14 Vegetarian Instagram Accounts to Inspire Healthy Eating Habits

Keeping up healthy eating habits—whether in the new year or during quarantine (when snacks are so, so tempting)—is easier when you surround yourself with people who inspire those habits, even virtually...

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Any food blogs covering Ft. Lauderdale to Boynton Beach?

by lotech 5 years ago

It seems most S, FL food/restaurant blogs cover mainly Miami/Miami Beach and MAYBE up to Ft.L. I am looking for blogs or websites covering North Ft' Lauderdale north to like Boynton Beach and west...

Good food blogs like Serious Eats used to be?

by Michael N 2 years ago

Serious Eats used to be a daily visit for me, back when it was more of a general-purpose food blog. They'd post things like food news, restaurant reviews, food-related travel posts, recipes, etc. ...

Zagat Sold to The Infatuation by Google

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

" . . . The Infatuation and Zagat will operate as two distinct brands, with individual platforms, and distinct purposes and points of view. Specifically, The Infatuation will retain its editorial-f...

Favorite Food Blogs

by carolinaryan 4 years ago

Does anyone have any go-to food blogs? It is very rare that I use a cookbook, I almost always get my recipes from food blogs. My favorites are, by far, Joy the Baker and smitten kitchen. Brown E...


by mobiledynamics 3 years ago

OT, but I hope all is well with CenturyLife. Have not seen a post of ~the century~ site with anything recent. Always like the informative blog pieces in his site.

Hits and Misses from Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

by girlwonder88 7 years ago

I know we have a lengthy thread about her blog but didn't find anything about her book. I'm enjoying it, and would love to hear others' thoughts. I'll start: Hits: -Tomato Scallion Shortcakes-...

Topics for a Cooking Course

by chefingaround 2 years ago

Hi everyone! We are working on creating a video cooking course for our blog to go over some basics for home chefs. We would love any input on what topics to cover. Are there any specific preparatio...

Looking for Inspiration for my Blog

by nnguyen 3 years ago

Hi there! I’m currently working on revamping my personal food blog and it would mean the world to me if you can help answer a few quick questions.Many thanks! XOXO 1. How did you learn to cook? ...

Why do most food blog recipes suck?

by spaceman84 5 years ago

I've come across many VERY popular food blogs with photography that makes everything look extremely appetizing, yet the majority of recipes are mediocre to awful. Many have clear errors that will r...

Career Change

by foodiequeenk 3 years ago

I graduated college like two years ago with a business degree and I'm finding that the passion I used to have for business isn't there anymore. The passion for food, however, is still there. I don'...

Vancouver single food-type food blogs .... any others ?

by LotusRapper 3 years ago

I recently discovered DimSumptuous (cute) which is always a good reference site since the DS landscape is ever-changing: https://dimsumptuous.ca/ And there's Pholicious which has been running P...

Recipes from Smitten Kitchen blog... what are your favorites?

by saintp 8 years ago

Hi. Every few months I get really inspired and tell myself that I am going to try at least one new recipe a week. I managed to do this for a few months after the new year and then it fizzled out....

Beware of Molly Wizenberg recipes

by meinNYC 11 years ago

Don't you hate when recipes don't work out? You go to the trouble to get all the ingredients at the right temperature, you check the oven heat, etc you waste good quality ingredients and then the r...

What are your go-to foodie resources?

by CourtneyAdams 3 years ago

I work on the marketing team for a fresh food meal delivery company and live near Atlanta. I'd love to hear a few local resources you use to find foodie resources, tips and tricks. Even if they are...

I've a little food blog. Can you people give me some suggestions for a little picture I can use as my profile photo?

by gfopp 3 years ago

I'm using wordpress.org system so it has to be quite small. The site is in Hebrew. I thought of a half golden kiwi as a picture but it is too boring. The ideas could be both pictures from the we...

Lesbian farmers are taking over the country, if you believe Rush Limbaugh

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

"...After eight years under Obama and eight more under Clinton, there are hardly any straight white male farmers left. They’ve all moved on to other professions — Birkenstock cobbling, softball coa...

Sichuan cookbooks

by BryanCMickle 4 years ago

Recently, my wife and I ate at Sichuan Gourmet, a local Chinese restaurant here in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. I' wouldn't say I'm partial to one culture's cuisine above others--...