Cacao Nibs

Ina Garten’s Favorite Fruit Salad Tricks—Plus, 17 More Ways to Boost the Flavor

Seeing as it is the peak of summer time, we’re guessing that fruit salads are playing center stage in your picnic game. If not, is that because you find fruit salad a bit run of the mill and common...

Cocoa nibs - more than just bitter crunch?

by jaykat 9 years ago

I had been intrigued for a while by cocoa nibs so finally bought some raw organic cocoa nibs. I tasted them and was underwhelmed. I roasted them slightly and they still just tasted bitter (and I am...

Good uses for cocoa nibs

by karykat 9 years ago

I put together a gift basket for a friend. One thing I included was a small bag of cocoa nibs. I was thinking these could make snacks. But my friend has tried them and is saying they are k...


by Herne 9 years ago

Apparently coca nibs contribute to weight loss or so I'm told. Where can they be bought in the GTA.

what to do with cocoa nibs

by Montrose 18 years ago

I recently took a tour of the ScharffenBerger chocolate factory and came away clutching a package of cocoa nibs (not to mention a hefty supply of chocolate.) I thought I knew all the ways possible...

Cacao Nibs

by tdiana 9 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find find cacao nibs? Preferably in the Western Suburbs, but anywhere in the metro area will work. Thanks

Cacao Nibs in Edmonton?

by gst 11 years ago

Any idea where I can get these? I went to Sunterra, Save-on-Foods and Superstore with no luck. Thanks!

How to use cocoa nibs?!

by DharmaGurl 11 years ago

A friend and I want to make a "fudge" recipe that is really more like granola (lots of spices and nuts, no chocolate to speak of). I thought it might be interesting to add some cocoa nibs to the re...

ISO Cacao/Cocoa Nibs in GTA

by FrenchSoda 11 years ago

Hello, I'm looking for cacao or cocoa nibs for the David Leibovitz Shallot Marmalade recipe for Christmas. I was convinced The Cheese Boutique would have them, but no luck. Does anyone have a...

Source for Cocoa Nibs in Brooklyn (not Wlliamsburg)

jen kalb
by jen kalb 11 years ago

Cocoa Nibs are a zeitgeisty thing and I would like to give cooking with them a try. Any sightings of nibs on sale in Brownstone Brooklyn area?

Ottawa: cocoa nibs/beans?

by sinjawns 11 years ago

Looking for cocoa nibs or beans for my christmas baking. Anyone know where to buy them in Ottawa? Thanks!

Cocoa nibs?

by amelie1980 12 years ago

I figured I would ask here, since recent post have enabled me to find other ingredients I had been looking for (vanilla beans and pomegrenate molasses). Where can I find cocoa nibs in Montreal? No...

Cacao/Cocoa Nibs Savory Uses?

by maplesugar 12 years ago

I did a search and mainly came up with sweets. Does anyone have any creative uses for cacao nibs?(or cocoa nibs depending on who you talk to) or cocoa powder? I'm attending a chocolate themed part...

Cacao Nibs in Kopali Organic Mix: Caffeine Content?

by nofunlatte 12 years ago

Holy Hamburgers, Batman--nofunlatte is flying high! I just downed a bag of this stuff (goji berries, cacao nibs, dried mulberries, pistachios) and I've definitely gotten a caffeine buzz from this!...

Where to buy cacao nibs?

by rachaeln 13 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get some roasted cocao nibs? Are they easy to find? I want to try baking with them but have never even looked on the grocery shelves. I am in the Mid-City area, and am ...

City Bakery's chocolate shortbread cookies with cocoa nibs

by brownie 13 years ago

Hi All: First, I suppose, have any of you had these cookies? Last time I was at City Bakery, maybe mid-July, I was told they weren't making them anymore. Sad! They're small cookies, maybe the...

Cocoa Nibs for brunch

by metaphora 13 years ago

I'm hosting a brunch this weekend and would like to use up some of the cocoa nibs that have been sitting around in the pantry. Any suggestions?

Cocoa nibs

by missclawdy 13 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy or order Cocoa Nibs in Toronto or surrounding area? Miss Clawdy

[MSP] shopping for cocoa nibs

by slowfoodgrrl 14 years ago

I've been looking and haven't found them yet. My preference is Sharffen Berger because of a recipe specification, but any will do at this point. Help? Thanks.

Cocoa nibs

by hammerhead 15 years ago

I recently ordered a couple of pounds of cocoa nibs online that I plan on making a cocoa Imperial Stout with. Anyone have any recipes or ideas about what I can use them for besides this brew? TIA.