The Secrets to Fruitcake That Actually Tastes Good

Fruitcakes have become a holiday horror and a stale yuletide punchline, but they can actually be delicious! Ideally, you would have started yours back in August, but if you make one right now, it will...

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Any recs for nice BRANDY that is similiar to Christian Bros?

by christinaemcc 5 years ago

For a retirement gift. We know he drinks Christian Brothers as his everyday but we'd like something nicer. Not cognac, I hear they are similiar but he's picky. I was thinking a bottle of XO of s...

review: Professor Cornelius Ampleforth Cherry Brandy, Master of Malt

by jochaima 5 years ago

review: Professor Cornelius Ampleforth Cherry Brandy Just tried this Cherry Liqueur Brandy, and thought I would post our findings of this cherry liqueur. It’s produced by Master of Mal...

Are there brandies/cognacs/armagnacs as good as French ones made elsewhere?

by gfr1111 5 years ago

Ever since I was in my twenties, my hard liquor of choice has been French brandy. By "brandy," I mean cognac, armagnac, and any other "nacs" made in France. The good ones, like Courvoisier, Henne...

Good Peach Brandy?

by Tonig 5 years ago

I'm looking for a recommendation on a good brand of peach brandy for some peach ice cream I'm making. I'm thinking that a German brand would be good, but I've no experience in this area, so I'm loo...

California Alambic Brandy

by wabisabi777 12 years ago

I have never had American brandy and am looking to buy / taste my first bottle. After browsing online, I have 'shortlisted' three California Alambic Brandy: - Germain-Robin Fine Alambic Brandy ...

Local Source Stocking Laird's Straight Apple Brandy (BIB 100 Proof)

by rlh 6 years ago

I know this item appears and disappears sporadically (seasonally) - while Laird's Applejack (80 proof) is easy to find, this is very difficult right now - has anyone spotted this on local shelves a...

Substitute for Laird's Straight Apple Brandy (BIB 100 Proof)

by rlh 6 years ago

I am nearing the end of my last bottle for several favorite cocktails and need to replenish but cannot find this in the Boston area recently. What would be the next-best substitutes (Applejack i...

French Pear Brandy? - Poire Williams

by le_dakine 6 years ago

Hi there O'Wise Hounds. Was wondering where in downtown seattle or the ballard area would I be able to find Poire Williams Eaeu de Vie? It's the one's that has a pear inside the bottle! Tha...

Bulgarian rakia/brandy

by rstavrev 7 years ago

Hello! I am Bulgarian and I live an hour away from San Francisco in Central Valley. Does anybody know a store where I can buy Bulgarian rakia/brandy in Bay Area or Sacramento/Cantral Valley area?

What to have with brandy?

by BangorDin 7 years ago

Friends out of nowhere from long ago are coming for dinner tomorrow, and say they'll bring brandy for "after dinner".. would a particular dessert or cheese go with brandy? Dinner will be chicken ...

apple brandy in NYC

by lewyn 7 years ago

My sister-in-law in Atlanta needs kosher apple brandy for a recipe and cannot find it back home. Does anyone know a place in NYC (where I live) that has it?

recommend cocktails using apricot liqueur/apricot brandy

by curseofleisure 7 years ago

We're serving apricot chicken this weekend, and I wanted to serve a pre-dinner drink that would have a hint of apricot flavor--I'm itching to use the apricot brandy I bought this week. Does anyone ...

Brandy Milk Punch [Recipe Request moved to Spirits]

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 7 years ago

We zipped this recipe request over to our Spirits board, but since New Orleans locals are likely to have great info on this, we hope you'll check it out: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/877829#771...

Bargain Brandy?

by The Big Crunch 8 years ago

Anyone have any recommendations on good bargain-priced brandies? I'm gradually building a home bar and want to fill the brandy gap in my base liquor arsenal with this month's purchase from the rat...

Blackberry Brandy Ice Cream alert at Snowflake Riverhead, August 17

by coll 7 years ago

I wait all year for this moment. Polish Festival this weekend, which means my favorite flavor ice cream in the whole world. I was there yesterday and, while it was ready, they were waiting for an...

Brandy soaked prunes stuffed with???

by twodales 7 years ago

Okay all of you foie gras haters...stop reading now please. I am not promoting foie gras...just thinking this sounds good and it could be made with other fillings. Perhaps a duck rillettes or...

Need recs for spirits for mixing classic cocktails (brandy, cognac, rye, whiskey, bourbon, apricot brandy)

by SBackes 8 years ago

We currently have Maker's Mark bourbon (and a mini of Knob Creek).....stick with those or is there something better? Old Weller or Woodford maybe?? Prefer sweet & smooth For the rye I was thi...

Cheap Brandy

by jerry i h 12 years ago

Cheap Brandy Taste Test – California vs. France I have always thought that when it comes to the budget-minded, California brandies give you more bang for the buck than their French counterparts....