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It's what's for dinner, so get some cooking tips. Chowhounds discuss the best beef recipes, where to buy it, blends for burgers, and more. Share your own advice and restaurant suggestions for great beef dishes.

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Does low and slow work as well for NY Strip roast (top loin) as it does for Prime Rib?

by overthinkit 7 years ago

I'm having 12 people for dinner. Everyone likes med-rare. I have 10 lb whole strip. I'm a firm believer in the 20...


Joandavis commented 3 days ago

Chicago Mag Declares "The Party Is Over" for Chicago's Dining Scene

by patsully 6 days ago

Primarily posting for the quiet Chowhound shoutout: "Let me ask politely: Do most people really love jibaritos or gym...


patsully commented 5 days ago

I made Beef Glace de Viande - now what?

by LaurCar 10 years ago

This weekend I made Beef Glace de Vinade. I used Petersons "Sauces" recipe and referenced more info from Pepin's "Co...


EricJM commented 9 days ago

Who pre-salts prime rib?

by steakrules85 7 years ago

Making my prime rib for Christmas and was curious what the opinion is on pre-salting prime rib vs. applying the salt ...


RonK_MI commented 11 days ago

Boneless Beef Finger Meat?

by jacquieF 10 years ago

The last few weeks I've been seeing people snap up these vacuum packed boneless rib finger meat at Loblaws..... so I ...


SifuYu commented 17 days ago

Anyone still using chipped beef?

by dave_c 6 years ago

I've been wanting to make "authentic" SOS using chipped beef. The problem is I just can't get myself to buy it. I'l...


EagleJBW commented 18 days ago

The best wine for Julia's Beef Bourguignon?

by Joyfull 9 years ago

Hello A question for any of you that has made JC's BB. I'm curious as to what wine you used. I made the BB yesterda...


sylvan commented 19 days ago

Beef co-op or sides of beef sales

by Robert 14 years ago

Hi, Anyone know of a good source of quality beef by the side or quarter near the Tampa area. Being from Alaska, we o...


ahlavigne commented 20 days ago

Have they stopped making Hickory Farms Beef Stick?

by aurora50 8 years ago

My sister and I were at Walmart a few weeks ago, and picked up what I thought was a Hickory Farms Beef Stick. But as...


edc1954 commented 23 days ago

Beef short ribs: How much do I need?

by ninrn 1 month ago

Hello, I’m making braised beef short ribs for Thanksgiving (the kind that are bone-in and shaped like big cubes)....


ninrn commented 24 days ago

Food Science: what's the purpose of the baking soda in the ground beef?

by Howard_2 12 years ago

I have a dim sum recipe for some kind of meatballs. The recipe includes various flavorings (chopped tangerine peel, s...


acgold7 commented 1 month ago

Paris Beef

by tomcruz 2 months ago

John is there anything comparable in paris to CHAPS PIT BEEF or Stinky is there anything comparable to JOHN'S ROAST P...


TrishUntrapped commented 2 months ago

Frozen beef in the slow cooker?

by ScarletB 11 years ago

Hi all, We just bought two pounds of sirloin tip steak from a stand at the farmer's market and would like to cook it...


ced1106 commented 2 months ago

Beef cuts translations?

by tonbo 9 years ago

I know that everywhere you go the names for cuts of beef are different, even in English, but I've noticed that Quebec...


sofia64 commented 2 months ago

Vittoris Beef

by Francis Serra 13 years ago

What happened to the Vittori's Sandwich shop on Taylor Street in Chicago?


triciazo commented 2 months ago

Which restaurants serve grass-fed beef?

by TheScribe 10 years ago

I realize grass-fed beef is quite expensive (ironic, because it is natural for cattle to graze on grass, not be stuff...


meg41 commented 2 months ago

What to make with leftover Corned Beef water?

by goodeatsgal 8 years ago

I made Corned Beef this week using Michael Ruhlman's pickling spice recipe. The meat came out very tasty, as did the...


trinabop commented 2 months ago

Is it still Beef Stroganoff

by luckyfatima 10 years ago

If one follows a recipe similar to a typical beef stroganoff, but adds tomatoes, can that be a variation on beef stro...


mdufer commented 2 months ago

How do you get the fine cooked ground beef texture?

by groover808 9 years ago

I tried making a hotdog chili this weekend, but this always baffles me when I'm cooking ground beef. When you need a ...


luvcubs commented 3 months ago

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