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Hypothesis: Cast Iron Hotspot Has Its Uses

by HabaneroLady 9 days ago

Just about every published list of essential cookware includes a cast iron skillet and an ECI Dutch oven. But lately ...

kaleokahu commented 5 days ago

Where can I find Wyler's Beef Vegetable Soup Mix?!?

by WORX4FUDE 10 years ago

Aloha, 'hounds. Look, when I was a kid, my mom would make the Wyler's Beef Vegetable Soup Starter. They have changed ...


12345_abc commented 6 days ago

vegetarian substitute for beef in stir fry ... but not tofu?

by Barbara 6 years ago

Hi all, I keep trying to go veg, but it never sticks. I have some favorite dishes, one of which is Szechuan dry f...


foodandstuff commented 7 days ago

How long thawed meat stays good?

by camille 12 years ago

I tend to buy a bunch of meat in one shopping trip (mostly chicken and turkey cutlets, and ground lean beef and turk...


janniecooks commented 8 days ago

Odd Ground Beef

by smartie 2 years ago

I bought a pound of ground beef from Trader Joes, it's 85/15%. It's been in my freezer for about a week, I defrosted ...


melajoh commented 8 days ago

Prime Rib Roast Successes and Disasters....

by fourunder 6 years ago

It's the day after Christmas 2011, and I'm reading about the disasters, both the less than desired and failed results...


dwward commented 11 days ago

What Is the Correct Temperature for Boneless Ribeye Roast?

by lt000 14 days ago

I just made my first ribeye roast and it came out way too medium/well-done, with only very little pink in the center....


acgold7 commented 12 days ago

Chuck Roast... Roasted Low and Slow @ 220* F...For A Better Pot Roast? (Pictures)

by fourunder 7 years ago

A recent thread on Pot Roast, coinciding with a Beef Sale at my local Supermarket, inspired me to to do my own Kitche...


fourunder commented 15 days ago

Standing Rib Roast ; Another Vote For "low and slow"

by Craiglv 6 years ago

I've cooked 2 or 3 standing rib roasts for Christmas dinner for well over 10 years now. I typically buy 2-3 roasts f...


fourunder commented 21 days ago

Boneless Beef Finger Meat?

by jacquieF 9 years ago

The last few weeks I've been seeing people snap up these vacuum packed boneless rib finger meat at Loblaws..... so I ...


DLFRN commented 22 days ago

irish vs. jewish corned beef

by mr mouther 11 years ago

Anyone know the particular differences between Irish and Jewish corned beef? I've been thinking about this subject f...


acgold7 commented 22 days ago

Michigan meat..where to buy farm direct?

by Junebug1975 4 years ago

I live in Michigan and I'm looking to purchase beef, lamb, pork and chicken directly from the farm. Of course I would...


BakerJen10 commented 24 days ago

Roasting Beef at 500 degrees

by SweetPhyl 7 years ago

My aunt gave me a recipe years ago for roast beef whereby you roast the beef at 500 degrees for 5 minutes a pound and...


hungrytonight commented 29 days ago

beef stew with strip steak- is this going to be awful?

by shpitzlefan 8 years ago

i frequently make beef stew in my crockpot, but i always use chuck. this morning i threw in a package of something c...


christinewoods commented 1 month ago

Can dry aged beef be frozen?

by dmartins123 7 years ago

I cannot seem to find a consistent answer online, so I figured what better place to ask than on CH. Question is ...


legboo4u commented 1 month ago

Need new ideas for chuck roast

by krisrishere 8 years ago

Every time chuck roast goes on sale, I feel compelled to buy one. I always end up making the usuals - chili and pot ...


acgold7 commented 1 month ago

Looking for Grass Fed Beef and freshly caught local fish in Kauai

by maria franzese 8 years ago

Is there any place that sells GFB in Kauai? Any seafood locations to purchase fish? There was also a small restauran...


sharleenmae commented 1 month ago

Is it okay to keep meat in the original store packaging?

by newbiefor1 2 months ago

Some people repackage it or put it a separate container... I just put it in the freezer in the store bought packagin...


MikeG commented 1 month ago

Will this work?

by TureB 1 month ago

I am going to make beef wellington, and i wonder if i could add this salad to it instead of potatoes. And what sauce ...


Autumm2 commented 1 month ago

Have they stopped making Hickory Farms Beef Stick?

by aurora50 7 years ago

My sister and I were at Walmart a few weeks ago, and picked up what I thought was a Hickory Farms Beef Stick. But as...


BiggCheese40 commented 1 month ago

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