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A Bite-Size Stop in Vancouver, BC

Planning a stop in Vancouver, BC? Here’s where to eat, drink, and stay, and what to see and do. Vancouver is one of those rare cities where you can visit the mountains, the beach, and the urban core...

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Tantakan Shochu in Victoria?

by bonbons 12 years ago

Hi, does anyone know if this is available here, or do I have to go to Vancouver for it? It`s for a Christmas present, and I don`t know if I`ll be able to head over there before Christmas. Thanks! ...

Vancouver - Chinese

by jimwillis 12 years ago

We're spending the weekend in Vancouver and would like some great Chinese food. We're pretty adventurous eaters, and would prefer more authentic and traditional than the 'Americanized' fare we usu...

Vancouver eating trip - recs needed

by lucky.goldstar 12 years ago

A group of folks who love to eat are coming from Seattle to Vancouver this weekend - the goal of the trip is to sample the fine fare of your fine city. We're looking for interesting places to eat,...

Victoria on NYE

by Jigga 12 years ago

We're heading to Victoria for NYE to spend some time with some friends. I suspect that the night itself will be spent at some hole-in-the-wall pub, so I'd like to go out for a good early dinner bef...

Vancouver: Where to get soft shell crab?

by kwailan4 12 years ago

I had a delicious soft shell crab as an appy earlier this evening. It looked pretty easy to recreate at home, but I do not remember seeing fresh softshell crabs in any of the supermarkets, Chinatow...

Sundays at Chow with George: Vancouver

by grayelf 12 years ago

Okay not with George but with the P2s and the SO for a pre-Christmas treat. We're booked in this Sunday at 6:30 for the special $38 3-course dindin and I hear wine at cost (!). Most psyched to try ...

Stage: Small Plates Wine Bar - Victoria

by higgika 12 years ago

I am in Victoria for the weekend and then off to the Comox area next week. Not much chance for fine dining but did make it out to Stages last night for a fabulous dinner. I had wanted to go on my...

Where to buy/ship pre-made gingerbread house in/to Vancouver?

by HUNYBDGR 12 years ago

My family is visiting Vancouver over the holiday and I want to ship a gingerbread house to their hotel. I've verified that the hotel will accept the package. The issue I am running into is that I...

ISO Vancouver, moderate, Italian, French or West Coast

by grayelf 12 years ago

'Hounds, I come to you hat in hand for help. Chowish Mum is looking for a place to dine out with her three female friends next Friday night. Nothing too out there as one is fairly middle of the roa...

New Year's Eve options in Vancouver?

by caraely 12 years ago

Contemplating a NYE trip to Vancouver (from Seattle). Train up, stay at the Westin Grand (probably). Looking for good dining options on NYE, which is usually a challenge... We won't have a car, ...

Pimentin(spelling????) in Vancouver

by zipper 12 years ago

Looking for friends up north for smoked Spanish paprika, believe it is called Pimentin(not sure of the spelling). Does anyone know where I can get some in the greater Vancouver area?

Vancouver Bars

by jennie D76 12 years ago

Hello Chowhounds, I'm a Scandinavian journalist writing an article on cool and unique bars (and restaurants) in Vancouver and Whistler and would greatly appreciate any tips, advice or suggestions...

Fun place to dine with teenager in Vancouver ?

by foodsnobz 12 years ago

We have a visitor over the holidays and wondering where to take her for a birthday dnner. As well, what to do for New Years eve!

Vancouver for NYE

by PhxAus 13 years ago

Hey board ... my GF and I are traveling to Vancouver for the first time ever from the States and were wondering what kind of events happen for NYE. We have a rez at Fuel (Vij's was closed and Cham...

Vancouver - Chinese Restaurant Award

by kwailan4 12 years ago

I was reading Gill's review of Salam Bombay (http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20081029.wldish29/BNStory/lifeFoodWine/home) today and came across this award http://chineserestaura...

Vancouver trip report

by Spot 12 years ago

My fam & I had a real nice time during our visit thanks to a lot of suggestions here. First night was Kirin on Alberni. Wasn't all that much available in the live tanks, curiously enough. No spo...

Bone Marrow

by ck1234 12 years ago

Okay, yes I've been watching Anthony Bourdain on overload, but I realized I still haven't tried this! Anyone know where they serve this - roasted marrow bones - in Vancouver?

Anatolia's Gate - a nice Turkish surprise in Burnaby

by fmed 12 years ago

I had heard of Anatolia's Gate for the first time here on Chowhound sometime last year ( http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/497450 ). SInce then, I have read and heard other good reports from other...

Fine Dining Lunch

by ck1234 12 years ago

Well, it's that time again, and I get to pick a place of my choice for my Xmas lunch with my reps...I already booked "Fuel", but I have to admit, the reviews are under-whelming me!!! We can go a...

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