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Chopsticks + Marrow (food blog) best bites in Queens for 2015, opinions?

by stuartlafonda 3 years ago

Ex hound does a good job on Queens and though I disagree often, he is an intrepid 'hound. Digs up a lot of interesting things. http://chopsticksandmarrow.com/2016/01/cms-15-for-2015/#more-2714 ...

Where is JEFFEATS?

by Alfred G 3 years ago

Went on his site today and was advised that the web page was not available. Does anyone know what happened to Jeff eats?

Great Plains

by Bobfrmia 3 years ago

If you enjoy well written food blogs, I just found this tonight and it deals mostly with the Midwest. Well done, very good history given on the locations.

Gault Millau France - full list

by sophie.vl 3 years ago

Hello, is there a website where one can see a list of all Restaurants that are in the Gault Millau France 2016 - ordered by region and most important: with all the changes in all Toques-categories...

Endangered... pine nuts revisited

by eatingjoy 3 years ago

Why it Might Be Time to Stop Using Nuts in Your Pesto: http://food52.com/blog/14461-why-it-might-be-time-to-stop-using-nuts-in-your-pesto

NJ Food Blogs

by angelo04 3 years ago

Before I say farewell to my fellow CH'ers that are left, what sites and blogs are you reading to keep up with and discover the new hidden culinary gems in NJ. Its been a good run here but time to ...

Food Blog Advice/Feedback?

by recipespree 3 years ago

Hello! My name is Jessica, and my friend and I, Ana, have recently started food blogging as we cook so much. We focus on healthy eating and offer a healthy version of a comfort food. Our blog got...

Mikey's Burger - Bang for your Burger Buck

by blackbookali 3 years ago

I'm no stranger to the burger scene in New York City. Still, with that kind of size and scope, the explosion of burgers in the last 5-6 years, and the fact that I relied on JFK, La Guardia or Newar...

Favorite Pioneer Woman Recipes

by aphayes 8 years ago

I know the Pioneer Woman has received some mixed reviews on here, but I have enjoyed everything of hers that I have tried. My favorites so far: Penne a la Betsy, Cajun Chicken Pasta, pimento chee...

Pioneer Woman

by melly 7 years ago

What is so pioneer about her? Have you seen her kitchen?? Her RANCH? I have a friend who lives completely off the grid in Wyoming. They make their own electricity, grow everything they eat..a...

Foodie Facebook Pages

by alexa52 7 years ago

Wondering if anyone out there is a food blogger and has a FaceBook page. I'd love to follow some great foodie related pages.

So You Want to Write a Food Blog - The New Yorker

by ennuisans 3 years ago

"I find it helpful to always provide a photo of each individual ingredient, in case your fans forget what food looks like, as well as a candid photo of a baby (it doesn’t have to be yours) in a bat...

A Mad Libs Game for Every Food Blog Commenter

by alkapal 3 years ago

Reading this humorous post, I thought of how many Chowhound posters are just like the ones listed here. http://www.thekitchn.com/a-mad-libs-game-for-every-food-blog-commenter-220417?utm_source...

Sugar causes cancer!

babette feasts
by babette feasts 4 years ago

Or so says the "food babe". I've managed to block most of her BS from my Facebook feed, but this gem showed up today. Were toxins not scary enough and now everything is going to be called a carci...

Hounds with Blogs

by Breadcrumbs 4 years ago

I know CH has a place in the Profiles section for folks to put their website or blog info but I was wondering whether there was a list of Hounds with Blogs anywhere on the site? It would be great ...

Portofino - Superlative Pastas and Osso Buco as well as Chicken Parm worth "Strip Pricing"

by uhockey 4 years ago

Enjoyed a family style tasting here last week and was floored by what they are doing in such a tucked-away space. Possibly, and probably, the best Italian food in Vegas today and on par with what ...

Kitchen Vignettes for PBS | Food Blogs | PBS Food

by eatingjoy 4 years ago

I keep the PBS app on my iPad and check in on this show from time to time. The videos are fun and informative without much dialogue. The recipes always surprise me. Have you ever made Spruce Tip...