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It's what's for dinner, so get some cooking tips. Chowhounds discuss the best beef recipes, where to buy it, blends for burgers, and more. Share your own advice and restaurant suggestions for great beef dishes.

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Good, simple ways to have beef liver?

by darkserenity 8 years ago

Tried searching the recipes for beef liver, but found nothing. So I found out not too long ago that I'm slightly ane...


JaneStreeter commented 5 days ago

Beef Ladyfingers

by anndillman 7 years ago

I bought these "beef ladyfingers" from my local Ranch 99 market. The butcher said it was the meat cut from in betwee...


Anjin commented 6 days ago

Bavette - what cut is this?

by foodfirst 15 years ago

A friend asked, and though I've had a bavette I have no idea. Immediately thought of chowhound, of course. So -- what...


Jobiswan commented 7 days ago

Roasting Beef at 500 degrees

by SweetPhyl 7 years ago

My aunt gave me a recipe years ago for roast beef whereby you roast the beef at 500 degrees for 5 minutes a pound and...


mysauce1 commented 12 days ago

What cut of beef is brisket? - Alternate name??

by traceym 11 years ago

In Canada we don't seem to have a cut of meat called brisket. Does anyone know another name for this cut of meat?


bbb123 commented 12 days ago

Anyone still using chipped beef?

by dave_c 5 years ago

I've been wanting to make "authentic" SOS using chipped beef. The problem is I just can't get myself to buy it. I'l...


tammysreever commented 14 days ago

Italian Beef Recipe

by chief 15 years ago

I've lived in Chicago my whole life. Here is what I'm looking for: What is the receipe for Al's Italian Beef. H...


I_like_to_dip commented 17 days ago

Need new ideas for chuck roast

by krisrishere 7 years ago

Every time chuck roast goes on sale, I feel compelled to buy one. I always end up making the usuals - chili and pot ...


Caryn1960 commented 18 days ago

Costco is needling their beef, a dangerous practice

by foodcache 3 months ago

Costco beef has been of very high quality for a long time, but over the past year, they've begun needling their beef,...


abandon commented 24 days ago

Eating beef in France

by hychka 25 days ago

Something to think about while in France. The degree of doneness is critical to enjoying grassfed beef. We have guest...

John Talbott commented 24 days ago

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Over 30 Groups Push In-N-Out Burger to Act on Antibiotics Pledge

by Melanie Wong 24 days ago

In-N-Out received widespread coverage and praise in February 2016 for committing to eliminate routine antibiotic use ...

Beef cuts translations?

by tonbo 8 years ago

I know that everywhere you go the names for cuts of beef are different, even in English, but I've noticed that Quebec...


JerkPork commented 24 days ago

Smoked brisket... How to keep it moist?

by sharon cole 4 years ago

Have a new smoker & want to smoke a brisket but have heard they can be very dry... Any suggestions?

justbeingpolite commented 25 days ago

New brand of fresh Kosher beef at Costco -- Tomer, not Glatt

by MisterBill2 8 months ago

I was at Costco in Nanuet, NY this weekend, and noticed that their kosher meat case was almost entirely poultry. The ...

MisterBill2 commented 1 month ago

PRIME RIB? Where is cheapest and best? Raw, I mean.

by oakjoan 8 years ago

I've used the search engine to no avail looking for places to buy prime rib for Christmas dinner. I thought I'd seen...

Civil Bear commented 1 month ago

Have they stopped making Hickory Farms Beef Stick?

by aurora50 6 years ago

My sister and I were at Walmart a few weeks ago, and picked up what I thought was a Hickory Farms Beef Stick. But as...


Toddlindseth commented 1 month ago

Is a cure needed for making beef jerky ?

by pondrat 9 years ago

My food dehydrator just arrived and in reviewing the recipe book I noticed that a cure of salt and sodium nitrite is ...


snowman51 commented 1 month ago

Sous vide Boeuf Bouguignon help

by lsnmcg 1 month ago

Hi Hounds! I have a 3lb, well marbled beef chuck roast that I am envisioning turning into Boeuf Bouguignon. I wan...


lsnmcg commented 1 month ago

Slow cooked beef not tender

by kitchndan 1 month ago

I sealed the beef with a few ingredients for a stew. I added some stock and tinned tomatoes. I then put it in the f...

C. Hamster commented 1 month ago

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