Bridal Shower

Hosting a bridal shower? Talk to Chowhounds about what to serve, where to have it, and general etiquette for this pre-wedding ritual.

Frosting a Bakery-Worthy Cake Is Easy with These Pro Tips

Frosting a cake seems simple, but it's easy to mess it up if you use the wrong tools or have your ingredients at the wrong temperature. A little patience and some basic know-how will make your cake...

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Bridal Shower...

by centralpadiner 8 years ago

So, my cousin is trying to plan her daughter's bridal shower. They are having the wedding at the Marriott downtown and since that was chosen as a fairly central location for all involved, they are...

Quirky Bridal Shower Inquiry

by anamoly85 8 years ago

Greetings Chowhounds! I am looking for a quirky place to have my bridal shower. I am hoping to stay away from places that are a little too "stuffy." I am looking for something non-traditional an...

Recommendations for Bridal shower in Montgomery County, PA

by marybakes 8 years ago

Help! I am making a bridal shower for my cousin. I never made a shower before and I am nervous about finding the right place. We will be having about 50 women and I am looking for byob or intima...

bridal shower venue suggestions

by Kaialove 8 years ago

Am looking for a restaurant with a private room to host a bridal shower brunch or luncheon in or around Boston, on a Sunday for about 25 people. Would welcome any suggestions. Thanks!

Afternoon Tea House in Los Angeles for Bridal Shower

by erinlaurence 8 years ago

I wanted to have an afternoon tea bridal shower for a bunch of girls in Los Angeles, could we West LA, Santa Monica, BH or West Hollywood. Pasadena might be a little far but open to ideas. I don't ...

Bridal Shower close to Center City

by littlecmad 8 years ago

Can anybody recomend a place to have a Bridal Shower close to Center City? Bachelorette Party will be in Center City the same day in the evening. Perhaps at a non wedding facility to avoid conflict...

Bridal Shower location ideas?

by Kimberleyo 8 years ago

My daughter is getting married in September. Her fiance's mother and I are hosting a shower for about 40 women in early August. We are looking for a venue located between Seacoast NH/ME and Sprin...

Casual catering for bridal shower in Memphis?

by keltheh 8 years ago

Hi all. I am from Philly, but am throwing a bridal shower in Memphis for a friend who now lives there. I am looking for suggestions about where I could get good sandwiches and hors d'oeuvres for th...

Need: Spanish Tile Cookies for Bridal Shower

by STA1985CH 8 years ago

Hi all! Looking for a bakery who might be able to replicate Spanish tile cookies for a bridal shower! See attached photo for example -- while something exact would be amazing, happy to explore a...

Bridal shower venue in new Brunswick?

by Ravelingrobin 9 years ago

Hi there. I'm not from the area, but am hosting a bridal shower for my sister in law. I was hoping to find a tea room or something like that, but a cafe with good food and great ambiance would work...

Bridal Shower venue in Fairfield, CT

by avborges 8 years ago

I need to host a bridal shower in or around Fairfield. Can anyone recommend a place with a private room for approximately 30 guests? I would love to offer a price-fixed brunch with mimosas/bloody...

Caterer for small bridal shower in Central MA

by spiralcook 9 years ago

Thought I was going to do all the cooking for a luncheon for my daughter's bridal shower at our home in Central MA. at the end of March, but am starting to stress out (esp. because kitchen and room...

Need to find a cake for sister's bridal shower

by jesshow90 10 years ago

I Am trying to find a good place to buy my sisters cake. Have tried La Tulip in Mt. Kisco. Was very good but very expensive but the people there were really nice and very patient. Also tried Riv...

Bridal Shower/Rehearsal Dinner ideas

by gucfa 9 years ago

Wow, have I been looking for nice places to have a bridal shower and rehearsal dinner and not break the budget. Sitting here in Michigan and trying to plan these events in Florida has its difficul...

Fun Toronto bridal shower venue ideas

by nllj0056 9 years ago

I'm looking for a bridal shower venue Toronto for about 30 women - something fun and feminine. We were looking to do an afternoon brunch, but after finding only the typical high-tea locations ...

Salad ideas (spinach or blend) for picky eaters attending bridal shower

by wineaux 9 years ago

I'm in need of salad ideas for a bridal shower. There's only going to be about 6 attending and they're all fairly picky eaters, which is difficult for me! They said spinach is ok, but no blue ch...

Which of these DC restaurants for a bridal shower brunch?

by tart015 9 years ago

I'm putting together a bridal shower brunch for about 10 people on a Saturday. I have my choices narrowed down to Urbana, Vinoteca, Co Co Sala, and Firefly. Does anyone have experience with an even...

Brooklyn Bridal Shower/ Frankie's or Sweet Melissa

by woodyfay 9 years ago

I would like opinions on whether the food and atmospher is better at Frankie's or Sweet Melissa for a bridal shower.

Bridal Shower Suggestions in Montgomery County

by jaxstone 9 years ago

Hi, I'm in charge of finding a nice location for a bridal shower in early December. An ideal location would be a 15 mile radius around Jenkintown so towns including Ambler, Chestnut Hill, Horsh...

Loudoun County Winery for bridal shower

by lalajane 9 years ago

Any recommendations on which might be good for a bridal shower with about 30 people? It would need an inside venue as well (i.e., AC). Out toward Front Royal might work as well. Thanks!