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bean broth, is there a use for this?

by pagesinthesun 3 years ago

The recipe I'm making tonight called to drain my cooked (dried) beans before adding to the recipe. (MH's pasta e fagi...

DirtyLopez commented 3 days ago

beans not softening in my crock pot

by Aimee 11 years ago

I used my new crock pot for the first time today to make black bean soup. I soaked the beans overnight and then cook...


DanWannaBeCook commented 4 days ago

January 2017 COTM -- SIMPLE: Pulses; Pasta & Grains; 72-121

by blue room 3 months ago

Use this thread for reports from SIMPLE. Please don't copy recipes verbatim. You can go back to the main reporting ...


stockholm28 commented 9 days ago

Can Dried Beans Go Bad?

by pixelrn 9 years ago

I found a couple of bags of dried beans in my kitchen and they are past the expiration date. I always thought that dr...


Mardifleur commented 13 days ago

Where to get dried cannellini beans in San Francisco?

by Crabpaws 19 days ago

Where can I find real dried cannellini beans? (Not necessarily grown in Italy, but the real thing, not white Northern...

Melanie Wong commented 17 days ago

Cattle drives and beans

by camper 1 month ago

My grandfather drove cattle from Ft Stockton TX up to New Mexico somewhere and his stories about food were very educa...


Texanbychoice commented 1 month ago

Dried beans in chili- just soak or cook before adding?

by jessicheese 4 years ago

I usually use canned beans in my chili but want to try dried. I know that I should soak them overnight, but do I nee...


PiperBob commented 2 months ago

I let my dried beans soak too long. Are they fermented now? How bad would that be, anyway?

by Tartinet 10 years ago

Okay, so I had great plans to save money by soaking and cooking my own beans. I put them in to soak, and then got sup...


Eric7319 commented 2 months ago

Refried Black Beans Error

by inugirl 2 months ago

I'm made homemade refried black beans for the first time and it tasted super good, my only problem is that when I sma...

dave_c commented 2 months ago

Prudhomme Red Beans -- too much water?

by Karen_Schaffer 9 years ago

I'm making Paul Prudhomme's Red Beans & Rice from the Louisiana Kitchen cookbook, and he calls for what seems like an...


HungryMike23 commented 2 months ago

What happens if you freeze cooked beans?

by redthong 8 years ago

We're trying to eat more of them these days, and since I'm having surgery in a few weeks, I want to spend time this w...


emaline commented 3 months ago

Packaged Foods Be the first to comment

Looking for frozen pole beans (flat beans, romano beans)

by alkapal 3 months ago

I used to buy the PictSweet brand of frozen cut Italian Pole Green Beans at Harris Teeter, but they stopped carrying ...

Beans won't cook.

by egit 4 years ago

It all started with a pound of Goya "small red beans." I soaked them overnight. I changed the water, and soaked...


sandylc commented 3 months ago

Will the beans in my chili EVER soften??

by RosemaryHoney 8 years ago

Yesterday, my husband made chili while I was out. Unfortunately, he added the beans (pinto and small red) before the...

scrumpchef commented 3 months ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Pork Ribs & Beans, Slow Cooker

by zackly 4 months ago

With barbecue becoming a phenomena in the USA nowadays, many people don't think of cooking ribs any other way than sm...

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Enriquetas Miami

by ddawnzer 4 months ago

The place is fabulous and has the best rice and beans I've ever had....I asked the owner for the recipe and he laughe...

Recipe search: baked beans, no molasses/ketchup/bacon

by Splendid Spatula 10 months ago

Good day Chowhounds, About a million years ago, my grandmother served a dish of baked beans that were unlike any b...


LBfromTheOC commented 5 months ago

Sea beans/ Glasswort

by jennyyfur 5 months ago

I have found these powerful, salty deep green veggies only once in awhile...mostly on-line...but was hoping that they...


jennyyfur commented 5 months ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Easy to cook adzuki beans

by lastZZ 6 months ago

We have an Indian supermarket nearby. I bought chickpeas there because I figured these beans would not be stale due t...

Your best tried and true CANNED beans recipes, please

by The Dairy Queen 4 years ago

Okay, I'm a giant fan of this epic beans thread, but the emphasis is (underst...

ChristinaMason commented 8 months ago

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