Baking Sheets

Bakers, get advice on which baking sheets to buy and how to care for them. Ask the Chowhound experts about the best materials and places to buy baking sheets.

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It’s easy to revert back to the same old chicken recipes—especially during quarantine, where every day feels a bit like waking up in “Groundhog Day.” As if by magic, you simply find yourself plucking...

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removing burnt sugar from a coated cookie sheet

by Zengarden 15 years ago

How does one do this without removing the finish? I was making a pie this afternoon and some of the filling spilled onto the sheet. Is there any way I can this off without causing further damag...

vollrath cookie sheets?

by wow i'm a dog 16 years ago

i'm looking for an online source (or one in the los angeles or orange county areas) that sells vollrath cookie sheets. i've googled but to no avail. thanks.

I don't have silpat-can I just grease the cookie sheet?

by loveskittles 16 years ago

I am wanting to make a cookie recipe and it says to line the cookie sheet with Silpat. Is it okay to just grease the sheet or does it depend on the recipe?

Calphalon cookie sheets?

by nooodles 16 years ago

Does anyone know anything about Calphalon cookie sheets? I saw some at Ross today for $9 and was very tempted to invest in a couple based on the brand recognition. I've heard that light colored c...

cookie sheets and bakeware

by cherrytreegirl 16 years ago

What should i look for in buying a high-quality cookie sheet? Can anyone recommend a specifc brand? Does it even matter to pay for an expensive cookie sheet or other bakeware?

cookie sheets

by kaydee 16 years ago

Love the new house...HATE the new double ovens. They're so narrow that only one of my cookie sheets will fit! 15" x 12" seems to be the optimum size, and I really prefer the shiny aluminum to non...

Are there any decent cookie sheets out there?

by Katie 16 years ago

I have been searching for a decent cookie sheet that bakes well and does not stick. I've tried plain old aluminum (tends to burn and stick for me), the Air Bake brand (everything sticks to it and ...

ISO good cookie sheets

by Sloped 16 years ago

I can't find my favorite cookie sheet and since it was a gift I am at a loss of what to buy as a replacement. Once I baked on that sheet there was no going back so suggestions would be much apprec...

The Baking Sheet Newsletter From King Arthur

by Frank 17 years ago

All, Please critique this newsletter, Cost $20/YR, Six Issues. Thanks, Frank

Do cookie sheets have to be cool when you put dough on?

by nooodles 17 years ago

So I've recently overcome my crippling fear of making cookies. However, I still only own one cookie sheet, and have noticed that when I re-fill for my second batch, the cookies come out shaped al...

ISO your favorite cookie sheets

by Richie 17 years ago

Hello, I am looking to replace my airbake cookie sheets and was thinking about going back to the standard cookie sheet but a more heavier duty sheet. Do any of you have a favorite cookie sheet? ...

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