Baking Sheets

Bakers, get advice on which baking sheets to buy and how to care for them. Ask the Chowhound experts about the best materials and places to buy baking sheets.

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Cooling rack slides around a little in the baking sheet...

by levander 9 years ago

Recently bought from Target the Calphalon "Kitchen Essentials" baking sheets 2-pack and then 2 Kitchen Essentials cooling racks to go with them. The racks fit inside the sheets okay. They fit p...

distorted baking sheets?

by Michelly 9 years ago

I have decent-quality baking sheets that came with assurances that they would withstand up to 500 degrees, yet when I roast something like veggies at 475, the pans distort. When cooling, they retur...

Schmendricks- Real bagels? Who in NY bakes on a cookie sheet?

by abbott 9 years ago

Read the article in the Chronicle and it was bothering me. Is Schmendricks making bagels on cookie sheets? Every legit bagel shop I've been to boards them and puts them directly on a pizza stone...

cleaning cookie sheets without scratching them.

by suzigirl 9 years ago

My bf got me some decent cookie sheets and I baked a homemade pizza last night. The cooking spray that wasn't covered pizza dough got the usual icky brown tacky stain. I haven't for the life of me ...

All Clad baking sheet

by Rella 10 years ago

http://www.amazon.com/Clad-Ovenware-Inch-Baking-Sheet/dp/B00172V414/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1324160005&sr=8-2 I'm been wondering why one can't buy a baking sheet anymore that is a large and heavy...

nonstick baking sheets for roasting veggies?

by kerns125 10 years ago

I have a dilemma I could use some advice for. I am looking for a way to roast veggies at relatively high heat (maybe 425 degrees) without using oil. Any ideas? I know you're not supposed to use non...

Are there any 12" by 16" baking sheets/jelly roll pans??

by littleprotege 10 years ago

I had a 12" by 15" All Clad but that 1 inch off bothers me. Sorry for being OCD on this but it just makes me feel better lol. I prefer commercial quality. I found a Chicago Metallic at 12" by 16.75...

ISO lined baking sheets--where can I find these in Toronto?

by Idas 10 years ago

Hello, I have some old Ecko Bakers Secret baking sheets. They are double with an air layer in between. The are amazing for baking cookies which you don't want browned on the bottom. People keep...

King Arthur Baking Sheet

by rockycat 10 years ago

Do you subscribe? How do you like it? Would you recommend a subscription for someone who enjoys baking?

Alternatives to Silpat baking sheets

Hank Hanover
by Hank Hanover 10 years ago

There seems to be lots of silicone baking sheets out there. Are they all similar in performance? Amazon indicates that silpats are made of fiberglass and silicone. Are there any others made the...

Stainless Steel Baking Sheet Question

by dixiegal 10 years ago

I found and baught on Ebay a stainless steel sheet pan. The description was that it was heavy and sturdy and made of 18/10 stainless. It was about 17 and something inches long including the rims....

Anyone know a brand name that makes GOOD baking sheets?

by andyt 12 years ago

My first baking sheet was an Oneida but it's of poor quality (some of its grayish-colored coating comes off every time I wash it and it might even be coming off into my food when I use it, too), an...

Cookie Sheet vs. Jelly Roll Pan

by cheesemaestro 11 years ago

My old cookie sheets are pretty beat up and it's time to get new ones. I'm thinking about buying jelly roll or half sheet pans instead, since they are more versatile. I've seen a couple of commen...

Baking a cake in two 9" round instead of inside a cookie sheet?

by sparkling_girl 11 years ago

Hi all, Had a question for you: I have a recipe for sponge-like cake which I always bake inside a 9 x 13 cookie sheet (thin) and it takes about 10-15 minutes in a 355 degree oven for the top ...

silicone baking sheets

by pamd 11 years ago

Are they worth purchasing or should I stick to my regular cookie sheets? How do the bottoms of cookies turn out? Better/worse/no different???

Problem with baking sheets

by liveforfood 11 years ago

Maybe I am cleaning them improperly or doing something wrong, but my baking sheets form a corrosive metallic film over them when I wash them. When I dry them with a towel, the towel is gray from t...

Par-cooked Risotto-why spread it out on a baking sheet?

by pdxgastro 12 years ago

Hi all, I too find myself wanting to serve risotto soon but don't want to have to spend 20 minutes tied to the stove stirring it. I read several risotto posts here on the board that say to c...

Heavy duty baking sheets 8x13

by Matash 12 years ago

Anyone have any pans that do not warp and can take high heat (for example to make fries) If so can you give name and where to purchase Thanks

rack for baking sheet?

by ihatepickyeaters 13 years ago

I am looking for a rack that goes on a baking sheet like the All Clad shallow baker shown here - http://www.chefsresource.com/shallow-baker-pan-all-clad-gourmet-ovenware.html (this looks like a de...

Cookie sheets

by Sandra W. 18 years ago

Bought a beautiful Christmas cookie book at the Chow Fiesta -- I'm not much of a baker. Time to buy some new cookie sheets and try some of those yummy looking recipes. Which sheets are best for c...