between Cake Flour and All Purpose Flour

by lamb_da_calculus 6 years ago

A few weeks ago I stored cake flour and all purpose flour in (separate) containers in the fridge and forgot to label them. Anyone have any idea how to distinguish between them now?

Ice Cream Cake

by ibeblu 4 years ago

Any suggestions for an ice cream cake besides Baskin Robbins?

Flour Weight

by alliels 7 years ago

So far I haven't given in and bought a scale cause it seems most recipes work out converting ounces to cups and eyeballing if the conversion result is a weird number. Now for Alton Brown's Tres ...

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