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Food for a full day of boating

by sarah3596 6 years ago

I need some ideas for filling lunches and snacks for our boating trips this summer. It's a ski boat and we will be out on it the majority of the day skiing, tubing, and swimming. Burning all those...

Sea Maid Ice Cream Maker--For Boats

by kaleokahu 5 years ago

Yes, that's right, when making way, why not also make...ice cream? The Sea Maid is an invention of a friend of mine who makes and repairs gigantic marine propellers. Load the smaller inner containe...

What should I bring sailing?

by enhF94 7 years ago

I've been invited on a daylong sail and I want to bring some goodies for the host. I've already picked up some salami; what else do I bring that's temperature-insensitive, assemble-able on the roll...

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The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 7 years ago

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Catering for a small group sailing trip

by abondance 8 years ago

Hi everyone - I am arranging catering for a small corporate event (approx. 12 people). We will be sailing up Indian Arm for the day. I am hoping to arrange a creative gourmet picnic lunch and ...

Provisioning for a long sailing trip...any suggestions please?

by kiwigal 12 years ago

Hi, I'm a new member. I'll be flying to Hawaii from downunder shortly to provision a boat for a long sail. First leg from Hawaii to Samoa - about 20 days - no grocery stops along the way! Wonde...

Miami: Stylish Birthday Dinner withing walking distance from a Boating Dock

by mialebven 10 years ago

Heya - I'm trying to plan a special birthday at a stylish restaurant that serves great food close by a boating dock anywhere in Miami (looking around South Beach and Downtown areas for the most par...

Sailing around Grenada

by Boyd 19 years ago

I will be sailing around the Grenadines this July. Has anyone cruised in this area and have any tips as to where is essential to eat?

Boating snacks?

by wandajune6 11 years ago

My friends and I are renting a pontoon boat for an afternoon this weekend. We're broke/time-constrained grad students so we're usually just bringing cheap beer and chips onto the boat. We're all ...

Boating Fare

by lmeiborg 11 years ago

We are big boating enthusiasts and I am a big food enthusiast. Often, food, boating, and water are a hard mix. Between the not-so-smooth conditions of the water, the inadequate refrigerator space...

Pepsi Zero on sale - it is time for post sailing rum drinks

by juliewong 11 years ago

A fellow sailor hosts happy hour for all the salty sailors at the club and serves rummers. His mix of choice is Pepsi Zero 1 llitre bottles. As sailors we are always looking for a deal so have ch...

Mariscos Puerto Esperanza: Clear Sailing!

by degustateur 12 years ago

Went back to MPE yesterday (Saturday) after a post-OC register review hiatus. Arrived about 4:00 pm and the place was packed and stayed that way throughout, including the presence of two large grou...

Eating, Drinking and Sailing on SD Bay..

Beach Chick
by Beach Chick 13 years ago

I need fresh ideas than the usual mai tais at Bali Hai..which I love..thinking maybe some chowder and a cold one at Anthony's or dock it and go to the Oyster bar at the Fish..

Sailing Charter Through the Grenadines

by marias french terrace 13 years ago

Good Morning Captain Sam here writing a review for Maria's French Terrace on Bequia and showing you high lights of our charter through the Grenadines. To see the complete file of pics and text go...

Wassailing at Terhune Orchard this weekend (Princeton)

by Caralien 13 years ago

While visiting Terhune today to pick up some apples, I was informed that wassailing was happening this weekend. When I first mentioned it to my husband, he asked whether it was like Freezingman....

Sailing Dinner Cruise

by jroxybabe19 14 years ago

I'm looking to get a gift for a local and who likes to sail. Does anyone know of a good sailing dinner cruise that isnt cheezy? Or maybe a gift certificate to a yummy restaurant? Thanks for the help!

Sailing out of Halifax in July

by Beehome 14 years ago

On Friday I'll be provisioning our sailboat in Halifax for a 2 week cruise along the eastern coast up to Baddeck. Any great food suggestions - shops and restaurants? Cheese, wine, bread???? Thanks!

smooth sailing at Pizzaiolo

by Robert Lauriston 16 years ago

Much more normal experience at Pizzaiolo last night. Got there at about 8:25, waited about 20 minutes for a table for three. We got a place to stand at the bar after five minutes. Service was profe...

Sunset Sailing Trips with dinner (pier 40)

by Alison 16 years ago

one more "has anyone tried this" and if so, how was the food? thanks again.

Sailing the Intercoastal from MIA north ..any must do's

by Kitty 17 years ago

Any tips for someone sailing up the Intercoastal from MIA to Georgia? Would love some dining tips. Thanks.