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Where to shop for beef/poultry/pork in Westchester County, NY

by mmiranda418 7 hours ago

Hi All, For those who reside or shop for food in Westchester County, NY: where is the best place to buy meat and ...

What is a good beef for beef stroganoff?

by ilikefood123 9 years ago

First time poster here! So I made beef stroganoff for the first time this week. Flavor was delicious but the beef...


johnnyangel3 commented 3 days ago

Difference between ribs 1-3 or 4-7 on a standing rib roast?

by hungryinmanhattan 5 years ago

I am buying my first standing rib roast. I see it is available at ribs 1-3 or 4-7. Can someone tell me which to buy a...


seefoo commented 4 days ago

Best Jamaican Beef Patties (areas or restaurants)?

by Xiao Yang 10 years ago

A transplanted New Yorker just posted a request on the San Francisco Bay Area board for the"best" Jamaican beef patti...


EattheWorldNYC commented 11 days ago

How do you get the fine cooked ground beef texture?

by groover808 8 years ago

I tried making a hotdog chili this weekend, but this always baffles me when I'm cooking ground beef. When you need a ...


stephenvisk commented 12 days ago

Corned Beef with no spice packet?

by Hank 12 years ago

I'm going to make corned beef and cabbage (and potatoes, carrots, onions and celery) for the first time tomorrow. I ...


nipahutus commented 14 days ago

Rib Cap Steak

by Wtg2Retire 17 days ago

Fourunder and Acgold: I purchased a rib cap steak. How do you recommend it be cooked and what do you recommend be s...


fourunder commented 14 days ago

How long does defrosted, vacuum sealed beef keep?

by Morton the Mousse 10 years ago

Got a steak on Sunday that was vacuum sealed and frozen. Put it in my fridge on Sunday, intending to eat it Monday. T...


BenDover commented 14 days ago

Irish vs. Jewish Corned Beef

by mr mouther 11 years ago

Anyone know the particular differences between Irish and Jewish corned beef? I've been thinking about this subject f...


mcel215 commented 15 days ago

Is it okay to keep meat in the original store packaging?

by newbiefor1 6 months ago

Some people repackage it or put it a separate container... I just put it in the freezer in the store bought packagin...


melpy commented 20 days ago

Does low and slow work as well for NY Strip roast (top loin) as it does for Prime Rib?

by overthinkit 6 years ago

I'm having 12 people for dinner. Everyone likes med-rare. I have 10 lb whole strip. I'm a firm believer in the 20...


acgold7 commented 23 days ago

What Are Steak Tips?

by Willy3000 11 years ago

I can't believe I never found out when I lived back there. What are steak tips, or is that like asking what's in a ho...


Maladusted commented 24 days ago

How long can ground beef stay in the fridge?

by paper_bag_princess 9 years ago

I made some hamburgers on Sunday evening using fresh ground beef. I left two burgers in the fridge uncooked. Are ...


yupsure commented 26 days ago

tough pot roast - overcooked or not cooked long enough?

by l2cook 5 years ago

so i cooked a roast in a slow cooker (along with pearl onions, red bliss potatoes, and baby carrots) under low heat f...


Lorimarie commented 1 month ago

Veal Kidneys

by Boleslaw 1 month ago

I shopped at the big C-Town supermarket at 205th Street and Broadway on Saturday. They sell a lot of meats, including...


Boleslaw commented 1 month ago

Any hope for freezer-burn meat?

by bblonde 2 years ago

I'm trying to watch my budget so the idea of tossing what remains of the side of beef I have in the freezer kills me....


acgold7 commented 1 month ago

Making Carne Seca - Any Sonorans out there?

by danbob 5 years ago

Just returned from Tucson AZ; had a food epiphany there with the carne seca! I'd like to make it at home, but all ...


lindskay commented 1 month ago

Anyone still using chipped beef?

by dave_c 6 years ago

I've been wanting to make "authentic" SOS using chipped beef. The problem is I just can't get myself to buy it. I'l...


valenci commented 2 months ago

Prime Rib Roast Successes and Disasters....

by fourunder 6 years ago

It's the day after Christmas 2011, and I'm reading about the disasters, both the less than desired and failed results...


JerkPork commented 2 months ago

Beef stew meat - suggestions other than beef stew?

by Rafie 11 years ago

My sister's apparently bought several large packages of "stew meat" since they were on sale. at her local WF. U...


marewartin commented 2 months ago

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