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A Bite-Sized Stop in Victoria, BC

Planning a stop in Victoria, BC? Here’s where to eat, drink, and stay, and what to see and do. Located on a large island off the southern west coast of Canada, Victoria, BC, is known for its beautiful...

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Fine Dining Lunch

by ck1234 11 years ago

Well, it's that time again, and I get to pick a place of my choice for my Xmas lunch with my reps...I already booked "Fuel", but I have to admit, the reviews are under-whelming me!!! We can go a...

Buying Duck in Vancouver?

by aussiewonder 11 years ago

I'd like to roast a duck this weekend but have never done so before, and I don't know where to buy one locally. Can anyone recommend a place that I can buy fresh duck, preferably organic or free-...

Ovaltine Cafe, Vancouver

by im_hungry 11 years ago

I had breakfast at the Ovaltine for the first time, a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty good! I had a couple of eggs, sausages, hash browns and toast. I can't remember what the bill came out to, b...

Where to buy Beef Shank in Victoria?

by sumashi 11 years ago

I want to make rendang, an Indonesian dish that involves cooking the meat for hours until it's really tender. I think it tastes the best when it's made with beef shank because of the tendon, but I ...

Guilin Rice Noodles (桂林米粉) in YVR?

by gourmet wife 11 years ago

Does anyone know of a place in the lower mainland that serves Guilin Rice Noodles (桂林米粉). I had some in Guilin about a month ago and can't forget how deliciously spicy it was. Any one?

The Eatery's sushi (Vancouver)

by amhaffen 11 years ago

I have the opportunity to spend one evening in Vancouver and plan to eat as much good sushi as I can. My dining companion is a non-sushi lover who otherwise enjoys Japanese food and has suggested ...

La Cuisson - Syphon Brewed Taiwanese Coffee Shop in Richmond

by fmed 11 years ago

Just off the north end of Number Three Road on Capstan Way is a Taiwanese strip mall called Union Square. There, amongst the Taiwanese bakeries, restaurants (some interesting ones there, actually...

Home Delivery

by Biz 12 years ago

i have a friend in West Van that is going in for ACL surgery and i would like to get her some cooked meals delivered to her home during recovery. She is a bit of a foodie (or whatever y'all call th...

Vancouver cheap / late night / student eats

by jeffchuck 12 years ago

I moved to Vancouver a couple days ago, and I'm having a rather difficult time finding restaurants that meet the needs of a student. Very good, moderately expensive (for a student, anyway) restaur...

Whistler Restaurants!!!

by Food4201 12 years ago

I was just wondering if any one had been to any restaurants in the Whistler Village? I am going to be there for two nights and I am eating atTrattoria di Umberto one night and the second night is a...

Custom/wedding cakes in Vancouver

by NoMoreSnuggles 12 years ago

Hi Everyone. I'm a first-time poster/long-time food enthusiast in Vancouver and I'm desperately trying to find the ultimate birthday cake. None of the cakes I've tried from the assortment of exc...

Kelowna eats

by dstultz 17 years ago

Going to Kelowna in September. Any recommendations for some good local chow? We'll be on an expense account, so any price range is good. Thanks bunches!!

Where's the best all you can eat sushi in Vancouver?

by EWL168 12 years ago

A group of my friends are going to Vancouver in two weeks for Dragonboating. We always enjoy good sushi down there (we're from Edmonton) and have usually gone to Ebi and I think the other one was c...

Looking for a New Years' foodie getaway, anywhere in Canada

by tuquegrrl 13 years ago

I want to whisk my husband away for a romantic foodie getaway for New Years, but stay for a few nights. Budget is not an issue - we are so glad to have the grandparents take the kids and we can fly...

Just a few more Vancouver Reports: Imperial Chinese Seafood (surprisingly good) and West (surprisingly disappointing)..(long)..

by susancinsf 13 years ago

It has been a month since my Vancouver trip, but I need to finish the posts and reports so I don't feel guilty about turning my attention to my most recent trip (to Toronto)... so, I will just c...

vancouver or victoria - fish burgers

by todd 13 years ago

people... i will be off on a trip to the west bit of this country. any ideas of where to find some decent fish burgers? you would surprised how difficult they are to find without direction. ...

Whistler Restaurants...................

by Ike! 15 years ago

I will be in Whistler for 4 nights at The Four Seasons. I have some suggestions for restaurants that include Quattro and Araxi, as well as The Four Seasons. Can anyone offer any advice for top of...

Vancouver Island

by Pamela Hagen 15 years ago

What an interesting board--I have spent hours browsing through the messages and taking pages of notes... My husband and I (from Minnesota) will be visiting BC, Vancouver and Vancouver Island this...

Wickaninnish or Sooke Harbour?

by PegS 16 years ago

Hi everyone. SF Chowhound here. We stayed at the Aerie for our honeymoon and are thinking about making it back up to Van Island for our anniversary in Oct. I can't seem to decide between the Wickan...

help a nyc hound in victoria

by susan robin 16 years ago

i/ve read the threads and expect to go to cafe brio and maybe sooke harbour, but some specific questions: what's the story with herald street caffe, yes or no? also, besides the martinis, is it wor...

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