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"Fancy" dinner in Bergan, Passaic, or Essex Cty. for Sixteen year olds, but NOT Sweet 16

by lowchengirl 4 years ago

Planning a "fancy" dinner (Jackets required for men) for 8 young ladies who would like to get dressed up & dine. The only issue may be "fancy" restaurant may have "fancy" food, so we're looking to...

Best Custom Cake? - Bergen Co. Vicinity

by skigirl 4 years ago

I need a fabulous and delicious custom cake (40-50 ppl) for my mom's retirement. The party's in the Ridgewood/Saddle River area. I'm tasting @ Petit Gateau/Little Cake in Park Ridge and will talk...

Outdoor dining in Bergen County...

by ELA 5 years ago

Good evening all -- so with some very nice (not humid! LOL) weather we've been having, and hopefully we'll have more, I wanted to ask about outdoor dining options in Bergen County -- nice outdoor d...

"Prepared" foods, dishes, etc. in Bergen County

by ELA 5 years ago

OK, so let's clarify -- hot dishes/entrees, food, etc., sure that's one. Also, cold dishes, appetizers, etc., that too. I am looking for various places in Bergen County who do this type of thing an...

Middle Eastern places in Bergen County.

by yogi70 9 years ago

so the wife and I have gotten tired of the normal - "where do you want to go out for dinner", " i dont know, what are you in the mood for"... conversation we have every time we want to go out and ...

Bergen County Happy Hour

by sixelagogo 5 years ago

Would like to culminate a list of all the happy hour locales in and around BC. Looking for food & drinks. To start this list: Fish Restaurant: Ridgewood

Specific to region tags: I.e North Jersey or Bergen County Tag?

by sixelagogo 5 years ago

Is there one?? I don't get the "give it a home" system ... I guess that's the major flaw I see in the new format ...tags are fine if you live in a big city that supports (SFO/Berkeley ) but not if ...

No Good Food - Bergen County, NJ

by SAgosto 5 years ago

I know this has been discussed and I have read numerous threads discussing the lack of good food in Bergen County, NJ. Given the the dense population and high amount of wealth, it is shocking that ...

Where Can I Get Good Fresh Mozzarella in Bergen County?

by zhelder 12 years ago

Does anyone know of a store in Bergen County (preferably around Fair Lawn or in NW Bergen) where someone can get real good fresh mozzarella cheese at a reaonable price? My favorite mozzarella is fr...

Wegmans to open in Bergen county

by Monica 7 years ago

http://www.nj.com/bergen/index.ssf/2012/08/wegmans_to_open_first_bergen_county_store_in_montvale.html Wegmans is coming to Montvale but it looks like we have to wait at least 2 years or so.

Favorite sushi...Bergen County

by ELA 5 years ago

Favorite? I think people tend to look at quality (high quality), freshness, price, and other things. So what's your favorite and why? When it comes to quality, freshness, related aspects -- I li...

Best BBQ in Bergen County?

by tafttiger 9 years ago

We live in Englewood. It's too hot to cook. Where can I buy really good barbecue for six people?

Pastrami sandwiches in Bergen County?

by Krissy731 12 years ago

Help! What are some good places (delis or restaurants) to get a hot pastrami sandwich in Bergen County, NJ?

Pork belly in Bergen county

by Monica 5 years ago

I know I can get pork belly in places like H mart and Shop rite in Englewood but I can't verify their sources. Are there places I can buy humanely raised pork in Bergen county?

what's your favorite greek place in bergen county?

by yogi70 10 years ago

trying to get an idea of some new, good, homey, Greek restaurants in the Bergen County area. Im not talking about a fancy schmancy upscale Greek joint like Varka or Nisi where im gonna spend $90...

Bergen County (or nearby) seafood...

by ELA 5 years ago

Hello all...I have to take an important business associate out to dinner Friday night...looking for a "seafood" place... I can go with the always very good Oceanos (Fair Lawn), but was thinking...

Superlative food in Bergen County?

by coachrbc 9 years ago

I've been living in Bergen county for 30 years. I'm getting sick of the mediocre food in Bergen county be it expensive, faux haute cuisine or just inexpensive. I mean the best rotisserie chicken ...

For Northern Bergen Cty Foodies

by Roy Stiager 5 years ago

Theme for big out of state gathering is to bring local delicacy/fave. Can be anything from app to entree/dessert or side. Can be reheated, as it's a 2-3 hour drive, but that works better for, say...