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Tin of biscotti I need to use

by superluckycat 7 years ago

Any recipes using ground up biscotti? Good quality in an unopened main bag, I just don't eat them.

Egg, nondairy and sugar substitution in biscotti/mandelbrot

by FelafelBoy 7 years ago

I know that the use of eggs and sugar helps to make these taste delicious. As a nondairy and sweetener alternative, has anyone had success using silken/soft tofu as an egg substitute (or an egg-rep...

Easy AMAZING Cranberry Biscotti Recipe Needed

by phelana 7 years ago

Good day, I am seeking the best easiest fresh cranberry biscotti recipe (or dried) please. Thanks so much.

Susan Sez biscotti & almond macaroons to die for, new Manhattan bakery

by AdinaA 7 years ago

This is way uptown, 123rd St., around the corner form JTS and Columbia. http://susez.com/ Worth the journey for the almond macaroons (they freeze very well). I also loved the biscotti. Th...

Biscotti [moved from Chicago area board]

by KoolestKat1 7 years ago

My 18 year old daughter and I would like to make biscotti as gifts for Christmas. Does anyone have an amazing recipe?

Baking hard biscotti

by Keepemfed 7 years ago

My family loves biscotti and I am already thinking about making it for holiday gifts. I have tried a lot of recipes and by following the baking directions the biscotti always ends up firm, but not...

Nutty Biscotti

by classylady 8 years ago

Please help me correct this recipe for nutty biscotti. Ingredients. 1-1/2 c of sugar 1/2 pound margarine or butter 3 c unbleached flour 2 eggs 2 tsp vanilla 2 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp baking ...


by sylvan 8 years ago

Would it make a huge difference substituting margarine for unsalted butter when making biscotti?

Alternative topping for biscotti di regina cookies?

by Isolda 8 years ago

I got the Gourmet Cookie Book for Christmas and was in the process of making their 1955 biscotti di regina cookies when I realized my sesame seeds are the roasted kind, which I am pretty sure will ...

Where to buy biscotti wholesale in Oregon

by sbe 8 years ago

I need to purchase a significant quantity of biscotti and was wondering if anyone had an idea for who might sell it in Portland or anyplace nearby? There are places online that sell wholesale bu...

ISO recipe for insanely good chocolate biscotti with deep chocolate taste

by soccermom13 8 years ago

So who's got a killer-good recipe for chocolate biscotti that s/he's willing to share? Thanks in advance.

biscotti sandwich

by aizan 8 years ago

the next time you're in redondo beach's riviera village, i recommend that you pick up a biscotti sandwich at cafe arigato. they are filled with sliced almonds and nutella. biscotti might be inaccur...

Italian biscotti Bensonhurst & surrounding areas

by glen3a 8 years ago

I need 5-6 pounds for an office function next week. Where do I go for the best quality at the best price? Thanks.

cornmeal biscotti with dried cherries

by jackie de 9 years ago

My friend made these wonderful cornmeal biscotti which were only cooked once. This resulted in a very flaky buttery cookie which I like much better than the traditional twice baked ones. Does any...

Best Biscotti and Pizzelle

by Bellisimo72 9 years ago

We just found out about a new company in Scottsdale that makes biscotti and pizzelle (??). We haven't good Italian stuff like this since we moved here from New York. We got them as a gift from a ...

Biscotti fix - suggestions?

by fka MB 14 years ago

So, I've been really into cookies lately, but don't like anything too sweet (yeah, I know). Biscotti seem to be the answer, but many of the coffee-shop types are more the size of a beef rib and ove...

Biscotti help

by dutchdot 9 years ago

I have tried three or four different biscotti recipes and my results are always crumbly. Does anyone have a foolproof recipe? Thanks in advance

Where to buy Biscotti?

by Inasuitcase 9 years ago

Help! I've run out of time and just cannot make biscotti to include in a gift basket. Does anyone know where I can purchase delicious biscotti in the Twin Cities area, preferably on the East Si...

crumbling biscotti problem

by dixieday 14 years ago

I've been a chocolate-biscotti making kick lately, and just tried making the Chocolate-Pistachio ones in Dec.'s Food & Wine. They are delicious, but WILDLY crumbly; at least a third of them fell ap...