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All you can eat? Yes please. Chowhounds discuss where to find the best buffets, plus advice and tips for hosting your own.

Any recent experience with Ibasaw in Malden?

by sheila 1 year ago

I am not a fan of buffet but mother-in-law's birthday is coming up and want to bring her to a place that her friends ...


rosulate commented 6 days ago

Induction with baking pans

by StripesWaterkat 20 days ago

I'm planning a buffet meal for friends and testing my first induction burner. I'm getting used to it, but of course a...


santiagodraco commented 12 days ago

"The Sky" Buffet at New Otani, Tokyo?

by marknaustin 7 years ago

I'm returning to Tokyo later in the month. Looks like I will be staying at the New Otani. Has anyone been to "The...


anamzara84 commented 3 months ago

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Easter Buffet in Central Mass

by cloudship 12 months ago

Looking for suggestions on a decent Easter Buffet for 7 in Central Mass. Normally we do the Old Mill, but everyon...

Screaming deal: raga indian lunch buffet, croton

by vinouspleasure 12 months ago

we always liked India House in Montrose though their prices eventually got away from them. Still, their lunch buffet ...


gutreactions commented 12 months ago

Hunting for Best Buffet Brunch in NH

by lobstagal 1 year ago

My soon-to-be 80 year old mother loves a Sunday brunch preferably a buffet and live music would be an extra plus. I'm...


lobstagal commented 1 year ago

El Burrito Mercado Buffet?

by lindainwi 1 year ago

Wondering if anyone has been to the weekday or weekend brunch buffets at El Burrito Mercado. What items are on the b...

ibew292 commented 1 year ago

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ISO Sunday Brunch Buffet locations btw Port Huron/macomb cty/Shelby Twnship

by itryalot 1 year ago

Looking for good quality Sunday brunch buffet recommendations (banquet halls, golf courses, restaurants) for last Sun...

Sunday brunch (preferably buffet)

by ah6tyfour 1 year ago

I'm looking for a Sunday brunch, buffet preferred. What are your favorites? Bonus points if its around the Champ El...


Jan135 commented 1 year ago

Best Buffet in Reno?

by captin taco 12 years ago

Any recommendation? I remember we had pretty decent buffet at the Nugget last time...

RussTheRaccoon commented 1 year ago

Winter buffet menu for 20 help request

by lodusblossom 1 year ago

Hey folks, I am planning a party for January and I desperately need menu help. Approximately 20 people are coming, a...


pumpkinspice commented 1 year ago

Ibasaw Malden

by Ferrari328 1 year ago

Ibasaw in Malden opened recently and I had high hopes for them since they offer an all you can eat Seafood and Dim Su...

Ferrari328 commented 1 year ago

Less expensive venues for a crowd of 150-200, where one can bring their own caterer

by prima 1 year ago

Besides the Berkeley Church, which venues would you recommend? The Burroughes has a room fee of $4200. Looking for...


JennaBean commented 1 year ago

Your top 5

by Pinkwasabi 1 year ago

I need a buffet brunch idea....we always go to Wicked there something better now? Also...we love Vint...


Pinkwasabi commented 1 year ago

Thanksgiving Buffet in Allentown/Bethlehem area

by Bill 16 years ago

Our family is planning a sort of reunion on Thanksgiving Day 2001. There will be about 35-40 people. Does anyone out ...

cwdonald commented 1 year ago

Such thing as a delicious brunch buffet in SF?

by turtl_girl 6 years ago

Hi Chowfolk -- My better half for some reason has a passion for brunch buffets. I'm not convinced there's a good one...

Melanie Wong commented 1 year ago

Best no-MSG buffet in Paris?

by polishjeweatswonderbread 1 year ago

Please recommend. Also the second best . Would love to hear from John. Please do not delete this post. It is a s...


polishjeweatswonderbread commented 1 year ago